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Minecraft Tutorial - Make A Button Keep Redstone On For As Long As You Want
This tutorial shows a way to make a button keep something on for a longer period of time - Very useful for things like bridges where the buttons short on period just doesn't cut it. Thanks to LooperNor for recently helping me out with redstone a bit.
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DayZ - No man can stop the axe wielding maniac
Note how the title states that "No man" can stop the axe wielding maniac. Well that's true. However a 40ft flying front flip school dismount is no man...
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DayZ - 5 Friends Commentary - Double Heli Crash & Stary Sobor Bandit Action #1
Me (Jallen) and my friends, Alan, Ben, Chris, and Samuel found a double heli crash outside stary sobor. We looted some stuff, shot some people, and raged at the game bugging out and people logging out when we shot them. All in all an intense and hilarious game session.
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Incredible Minecraft 1.9 Seed - STILL WORKS in Minecraft 1.2.5
The good thing about it is that it feels like it has character. 1.9/1.8 seeds feel so boring in general, the huge mountains everywhere are not cool. In 1.7 finding huge mountains was amazing, now they are common and ridiculously large. Seed: "glaciers" (without the quotes) Location: X: -590 Z: 845 The texture pack is from the DokuCraft continuation project customiser. This seed still works in 1.2.5 with some minor changes to the surrounding trees.
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DayZ - [TV25] Rocket Launcher Success
In our hundreds of hours playing this game, this is the first time any of us have ever seen a rocker launcher.
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DayZ - Intense Helicopter Shoot-Down (2 person commentary - JALLEN + CHRIS)
Please leave feedback and share! After so many people gave good feedback on our Stary Sobor bandit commentary, we felt quite a bit of pressure to keep the standard up. Then this happened. Thanks to everyone who supported the first video, and we hope that you enjoy the latest installment.
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Tutorial - Creating, exporting and reducing the poly count of models you have made in Sculptris
Sculptris is a FREE sculpt based modeller which is currently in alpha testing. It is extremely easy to get used to and brilliant for making organic based models. http://www.sculptris.com/ In this video I reduce a model made in sculptris from 92348 triangles to 3690 triangles with very little effect on the quality. This is a vital step in preparing media for use in realtime rendering applications such as games. This tutorial uses blender to achieve the mesh simplification: http://www.blender.org/ Sculptris can export to .obj and import from .obj, making it extremely compatible with other modelling, animation and UV mapping software. This video was encoded with the excellent and free XVid codec.
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DayZ - Crew of 5 fumbling around at night time
This was so much fun. I couldn't see much but the atmosphere, the idiotic pranks and the banter made it one of my best gaming experiences ever. We are loving this game.
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Kuhli loach feeding frenzy
They sure love those bottom feeder pellets...
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Minecraft 61,860 Items/Hour Piston Mob Trap
I did almost all of it in MC Edit. Only took a few hours. I think the trap looks awesome from the outside with the huge array of redstone torches, it looks like some kind of expensive heat sink with LED's on it or something. 101m4n deserves all the credit for his piston spawning thing. I simply adapted it to be used in an array by using a repeater rather than a redstone wire. I especially like it because it's only a 1 wide platform so you get no spiders! Here's his 86,000 items / hour trap- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8RRP2MMZ10 Here's his explanation of his trap - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc5uJmbZvOk I hope you enjoyed this or find it interesting, please leave feedback and subscribe if you like it :)
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Minecraft - Self Building, Self Repairing Bridge
Fairly simple. It uses a cobblestone generator, no duplication bugs. It would work for a wall, ceiling or floor too (and infact you could use one of these for all 4 walls just by pushing stuff around with pistons) The texture pack is DokuCraft.
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DayZ - [CH17] Anti Air Rocket Outpost Action
Chris smashed a plane out of the sky
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My Pong Game (C++, SFML)
Download: http://jallenbah.co.uk/pong.php Probably about 20-25 hours total work. Written in C++ Uses SFML and the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font. The irritating looping music was thrown togther by me in LMMS just to add a little audio stimulus to the show. This has been uploaded again because the first one had shocking quality. So now I remade it in HD.
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Funny Minecraft SMP Door Prank (easily reversable - harmless)
This is a funny little prank you can use in minecraft SMP (survival multiplayer) to render your friends door pressure pad useless. I tested this on a friend and it did fool him. The texture pack is DSB's Geruduku remix. The server I'm playing on is Profan's FP Minecraft SMP.
