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Accidental Discovery Dramatically Improves Electrical Conductivity
PULLMAN, Wash.—Quite by accident, Washington State University researchers have achieved a 400-fold increase in the electrical conductivity of a crystal simply by exposing it to light. The effect, which lasted for days after the light was turned off, could dramatically improve the performance of devices like computer chips. WSU doctoral student Marianne Tarun chanced upon the discovery when she noticed that the conductivity of some strontium titanate shot up after it was left out one day. At first, she and her fellow researchers thought the sample was contaminated, but a series of experiments showed the effect was from light. For more about this story, click here: http://news.wsu.edu/2013/11/14/accidental-discovery-dramatically-improves-electrical-conductivity
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John Dewey: America's philosopher of democracy and his importance to education
Scholar A.G. Rud explains how the ideas of John Dewey—whose life spanned from the Civil War through World War II—are still very relevant to education in the 21st Century. Rud is dean of the Washington State University College of Education and co-editor of John Dewey at 150: Reflections for a new century. (Purdue University Press).
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Experience Washington State University
As Washington State University begins its search for its 11th president, we wanted everyone to know what a great institution this is. WSU has a presence in every county in the State of Washington, and campuses in every region of the state serving the people with world-class education and research. Learn more about the search for WSU's next president at https://presidentialsearch.wsu.edu/. Produced by University Communications Video Services, http://ucomm.wsu.edu/photos-video/.
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WSU Campus Walking Tour
As featured on the Pac-12 Networks- Washington State University -- located in one of the last great college towns on the West coast. Take a look for yourself at what makes being a "WSU Coug" so special.
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Remembering President Elson S. Floyd, Ph.D.
As the 10th President of Washington State University, Elson S. Floyd touched the hearts and minds of everyone he met. Known as "the Students President," Dr. Floyd was always there with a warm handshake and cheerful smile. A champion of diversity and educational opportunity for all, Dr. Floyd helped transform WSU into a top-tier research university. His memory will live on in the work and passion of the entire Cougar nation. Go Cougs! "I flat out have the best job in the country. There is something special about WSU and even more special about being a Coug. It's about family taking care of family." - Elson S. Floyd http://president.wsu.edu/eflo/ Produced by University Communications Video Services, http://ucomm.wsu.edu/photos-video/.
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New Paper Released About Perennial Wheat
Perennial grains--one of the largest innovations in the 10,000 year history of agriculture--could be here in the next two decades, according to scientists from Washington State University and other institutions writing in the current issue of Science. The crops, which reestablish themselves every growing season, can be raised with less fertilizer, herbicide, fuel, and erosion than grains planted annually. They're particularly promising as half the world's growing population lives off marginal land at risk of being degraded by annual grain production.
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Police Intern Program Readies Future Officers For Careers
PULLMAN, Wash.-- Students at Washington State University interested in a career in law enforcement have a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience. The WSU Police Intern program allows students to learn the ins and outs of police work, from ethics and drug identification, to traffic stops and handcuffing suspects. Sophomore Margaret Cornell is one of the current interns with WSU Police. After internships back at home in Montana, she said the WSU program is a great way to learn if law enforcement is for you. For more on this story, click this link: http://wsunews.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=22507&TypeID=1
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Living in a World of Far-Red Light
Plants need their space. Plants see competitor plants using far-red light and grow away from them.
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Biking the Palouse - Tour De Lentil scenic ride
Take an amazing video ride with Washington State University's cycling team through the Palouse, with some of the most stunning rural scenes in the Northwest -- wheat fields, forests, farms, small town
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March 18-19,2012. First half of preliminary competition. Usage courtesy RT Productions. http://rtproductions.net/
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Studying 'Trich': The STD You Probably Haven't Heard of
PULLMAN, Wash. --Trichomonas vaginalis, or sometimes referred to as "trich", could be considered the number one sexually transmitted disease that most people don't know about. That's according to Washington State University Professor John Alderete. He's been studying the STD for more than 30 years, and said the infection really catches groups he talks to off-guard. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated incidence of 7.4 million new cases occurs each year in women and men. Others in the STD clinical community place the incidence at close to 12 million this year, said Alderete. "It is now, in respect to incidence, the number one sexually transmitted disease agent in our county and worldwide." Click on the link to learn more about Alderete's research. http://wsunews.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=20789
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International Programs at Washington State University
Produced by University Communications Video Services, http://ucomm.wsu.edu/photos-video/.
