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SparkLabs DemoDay5_03 (TownUs)
TownUs is an e-commerce platform for group buying. Main target are university students for products such as textbooks, t-shirts, and plane tickets. Unlike social commerce, their target is to build B2B networks with university representatives and associations. Currently they have partnered with student unions at 58 different universities in Korea and aim to expand to China and Japan in near future.
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SparkLabs DemoDay5 Highlights (June 23, 2015)
Demo Day showcasing companies in the Spring 2015 class. Sparklabs companies present their company in front of investors, media, Sparklabs mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs. Spring 2015 Class members are Wanted, Whatap, TownUs, LeeMyungSoo Labs, DoubleMe, Qubit Security, Way Wearable, Dropbeat, Lockin Company, Genoplan, LoanVi, Evain, PiQuant and TreePlanet
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_11 Fireside chat with Toni Ko
Fireside chat with Toni Ko. Toni Ko is the founder of the multi-million dollar cosmetics brand NYX, which was recently acquired by the largest beauty company in the world, L’Oreal, for a reported $500 million. Dino Ha, Co-founder and CEO of Memebox, takes the stage with Toni and leads the interview during this session.
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SparkLabs Demoday 11 - WATCH LIVE
SparkLabs Demoday 11 - WATCH LIVE #SparkLabs #Demoday #Watchlive
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - SWATCHON.com
SWATCHON.com is an online fabric market that connects Dongdaemoon fabric supplier and fashion designers overseas. We are currently building a fabric database of the Dongdaemoon market that supplies 2 million different fabric products, and we are receiving orders from 80 different countries. Our team is composed of young, creative, professional and motivated individuals crazy and passionate about IT and fashion. We have a fabric professional who worked for ESMOD fashion school, consultants from KPMG and Accenture, and a software engineer from Kakao Corp. Our vision is to change the paradigm of fashion industry. Location: South Korea Sector: Fashion, Fabric Website: www.swatchon.com
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SparkLabs - Welcome to the Largest Demoday in the World!  June 28, 2017!
COME JOIN US AT THE LARGEST DEMO DAY IN THE WORLD! SparkLabs Demoday 9 takes place in Seoul, Korea, the most innovative city in the world, on June 28. We expect over 2,000 attendees and over 500 investors. Highlight video from Demoday8 is here(https://youtu.be/UcF5m308Bno). Meet some of the top startups in the world, and network with over 2,000 tech fans. LISTEN to some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs such as Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org. Kiva was the world’s first p2p microlending platform for poverty alleviation, which has facilitated nearly $1 billion in loans. Also John J. Wood, founder of Room to Read, an NGO for improving literacy and gender equality in education reaching over 10 million children across the developing world. You can register and read more here: www.sparklabsdemoday.com We have our IoT & Smart City Accelerator companies presenting in the morning of June 28th, and our 9th batch companies presenting in the afternoon. Some metrics of these programs are: - $2.8 million average raise (prior to program) for the 16 startups in the 1st IoT batch - 79% follow-on funding rate for 65 graduates in the Seoul program - Over $400,000 average raise (prior to program) for the 65 graduates in the Seoul program and over $3.5M afterwards Register: https://www.sparklabsdemoday.com SparkLabs: https://www.sparklabs.co.kr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SparkLabsKorea Video by Konekts(http://konekts.co.kr/)
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - StarTeacher (별별선생)
When we want to learn something, we look for institutions, not teachers. StarTeacher introduces an innovative way for students to connect teachers. Today will be the first day that StarTeacher announces the new era of private education ecosystem of the Korean peninsula. Location: South Korea Sector: Education, Edutech Website: www.starteacher.co.kr
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - BALAAN
BALAAN is a luxury fashion market place that connects offline boutiques in Europe with shoppers all over the world. By changing distribution structure which contracts with major luxury boutiques in Europe, BALAAN has the strongest supply chain throughout entire Asia, covering over 1,000 fashion brands (3 billion USD value). BALAAN offers its goods at 30% cheaper than the price in European E-commerce (Net-a-porter, Farfetch, etc.) and delivers within 3 days. As a result, BALAAN has become a dominant player in Asian luxury goods market. In October, BALAAN established a strategic alliance with T-mall, and They are going to open Luxury fashion flagship store in January next year. Location: South Korea Sector: E-Commerce, Fashion, Luxury Fashion Commerce Website: www.balaan.co.kr
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SparkLabs Demoday 8_Tutoring
Tutoring is an on-demand mLearning platform connecting students and global tutors in 10 seconds for live English speaking lessons. Our edges are various topic cards based on interests streaming in screen during lessons and 1/3 of price our competitors charge.