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Chivalry - The Spin Stab, AKA spin2win
Me and my friends have been playing this game a lot. If you stab with a spear or halberd you can move your mouse to the side and kind of swing with it. It gets past a lot of blocks and people don't expect it to hit them (if you stab to their side, they think you've missed - nope) If you master this, getting to the top of the scoreboard is an easy task.
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DayZ - [CH14] Gyrocopter AKA Boat
I may have anticipated this outcome.
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Minecraft - Automatic TNT Drill
I AM A DWARF AND I'M DIGGING A HOLE! This uses kiershar's block dupe bug - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkoYCiQ3-hs
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Tiger Barbs
These are my new Tiger barbs, the first tropical fish i've owned. I got the 3 normal tigers first, then added the 3 green ones today. As you can see, one of the normal tigers is the dominant one, and it chases every single other fish (the one with the really bright orange fin which has a really dark black part on it). The ones with no orange fin tip are female. Interesting to watch. They are like raptors, they fight for pecking order in the pack, and as i said, one of the normal tigers has that right now, but things will likely change. Enjoy. This is the second time i'm uploading this, because youtube were too silly to put a javascript alert on the page when you try and leave while downloading.
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DiRT Rally - World #1: Pedines Epidaxi [3:33.208] - Lancia Delta S4
No assists, full manual H shifter w/ clutch (G27) I FINALLY GOT A WORLD #1!
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95 Litre (25 Gallon) Planted Community Tropical Freshwater Tank
Stocking: 1 Angelfish 4 Tiger barbs (2 of which are green) 2 Corydoras 4 Glass bloodfin tetra 10 Kuhli loach (5 banded, 5 brown) 1 Bristlenose pleco (female) 6 Cardinal tetras 1 Singapore wood shrimp Plants: Vallisneria spiralis Cryptocoryne nevelli Cryptocoryne becketti Cryptocoryne diversen Echinodorus amazonicus Microsorum pteropus Anubias -something- Vesicularia dubyana Cabomba aquatica Elodea canadensis Plus some other stem plants I'm not entirely sure on yet. Tank dimensions: L80xW30xH40cm. Tank Volume: 25 gallons / 95 litres. Lights: 1x60cm T8 sunlight tube - 0.8 wpg. 10-12 hours a day. CO2: None. Airation: 8" air stone on for 4 hours after lights off. Substrate: Play sand. Fertilisers: PlantaMin. If you want to try tropical fish keeping I recommend... 1. Use play sand, not gravel. Stays cleaner, looks natural, looks awesome. 2. Get a rectangular tank like this - Fish can hide in cube tanks and corner tanks! 3. Google every species of fish or plant before you buy it. Otherwise you could end up getting some pleasant little fish which grows to a 2ft terror.
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DayZ - Blowing up some guys truck and tents (2 man gameplay commentary)
Me (Jallen) and Matt were trying out Lingor Island, when he found this hangar with tents and a truck in it. Not equipped with the parts required to fix the truck, we decided to destroy their belongings with the two grenades we found in the tent. This is what DayZ is all about.
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DayZ - Boat Journey
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Trackmania Speed Tech Track - Semi Skimmed Milk
http://jallenbah.co.uk Took about 3 hours to make. Enjoy.
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DayZ - [TV23] Quest Of Stupidity
Footage from the golden age of DayZ
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Arma 3 -  Low Altitude High Velocity Helicopter Flying
I pretty much just use this game as a flight sim. The helicopter mechanics are awesome. Recorded this in about 10 minutes.
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HL2DM Puzzle Map - Jallen, Chris & Matt
We were reminiscing over the good old days of HL2DM puzzle maps when we thought we'd download one and give it a try. It was as fun as we remembered. The map we played was this - http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/HalfLife_2_DM_Puzzle_Eighteen;109019
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Chivalry - Vanguard Shortcut
These Zweihander jumps are a lot of fun.
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Space Engineers calamities and almost-calamities
Bouncy snake code: https://pastebin.com/Aeh0D8FX
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Wierd Minecraft Cactus Bug
You can usually put cactuses only on sand with no blocks next to it. Strangely when it's in water it doesn't seem to care. Still, you can't put 2 cactuses together using this as far as my testing tells me.
