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Kid freaks out at the Barber
This kid already went nuts before I even entered this Barber shop. Sure a lot kids freak out but not like this one, all that just for a haircut.
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Fall of Eden - Aftermath and My War
This is my first show ever---Yeah!!! I am the drummer for the band Fall of Eden and we were in Harker Heights at The Music Vault. I'm 17 years old and have been playing for almost two years. I just joined the band about a week earlier and had to learn 6 songs for this show. Since I had never played live before, the beginning was a little shaky due to the fact that I had trouble hearing the monitors. The transition from Aftermath to My War as you'll notice sounds like was playing a completely different song. So just hold your remarks on this. After I got used to the sound, I was able to play much better, and the rest of the show went pretty good. Please try to leave only positive comments. Negative posts will be deleted. Enjoy.
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Fall of Eden - The Pain
6th and final song of our setlist.
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Fall of Eden - War of Angels
5th song of the setlist.
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Fall of Eden - Fall of Eden
4th song on the setlist
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Nights of Azure - Rusty Trail Extended
I didn't see mah bois BrawlBRSTMs3 and Master Enex uploaded an extended version of one of my favorite songs on this track. So I am doing it for them. Developer(s): Gust Publisher(s): Koei Tecmo Producer(s): Keisuke Kikuchi Artist(s): Yoshiku Composer(s): Kazuki Yanagawa, Daisuke Achiwa, Hayato Asano Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows
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Just messing around
Just me messing around with some drum fills. I couldn't think about what I wanted to do and I felt like going super fast, so thats exactly what I just did.
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Just messing around pt 2
Here I'm messing around with some different types of blast beats. Not something I've ever been real good at, but, practice does do something for you. I couldn't think about what I wanted to do and I felt like going super fast, so thats exactly what I just did.
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Fall of Eden - Crooks
3rd song on the setlist.
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Guitar Hero Metallica (Am I Evil) 1st solo FC Expert
Am I Evil? As made famous by Diamond Head This may be a pointless video but I just want to show a certain someone that I can FC this solo, which is actually the only somewhat "complex" solo I can FC. (Also for the comments, I'm not interested in someone talk about Guitar Hero Phenom or how they can FC the whole song or how good they can play. I already know GHP is like a god and probably you are better than me but bragging about will only make you look like a Jackass.)
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The Amazing Monkey Machine (class project)
This was a history class project centered around The John Scopes Trial of 1925, which had to do with the teaching of evolution in the classroom. Two of my classmates and myself created this video as a visual presentation to the class. Now that i think about it, its really retarded but that pretty much sums the whole thing up, all three of us act like retarded monkeys. especially doing all this at the last minute a day before the deadline.
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