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_08 (BigBrainLab)
BigBrainLab is a Delaware company headquartered in California, and our product is called ChartMetric.co. ChartMetric is a modern approach to tracking, measuring, and analyzing music data. More specifically, we collect the music ranking and performance data from local charts, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and lot more. We also gather social media data (# of likes and fans) from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook every hour. We use algorithms and natural language processing to gather, organize, and derive insights on musics. We begin with K-pop genre, and plan to expand to other genres soon.
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_05 (PicPic)
Picpic is an application which enables to create, classify, and share GIFs whenever and wherever you are. GIFs magnifies specific moment with infinite looping auto-play. Because major SNS started to support GIF format, GIF content market is expected to grow. However, performance of existing GIF apps is weak in their quantity and quality of contents. Picpic has superior technology which enables to make GIFs faster with higher image resolution, occupying less capacity. And it also provides SNS sharing service for users to share the fun with their friends.
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SparkLabs Demoday 8_Swingvy
Swingvy is All-in-One HR platform for SMBs in South-East Asia. By seamlessly connecting all HR information, Swingvy automates every administrative work - employee onboarding, core HR, leave application, payroll and benefits administration - without hassle. Swingvy aims to replace paperworks or spreadsheets and help customers to manage all their HR in one place. Headquartered in Singapore, Swingvy currently provides their service in Malaysia & Singapore, and plans to expand to other South-East Asia countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - GENECAST
The Internally Discriminated Priming System (IDPS), a proprietary technology of GENECAST, is an innovative system that detects genetic changes quickly and accurately, unmatched by other technologies. The cause of all cancers is genetic changes. The paradigm shift of diagnosis, prevention and treatment by the IDPS cancer screening system will bring freedom from fear of cancer. Location: South Korea Sector: Biotech, Health Care Website: www.genecast.co.kr
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SparkLabs Demoday 8_Kloser
Kloser is the first domestic CIMP(Customer Identity Management Platform) provider in South Korea. Its main goal is to provide easier engagement with the customers to companies, while encouraging customers to share their real brand experience online. Kloser measures and maximizes individual marketing ROI by sorting out key influencers and cherry pickers.
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_01 (Nextmakers)
Next Makers provides a marketing platform connecting social influencers and brands. Advertisement through social influencers is cheaper and more appealing than general official promotion video. Also, it guarantees constant level of advertising effect. Next Makers published over 100 beauty contents in Asia and is expanding its business to game.
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SparkLabs DemoDay5_01 (Wanted Lab)
Wanted Lab aims to be the "Uber for human resources management and recruitment". Recruiting the right person for a given position is still a huge problem across the globe. They are trying to solve this problem through their service.
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - Highlight (full)
Highlight video of SparkLabs Demoday 10. Demoday 10 was held on December 7, 2017 at the COEX Auditorium. We had over 2000 people in attendance to make it the largest startup event in Korea and the largest demo day event in the world.
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SparkLabs 4th Batch Demo Day 09 (Stayes)
Stayes' presentation
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Q&A ENGLISH (simultaneous interpretation)
Q&A after company presentations.
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_09 (Wahome)
WAHOME is a simple and easy application that will help users to directly get connected with properly trained trusted home cleaners. WAHOME will initially target young working moms and housewives in Korea and gradually expand to all users in Korea, HK, and Japan. Currently WAHOME owns 2,600 experienced cleaner network in Seoul.
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SparkLabs Demoday 7_Future of AR/VR
Casey Lau (Community Development Manager for IBM SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program) sits down with Robert Scoble (Entrepreneur in Residence at Upload VR), Euan Macdonald (Co-founder & CEO of CryWorks), and Peter Wilkins (Co-founder, CEO, and CTO of Emergent VR) to discuss the development of VR/AR technologies an how VR/AR will change the world we live in today.
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_04 (Sentbe)
Sentbe provides a way of cheaper, faster, simpler overseas remittance services. Total market size of remittance of Korea is about USD 40 billion. But overseas remittance via banks, the traditional way, is expensive, slow, and complicated. Sentbe utilizes Bitcoin system to eradicate concerned banks such as remittance bank, mediation bank, receiving bank. By this system, customers can use cheaper, faster, and simpler overseas remittance services.
