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Awesome Working Cardboard Tank!
Hey Guys! TheWarMarine here, and in this video I showcase my full-function M4A3E8 "Fury" IMPORTANT: this video is for entertainment purposes only! RECREATE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I will not be responsible for any injuries or damages. Just remember to be careful when handling flammable items! Safety First! Credits: Background music : Not Quite Generic Stay Awesome!
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Working Cardboard M1 Garand!
Howdy! TheWarMarine here, and today I showcase you my M1 Garand. Enjoy! IMPORTANT: Playing with fire is dangerous and can lead to injuries and damages, Do not recreate what you've seen in this video. Credits: The Coming Storm - Ethan Meixsell Thanks for reading!
Просмотров: 2846 WarMarine
Weird GTA San Andreas glitch
Howdy! It's me again, did you had the same glitch? Lemme know in the comments! Music used from YT's audio library Stay Awesome!
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