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2017 Photo Year in Review
Experience the best parts of 2017 all over again with this highlight reel prepared by the talented WSU staff photographers Robert Hubner, Shelly Hanks and Dean Hare.
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Key To Human Heart Disease Could Lie With Hibernating Grizzly Bears
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Contact: Lynne Nelson, Associate Professor of Cardiology, Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital, 509-335-0789, olnelson@wsu.edu Adam Wallberg, Intern, WSU News Service, 509-335-0487, adam.wallberg@email.wsu.edu PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University's Bear Center is currently looking at hibernation and how a bear can survive with a very low heart rate for an extended period of time. "Humans or other animals could not do what the bears do in hibernation without developing heart failure," said Dr. Lynne Nelson, associate professor of Cardiology. "A bear's heart rate is 80-90 beats per minute when active, but when hibernating its heart rate drops to 15-18 beats per minute." "You can see the blood settling in the heart, and you can see actual... what looks like the beginning of clot formation, but they don't actually form clots," Nelson said. The echocardiograms performed on the bears helps Nelson image the heart. It also provides her with other information such as cardiac calculations, heart rate and how much blood the heart is pumping. When asked about their progress Nelson said, "It's slow but ongoing, these animals only do what you need them to do once every year, during the winter." Nelson said they will be finishing up a portion of the research this year and then hope to move on to clinical type trials. And to learn more about the Bear Center visit http://nrs.wsu.edu/Research/Bear-Center/index.html
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Your Future in Pharmacy - WSU College of Pharmacy
Washington State University is preparing the pharmacists of the future who practice at the top of the pharmacy license to meet the expanding health care needs of patients today and tomorrow. From promoting individual health and wellness to healthy communities and populations, the WSU College of Pharmacy is at the forefront of pharmacy education, defining the new role for the pharmacist as part of the health care team. The future of pharmacy is expanding. With hands on experience and an alumni base that stretches across the nation, the WSU College of Pharmacy prepares outstanding health professionals who can tackle the nation’s health care problems and collaborate on solutions to make our world a happier, healthier place. Your future in pharmacy starts at WSU. Produced by University Communications Video Services, http://ucomm.wsu.edu/photos-video/
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Ancient DNA - Bringing the Past to Life (Extended Version)
Taking archeology a step beyond traditional pottery shards, Brian Kemp analyzes ancient DNA (aDNA) from bones, teeth, and desiccated feces (coprolites) to help bring prehistoric Native American cultures alive in ways never before possible. As a molecular anthropologist, Kemp compares archeological findings with genetic information to detect past demographic shifts, population interactions, and movements throughout the Americas. By plotting aDNA together with artifacts in the ground, specific tribes in the Southwest can be seen to virtually travel across the high desert through the eons. The picture Kemp paints seems so real that one can almost hear the hunter-gatherer songs and shouts drifting in the air. Reconstructing the initial migration of humans into the Americas and unraveling their ensuing 15,000 years of prehistory is Kemp's primary focus. His research also reveals direct connections between these ancient cultures and modern populations living in the Southwest today. Through the study of ancient trash piles—or middens—Kemp has discovered the earliest evidence of turkey domestication and other ways that early humans influenced the current genetic composition of animal species. Studying the genetics of ancient fur seals in Alaska, for example, enables Kemp to reconstruct portions of human behavior that would not be available otherwise. For all of its potential, aDNA is notoriously difficult to retrieve and identify. Through their daily research challenges, Kemp and his team have discovered novel ways to remove contamination and improve the recovery of genetic data from ancient remains. Their findings have a direct impact on the forensic sciences, helping to create better methods for identifying crime victims and, in many cases, connecting people with their loved ones.