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memebox Demo in ENGLISH
Memebox ("me-me box") is the leading beauty subscription e-commerce company. For a monthly fee, customers receive a box of unique beauty goods carefully selected by Memebox's beauty curators and delivered to their doorsteps. After introducing beauty box services for men and babies for the first time in Korea, Memebox is launching Memesale, the first beauty curation ecommerce site in Korea. The company's next steps is focused in building out their mobile presence and targeting other markets in Asia.
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SparkLabs Demoday 7_JAEM
JAEM is an integrated solution that provides more personalized shopping experiences. By using our smart tape measure, you can easily record your body measures and it is automatically saved on our platform. Using the measures, we recommend products that match your figures and taste among various types of clothing from different brands. This is done by the internally developed machine learning algorithm.
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SparkLabs 4th Batch Demo Day 03 (H.U.D.)
HUD's presentation.
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Introduction to SparkLabs' DemoDay6 (Dec. 11th, 2015)
Opening video for the 1,500+ people attending SparkLabs' DemoDay6 in Seoul on Dec 11th, 2015. Overview of the SparkLabs accelerator program, success metrics, and congratulations from various people in Korea's startup ecosystem. Congratulations to the 6th batch: Wahome, Blocko, Amadas, Next Makers, Sentbe, Picpic, and ChartMetric!
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SparkLabs Demoday 7_Highlight Video (updated)
Demo Day showcasing companies in the Spring 2016 class. SparkLabs companies present their company in front of investors, media, SparkLabs mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs. Spring 2016 Class members are Jocoos, JAEM, Landing International, myBox, and Ssenstone. DemoDay7 also included presentations from Health2Sync (Taiwan), SparkPlus, and mCanvas (India).
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SparkLabs Demoday 7_Ssenstone
SsenStone's vision is to open up a whole new philosophy in security & authentication field by using their product, 'StonePASS'. For the last fourty years, it was hard to prevent information hacking with the current one-way static authentication system. StonePASS algorithem was designed based on the thought that ''all information can be hacked'. StonePASS algorithm is the first optimized security & authentication technology for block chain, cloud computing, mobile and IoT. StonePASS authentication is simple and highly secured technology that can integrate other authentication method within one integrated platform.
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SparkLabs Demoday 11 - Babeltop
The need for quality B2B translation has never been more important for businesses, big or small. Through internet and technology, it’s never been easier to expand and support customers from around the world. Babeltop wants to help businesses improve and better manage their translation needs by providing a SaaS-based translation quality management tool and access to highly-skilled translators. In the end, Babeltop wants to create the most extensive, accurate professional translation database and inevitably provide an AI solution that can be relied upon by businesses. 빠르게 다각화 되는 글로벌 산업환경에서, 고품질의 B2B 번역 서비스에 대한 수요는 폭발적으로 늘어나고 있습니다. 바벨탑은 이 수요를 충족시키기 위해 B2B 번역 솔루션을 제공하고 있습니다. 이 솔루션은 편리한 인터페이스, 전문 번역가 이력 DB, SaaS 기반의 전문 번역 품질관리 툴로 구성되어 있으며, 이를 기반으로 바벨탑은 B2B 번역 시장의 표준을 넘어 인공지능과 번역산업의 밝은 미래를 만들어가고자 합니다.
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Sparklabs Demoday 8:  Opening Video
Video that opened Demoday 8.
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SparkChain Conference: Future of Investing in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
SparkChain's 1st Crypto Conference (www.sparklabsdemoday.com) in Seoul, Korea on Dec. 7th, 2017. Over 800 people attended! This panel featured Elliot Han (Managing Director of Argon Group), Brian Tubergen (Co-founder of Coinlist), Joyce Kim (Co-founder of Stellar.org and Co-founder and Managing Partner of SparkChain Capital) and moderated by Jay McCarthy (Co-founder and Partner of SparkChain Capital)
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SparkLabs Demoday 11 - Perfitt
Purchasing shoes online has never been a pleasant experience for most. You can be a size 6, but depending on the model of the shoe it may or may not fit well. Perfitt wants to revolutionize the way we think about and buy shoes. By providing an easy-to-use mobile app, users are able to create a 3D scan model of their feet. Perfitt also provides shoe manufacturers a way to create 3D scan of the inside of their shoe products. By bringing the two together, Perfitt wants to create a perfect match for your feet. 온라인으로 신발을 구매하는 것은 사이즈 문제로 인하여 매우 불편하였습니다. Perfitt은 이를 해결하여, 모두가 더 쉽고 편리하게 신발 쇼핑을 할 수 있도록 하고자 합니다. Perfitt은 Deep Learning및 Image Processing 기반의 발 사이즈 측정 모바일 앱과 디바이스를 개발하였습니다. 뿐만 아니라 데이터를 기반으로 한 사이트 추천 알고리즘도 개발하였습니다. 이를 통해 Perfitt은 고객들에게 정확한 사이즈를 추천해 주며, 고객들은 더이상 온라인상에서 신발을 구매할 때도 반품이나 교환을 걱정하지 않아도 됩니다. 현재 Perfitt은 업계 글로벌 Top 브랜드사 및 유통사들과 제휴를 통해 서비스를 확장해 나가고 있습니다.
