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Neil DeGrasse Tyson defends science to Bill Maher against his right wing critics
Scientist and Cosmos presenter Neil deGrasse Tyson defends science to Bill Maher on Real Time after he appears on the cover of a critical right wing magazine
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Rapper Nas talks to Bill Maher about his career
Rapper Nas tells Bill Maher on Real Time about his life and works, and reveals that he's unlikely to vote Republican anytime soon.
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Matt Taibbi explores US criminal injustice with Bill Maher
Journalist Matt Taibbi tells Real Time's Bill Maher about the criminal inequalities between the rich and the poor in the USA - meaning that, for example, people who have committed $800 of fraud are not allowed to see their kids again while those that have stolen billions have not been punished.
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Seth MacFarlane tells Bill Maher about the history of the universe
Seth MacFarlane tells Bill Maher on Real Time how the universe started - and reveals that The Cosmos programme has had references to evolution taken out for some audiences
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Mike Shinoda tells Bill Maher what makes him angry now
Musician Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park tells Bill Maher on Real Time what inspires him to write lyrics and be an activist today - typically disasters around the world
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George Takei tells Bill Maher about hidden political messages in Star Trek
George Takei tells Bill Maher on Real Time about hidden political messages in Star Trek, why he doesn't like William Shatner and what it was like growing up with a Japanese family in the USA during World War Two
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Ralph Reed and Bill Maher debate Christianity v atheism
Christian activist Ralph Reed debates the rationale of being a Christian who believes the Bible is literally true with atheist and Real Time host Bill Maher
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Chris Hardwick tells Bill Maher about his career
The host of @Midnight, Chris Hardwick, talks to Bill Maher on Real Time about his career and show, and how he sees social media working
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Kevin Nealon talks to Bill Maher about Donald Sterling and Michael Sam
Comedian Kevin Nealon talks to Real Time's Bill Maher about controversial billionaire Donald Sterling, who has been accused of being a racist, and US footballer Michael Sam, the first openly gay man to be crafted into the NFL.
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Dinesh D'Souza talks to Bill Maher about Obama and colonialism
Conservative and Christian activist Dinesh D'Souza tells Real Time's Bill Maher that Barack Obama has damaged the economy of the USA and makes points about colionalism that are hard to grasp. Maher also mentions that D'Souza may be about to go to jail for fraud.
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David Miliband and Bill Maher discuss Sharia law in Pakistan
Responding to the backlash he and Sam Harris received for attacking the intolerance of Islam in the previous episode of Real Time with Ben Affleck, Bill Maher cites the example of Pakistan's second highest court imposing the death sentence on a woman because she made a blasphemous comment. Britain's former foreign secretary, David Miliband, argues that this proves that some Islamic people are wrong, not the religion itself
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Sarah Silverman defends abortions and ageism to Bill Maher
US comedian and atheist Sarah Silverman defends the right of women to have abortions, and the freedom of speech of those opposed to her, and of people who have mocked her because of her age, on Real Time with Bill Maher
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60% of Americans think Noah's Ark is true
Bill Maher on Real Time argues that Americans who take their morality from The Bible have a perverse sense of morality as God comes across as a psychopath in it
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Bill Maher explains why intelligent people vote Republican
Real Time's Bill Maher explains why some people vote Republican - even if it means they're voting for a party opposed to the issues they support, such as gun control and a minimum wage
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Ben Affleck completely fails to understand an argument about Islamophobia
In a discussion on Real Time with Bill Maher and scientist Sam Harris about the need for liberals to criticise Islamic countries for their intolerance, Ben Affleck completely misses the point and accuses them of intolerance, with help from Nicholas Kristof
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George W Bush's spokeswoman says it would be nice to throw 2 billion people into a prison camp
Nicolle Wallace, George W Bush's communications chief, tells Bill Maher on Real Time that 'it would be nice' to throw everyone on earth that doesn't like the USA, estimated to be about two billion people, into Guantanamo Bay
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