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First Snowfall of Fall Semester At WSU Pullman
PULLMAN, Wash.— Students at Washington State University got a pre-Thanksgiving surprise this morning. A few inches of snow fell in Pullman overnight, forcing students to dig through boxes and closets to find their winter gear. While students were making their way to class, crews from WSU Facility Operations had already been busy for several hours, cleaning roads and pedestrian paths of snow. More information about WSU Pullman's snow removal plan, including maps of priority areas, can be found at this link http://facops.wsu.edu/
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Vampires! The Psychology, Science, and Impact of a Literary Monster
PULLMAN, Wash.—Vampires are a hot topic in pop culture as the HBO series "True Blood" and the "Twilight Saga" film series take over every corner of the media. But the influence of vampires has been around for centuries. Anne Stiles, a Washington State University assistant professor of English, has been looking at how vampires reflected Victorian society, and how science and the mythical creatures influenced each other. She said it all comes down to our souls and psychology. Starting in the 19th Century, said Stiles, scientists made increasingly successful attempts to localize specific emotional, intellectual, and behavioral functions in particular regions of the brain. Note to Producers/Assignment Editors: SOT's with Anne Stiles are available for download at this link Formats for radio and television include .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mp3, and look for "stilesSOTS". Right-click to download to local machine. NOT for viewing in browser! For more about this story, click the link: http://wsunews.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=22618&TypeID=1
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Major Study Documents Nutritional and Food Safety Benefits of Organic Farming
PULLMAN, Wash.—The largest study of its kind has found that organic foods and crops have a suite of advantages over their conventional counterparts, including more antioxidants and fewer, less frequent pesticide residues. The study looked at an unprecedented 343 peer-reviewed publications comparing the nutritional quality and safety of organic and conventional plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, and grains. The study team applied sophisticated meta-analysis techniques to quantify differences between organic and non-organic foods. For more about this story, click here: https://news.wsu.edu/2014/07/14/major-study-documents-benefits-of-organic-farming/#.U8AMl41dU70
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2014 WSU Photo Year in Review
It's time for a spectacular photo review of 2014, as seen by award-winning WSU Photo Services. This gallery offers everything from campus scenes, to emotional moments, athletics & more. Go Cougs!
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The Primal Power of Play
WSU researcher Jaak Panksepp is rediscovering the power behind play. His research on laboratory animals reveals an innate instinct to enjoy physical activity, with surprising benefits to health.
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The Murrow Interview featuring Dan Rather
The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication founding dean Dr. Lawrence Pintak interviews broadcast veteran Dan Rather in this special edition of "The Murrow Interview." Rather received the Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 . Since the 1990s, the Murrow College at Washington State University has honored the achievements of top leaders in the communication industry, among them Ted Koppel (2011), Helen Thomas (2009), Tom Brokaw (2006), the late Peter Jennings (2004), the late Daniel Pearl (2003), Sir Howard Stringer (2002), Daniel Schorr (2002), Christiane Amanpour (2002), Bernard Shaw (2001), Ted Turner (2000), Keith Jackson (1999), Al Neuharth (1999), Walter Cronkite (1998), Frank Blethen (1998) and Sam Donaldson (1997). For more information, visit murrow.wsu.edu.
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What I Do at WSU
Six perspectives on what a WSU student does
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Cougar alumnus dazzles neighborhood with holiday light show
RICHLAND, Wash. -- The sights and sounds of the holiday season are tinged with crimson, thanks to one hard-working Washington State University alumnus. Over the last few years, Mark Showalter has transformed his Richland home into a festive holiday celebration -- a 30-minute choreographed light show synced to music. For more about this story, click here: http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=34320&TypeID=1
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World Record! Most basketball half-court shots in one minute
PULLMAN, Wash. -- A record-breaking night Wednesday as Washington State University senior Charlie Vernon reclaims his world record of most basketball half-court shots in a minute, making nine baskets. Vernon currently is listed in the Guinness World Records with seven baskets, but was unseated in late January by Eric Valentin, a University of Wisconsin -- Green Bay basketball player, who made eight baskets. For more about this story and additional video for media to download, click here: http://wsunews.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=24161&TypeID=1
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Running on Camelina:  Pressing Oil Seed to Meet Pressing Energy Needs
La Crosse-area farmer Steve Camp is squeezing a lot out of the camelina he grew last summer: highly nutritious livestock feed, oil that can be used for cooking, and perhaps most importantly, biodiesel that provides growing energy independence and another step toward on-farm sustainability. For more on this story, click the link: http://wsunews.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=24343&TypeID=1
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Albert Schweitzer's Legacy for Education
Albert Schweitzer was best known as a European doctor who founded a hospital in Africa and won the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize. Here, scholar A.G. Rud explains that Schweitzer also had important lessons to share about how we should teach and learn. Rud is dean of the Washington State University College of Education and author of Albert Schweitzer's Legacy for Education: Reverence for Life (Palgrave Macmillan).