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Fireside chat with Ray Ozzie (Former Chief Software Architect of Microsoft) & Spencer Reiss of WIRED
1st session with Ray Ozzie & Spencer Reiss http://nextconference.co.kr/bio/bio_rayozzie.html http://nextconference.co.kr/bio/bio_spencer_reiss.html SparkLabs, a startup accelerator in Korea, hosted the NEXT Conference on June 14, 2013 in Seoul, Korea. The purpose was to bring the best minds and most innovative people to Korea. We wanted to enhance Korea's already creative culture with visionaries, investors, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from other parts of the globe for the first time in Korea to explore our future and innovation across various industries.
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Asian Boss - SparkLabs Demo Day 9
[Please click CC to see subtitles] Asian Boss is a new media company that delivers the latest social news and cultural trends from all over Asia. Through its reporting format optimized for mobile devices and original street interviews, Asian Boss is developing innovative news format that delivers diverse social issues and people’s thoughts on them. Asian Boss currently has over 400,000 subscribers and followers, and is being watched by more than 6 million monthly viewers from over 190 different countries. Location : Seoul, Korea Website : www.youtube.com/asianboss Sector : Digital Media
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SparkLabs Demoday 8_XBRAIN
X-Brain aims to create software that enables people to use machine learning technology without requiring in-depth knowledge. They believe in the positive impact that can be brought on our society by machine learning technology. With their product 'Alice', they can remove costly barriers of entry for small-medium businesses and focus on wider implementation and greater understanding.
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - Gamma
Gamma is a gamer powered distributed computing ecosystem. In return for providing access to idle resources on their gaming rigs, gamers are rewarded with Gamma Points (GP). GP can be redeemed for in-game credits, downloadable content (DLC), skins, membership payments and other assets on gamers’ favorite game platforms. Location: USA Sector: Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Distributed Computing
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SparkLabs Demoday 11 - Fleapop
Fleapop is a retail tech company targeting the future fashion trend setters and consumers of tomorrow. Fleapop currently offers the generation Z shoppers the shopping experience they want and enjoy. Every 2 months, Fleapop operates a flea market called “Lovely Market” that attracts more than 30,000 young female teenagers looking to purchase and experience their favorite fashion brands. By applying IT technologies, Fleapop continuously looks to create the best shopping experience optimized for their generation Z customers. 플리팝은 미래의 트렌드 세터이며 소비자인 Z세대들을 위한 리테일테크 회사입니다. 플리팝은 현재 두 달에 한번 2일에 걸쳐, “러블리마켓”을 개최하고 있으며 특별한 쇼핑 경험을 제공하고 있습니다. 2일 기준, 30,000명 이상의 10대 여성 청소년들이 방문하고 있으며, Z세대가 가장 좋아하는 패션 브랜드, SNS 인플로언서, 각종 이벤트 등을 구매 및 체험할 수 있게 합니다. IT 기술을 접목하여, 플리팝은 앞으로도 Z세대 고객들에게 맞는, 최고의 쇼핑 경험을 제공하고자 합니다.
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SparkLabs DemoDay5:  SparkLabs Intro
Introduction video that started off the Demo Day event. Provides a brief overview of some of the events and teaching sessions during the 3-month accelerator program for the 5th Class.