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Researchers See Added Nutritional Benefits in Organic Milk
PULLMAN, Wash.—A team led by a Washington State University researcher has found that organic milk contains significantly higher concentrations of heart-healthy fatty acids compared to milk from cows on conventionally managed dairy farms. While all types of milk fat can help improve an individual's fatty acid profile, the team concludes that organic whole milk does so even better. For more about this story, click here: http://news.wsu.edu/2013/12/09/researchers-see-added-nutritional-benefits-in-organic-milk
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"Admissions" - Behind the scenes of movie shot at WSU
PULLMAN, Wash. - The Pullman campus of Washington State University will appear prominently in the upcoming motion picture "Admissions" starring Andy Garcia, and Vera Farmiga. The crew spent this past week filming in a number of outdoor WSU locations, such as Thompson Hall, Honors Hall, and the Murrow building. For more about this story, click here: https://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=32196&TypeID=1
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Announcing the WSU Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
An overview of the WSU Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture for the Voiland naming celebration. Video created by North by Northwest Productions of Spokane, Washington. http://vcea.wsu.edu/
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Tortoise mobile again thanks to wheel
Gamera the Tortoise is cruising again thanks to a wheel for a leg. His leg had to be amputated due to an injury. His new ball-wheel allows him to carry his 23 pound body, which makes this 12 year old Tortoise happy when looking for a meal. Dr. Nickol Finch said you have to be creative with these cases, but it shows what can be done for animals in need. Video Produced by Matt Haugen, WSU News. For more on this story, click here: http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=26782&TypeID=1
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WSU Police intern program trains future officers
The next time you encounter an officer from the WSU Police Department, you may notice someone riding in the passenger seat - an intern. The intern program allows students to get hands-on experience with law enforcement, doing many things a commissioned officer does. For more about this story, click the link: http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=28554&TypeID=1
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The WSU Experience
The main Pullman campus is a true residential campus in a college town. For students, this means higher academic achievement and lifelong friendships.
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200-foot Slip 'N Slide at Washington State University
The students of ASWSU rolled out the tarp for 200 feet of refreshing summer fun! For more information about becoming a Coug, visit http://admissions.wsu.edu
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WSU Veterinarians replace tortoise leg with a wheel
Courtesy WSU Vet Med College: A 12-year-old, African spur-thighed tortoise recently had its left front leg amputated at Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and is doing just fine with a swiveling wheel attached to his shell. Click the link for more about this story: http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=26782&TypeID=1
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2012 Tribute to Glenn Johnson
A video tribute to Washington State University Professor Glenn Johnson, who, after more than 3 decades of teaching excellence in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, is cutting back his hours a bit, but remains very much in the game. As the iconic Voice of the Cougars, Johnson has called plays for WSU football and basketball games since 1980. He has also been mayor of Pullman since 2004.
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'That's my virus!' 'Contagion' film's deadly microbe researched at WSU
In the box-office thriller, "Contagion," an all-star cast confronts the global spread of a new, lethal virus. Audiences gasp at what it does to Gwyneth Paltrow. And they grimace at how it moves like wildfire and leaves a sky-high body count in its wake. Since the film's release, Fox News, CBS, the Washington Post, Public Radio International and the Guardian all want to know: Is this incredible movie credible? For more about Hector Aguilar-Carreno and his research, click here: http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=28113&TypeID=4
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Nuclear Reactor Allows Hands-On Learning For Students
Contact: Donald Wall, Director, WSU Nuclear Radiation Center, 509-335-8641, donald_wall@wsu.edu PULLMAN, Wash. -- Future nuclear workers get hands-on training at the Nuclear Radiation Center at Washington State University. Working with trained personnel, students from a variety of academic backgrounds are able to see first-hand what it is like to operate the university's 1.0 megawatt reactor. Nuclear Radiation Center Director Donald Wall said classes can eventually lead to students obtaining a nuclear operator's license.
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WSU innovation improves drowsy driver detection
SPOKANE, Wash.—Researchers at Washington State University Spokane have developed a new way to detect when drivers are about to nod off behind the wheel. Their recently patented technology is based on steering wheel movements—which are more variable in drowsy drivers—and offers an affordable and more reliable alternative to currently available video-based driver drowsiness detection systems. For more about this story, click here: https://news.wsu.edu/?p=127533
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Study Finds Commercial Organic Farms Have Better Fruit and Soi
PULLMAN, Wash.—Side-by-side comparisons of organic and conventional strawberry farms and their fruit found the organic farms produced more flavorful and nutritious berries while leaving the soil healthier and more genetically diverse. "Our findings have global implications and advance what we know about the sustainability benefits of organic farming systems," said John Reganold, Washington State University Regents professor of soil science and lead author of a paper published today in the peer-reviewed online journal, PLoS ONE. "We also show you can have high quality, healthy produce without resorting to an arsenal of pesticides." Follow the link for more about this story http://wsunews.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=21276&TypeID=1
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Cougar Cheese Shipping Demands Keep Workers Busy
PULLMAN, Wash. -- This holiday season, more than 50,000 boxes will roll out of a warehouse on the outskirts of the Washington State University Pullman campus. Inside these boxes is a cheese-lovers delight -- Cougar Cheese, including the favorite Cougar Gold and seven other flavors. For more about this story, click this link: http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=29224&TypeID=1
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Revolutionizing Food Processing, Research of Juming Tang
Imagine a salmon filet that looks, tastes and is as nutritious as freshly cooked salmon but has a shelf-life of more than six months. A new technology developed at WSU will make that a reality and could revolutionize how we preserve and process food.
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Computer Science Student Kelsey Bueno
Think Computer Science is just for nerds? Think again -- and meet Kelsey Bueno, Pac 12 athlete and computer science rock star. With her WSU education, she is set to not only do well, but to do good, too.
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Clean Tech at WSU
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WSU Innovators: Organic Viticulture
What aspects of taste, smell, and flavor are most important to fully experience a superb glass of wine? Carolyn Ross knows. Dr. Ross, an assistant professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, combines sensory analysis with analytical chemistry techniques in her research to identify and describe changes in the flavor and odor profiles in wine. Her grape and wine research focuses on evaluation of aroma and flavor compounds and precursors, and the changes that take place in these compounds due to viticultural and enological practices. More at www.theInnovators.wsu.edu.
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Building and Living Off the Grid in an Idaho Strawbale Home
Deb McKinnon and Tom Ordway built a straw bale home off the grid near Princeton, Idaho in the 1990s. Learn how they constructed their home and chose their power sources. Content includes lots of construction shots and finished interior photos. Learn what they learned and how they'd do things differently next time.
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Butch T. Cougar celebrates Halloween
Don't forget to vote for Butch T. Cougar of Washington State University in the 2009 Capital One Mascot Challenge! Vote for Butch beginning August 31 at www.capitalonebowl.com Tell all your friends to vote also!
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WSU Among First in Nation with Cutting-Edge DNA Sequencer
Washington State University is among the first in the country to acquire a DNA sequencing machine that will let researchers across campus assemble and characterize genomes with dramatically improved speed and accuracy. The technology promises to improve researchers' understanding of the genetic blueprints of plants and animals and open new avenues for fighting diseases and improving the productivity of crops. For more about this story, click here: http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=29544&TypeID=1
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WSU College of Nursing
The Washington State University College of Nursing each year graduates more entry-level nurses than any other institution in the state of Washington.
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Cougar Basketball Time Lapse
Beasley Coliseum fills up before a Cougar Basketball game.
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