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_02 (Blocko)
Blocko is a company enabling fintech through Blockchain, the same infrastructure powering Bitcoin. For decades, businesses and developers have relied on trusted 3rd parties, such as banks and governments, to certificate their confidential data and systems. But it has resulted in the growing numbers of security breaches and accidents. Using Blockchain, a decentralized manner, both security and transparency can be guaranteed. However, building services using Blockchain requires a careful design process and a lot of resources. Blocko helps businesses and developers to build applications and services on Blockchain by providing some powerful tools, CoinStack.
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SparkLabs Demoday 7_Health2Sync
Health2Sync revolutionizes diabetes care through personalization& analytics. We enable care to scale and collaboration for parties in the ecosystem. The Health2Sync system is clinically proven to help Diabetics better control blood sugar and reduce risk of complications. We are the largest diabetes platform in Asia when considering the total number of patients and hospitals / clinics on a single network.
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SparkLabs Demoday 8: SparkLabs KPI 2016
Short video highlighting the achievements SparkLabs has made in our 4 years of operation.
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SparkLabs Demoday 8:  SparkLabs Academy
SparkLabs announced their next initiative to help the future entrepreneurs of tomorrow through a new academic program called SparkLabs Academy that will focus on helping students structure innovative ideas using arduino prototyping platform to solve the problems we face in today's world.
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Sparklabs Connected Universe Video for Demoday 7
Video providing a vision of the world enhanced by sparklabs portfolio products improving the life we live in. Featured in the video are Urbanbase, Way Wearable, nthing, Whatap, TownUs, and Mangoplate. To be continued....
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SparkLabs Demoday 8_QueensBucket
QueensBucket is a manufacturer of light roasted sesame oil and perilla oil. With their own low-temperature and cold-press technology, light roasted sesame & perilla oil are roasted without getting burnt and deep savory flavor is added during the process. This makes their product completely different from any other oils in the market. They have several product lines and their premium raw sesame & perilla oil go through the same process of being cold pressed without any heating progress involved overcoming the usual step of having to fry before extraction. Because of their unique manufacturing process, the oil is perfectly fit for fresh food and for those who want to consume raw oil for their health.
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - Replio
Replio is a fun social app that lets users interact with both friends and strangers through text questions and short video answers. The company was founded in March, 2017 in Siberian town Yakutsk. Launched on AppStore in Russia in August, 2017. Location: Singapore Sector: Social Video Platform Website: www.replio.co
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SparkLabs Demoday 10 - PAYVIL
Emolize Co., Ltd. is a Fintech corporation established for international payment service. It provides service of “m.Payvil.com”. After charging the amount via AliPay at m.Payvil.com, the charged amount can be conveniently purchased at the 13,000 outlets units in Korea. Also, Payvil will launch services in Japan and Indonesia within this year. It will grow into a company that offers low-cost and secure payments to foreigners travel in Korea and Korean travelers visiting China, Japan, and Indonesia. Location: South Korea Sector: Fintech, Cross Border Payment Website: www.payvil.com
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Blend - SparkLabs Demo Day 9
[Please click CC to see subtitles] Blend is the new Interactive Video Playground for next generation, providing a realistic visual presence as if users are hanging out together on top of audio and visual communication. While applying popular camera filters, users can connect and see friends in real-time and freely interact with each other using special video effects, text, stickers and much more. Also, identical and fun collage layouts can be applied on both screens so that users can create various perspective scenes such as holding hands and pinching other person's face. Location : Seoul, Korea Sector : Video Messaging
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SparkLabs DemoDay6_07 (Amadas)
Amadas develops DIY type smart door lock which is compatible with any size door and very easy to install. Existing door lock is not compatible with diverse sizes door locks and difficult to install. Amadas developed high-technology to solve these problems and has competency to lead global DIY door lock market. Amadas is diversifying its products such as an IoT-based door lock.
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SparkLabs Demoday 7_Jocoos
Jocoos offers a unique video transcoding technology for mobile video file streaming which uses different transcoding process from existence method. Also, they have an instance video editing technology (named NAIVE) which uses OpenGL to playback and apply visual effects to existing videos in real time according to a set of simple instructions giving the illusion of an edited video consisting of existing videos is being played. (patent filed in Korea & US).
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Profound - SparkLabs Demo Day 9
[Please click CC to see subtitles] Profound is a business spot-consulting market network where users can engage in conversations with the world's highly qualified business experts to obtain their knowledge and insight. The company provides a unique experience and differentiated knowledge from each expert, and is rapidly expanding its business with a network of over 60,000 professionals worldwide. Location : Seoul, Korea Website : www.profound.guru Sector : e-marketplace
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