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Chivalry Antics 03 - Discovering the reverse overhead AKA "rainbow"
Me and my friends try out the spinning overhead technique. Hilarity ensues.
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Tutorial: Design your own Mob Trap in Minecraft - The Basics Explained
This video explains everything you need to design and make your own mob trap. Please comment, rate, subscribe and tell your friends about the video if you liked this! Here's the map: http://www.mediafire.com/?0tf3fah6tei69p4 And you might want to check out my mob trap video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_mMBdJEqkM The texture pack is GeruDoku: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?&t=77619
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Why KB+Mouse is superior to a gamepad for FPS
With a mouse, you can spin around 360 degrees in 1/4 of a second, then aim with pixel level accuracy. With a gamepad, you are forced to compromise between rotation speed and precision. I went in and played 5 minutes of quake live instagib and got about 30 seconds of clips out. This isn't some pro compilation, this is just what I did for my first attempt in 5 minutes, and this is something you would expect of somebody playing quake. Simply put, if you push the thumbstick to the edge, you are at max turning speed. What is the maximum turning speed of a mouse? As fast as you can move it across the pad.
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DayZ - Random Namalsk Action
These are clips of our bandit action that didn't really fit in with any specific video, but weren't long enough to warrant entire videos for themselves. Lots of exciting and funny moments.
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DayZ - [TV24] CJ Annhilating a VTOL & Hilarious Mid-Air Unload Patient
This has to be one of our most funny videos. Kicking Chris out of the plane was hysterical.
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Minecraft - Piston Memory Tape 4x4 Animated Redstone Torch Display
This one took a while. Probably the most complex thing I've made in minecraft. Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Favorite, show your friends :D I was going to do an 8x8 but because of the need for a gap between the wiring for the display, it would have made the memory tape system 127 blocks long. I settled for 4x4 as instead it's only (but still pretty damn big) 31 blocks long. The texture pack is DokuCraft (with a few minor modifications)
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Glorious overkill.
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DayZ - Thermal Scope Team Bandit Kill (team gameplay commentary clip)
I was scoping out targets at Stary Sobor for my sniper-equipped friends with the thermal sights of the L85. It's me playing (Jallen), also talking are Samuel (the one who got the kill), Matt, Alan, and Chris.
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Planetside 2 #02 - "Land on the roof if you can"
Still very new to this game. Here is a second video of us fumbling around, having a great laugh in Planetside 2. I am loving this game.
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Trackmania Speed Track - Crunchy Cereal
http://jallenbah.co.uk Just made this track, it took a couple of hours. It's shorter than my usual tracks, I thought I'd try something a little more "normal" this time.
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Arma 3 - Hilarious Zeus Mode Chaos
This is great fun
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GraviSparks - A Sandbox Game for Android
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jallen.gravityparticles&hl=en This is a sandbox game I have developed for Android which focuses on the concept of particles and gravity. It uses the standard Android SDK, which uses Java. The graphics are done using OpenGL ES. While the app is demonstrated on a device with a large screen, it is not required.
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Minecraft - Invisible Piston Double Door
I finally got one working through the bugs and my ignorance of redstone.
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Planetside 2 #01 - This game is hilarious
Wasn't sure about this game at first, but I'm really enjoying it now. Some epic moments, some hilarious moments, and really awesome environments.
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3D Terrain Generation Tool - Computer Science Final Year Project
This is my final year project that I developed while at the University of Portsmouth.
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DayZ - The Bet
Me and my friends were trying out Namalsk. Samuel and Chris reckoned jumping off the bridge wouldn't kill you. I thought it would.
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DayZ - Helicopter Crash, SUV, Machine Gun Battle, Inevitable Demise
Quite a lot happened in this little adventure with me, Samuel and Matt. We looted a heli crash, drove an SUV around, got fired at by a guy with a machine gun and met our inevitable end to the hand of a hacker induced carpet bomb. Although it would have been nice for the adventure to end in a more legitimate fashion, it was still exciting and overall fun. The standalone will definitely be warmly welcomed given the amount I am dying from glitches and hackers at the moment.
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15 seconds of pen spinning
Unfortunately the frame rate on my webcam is not the greatest. This is something I started back when I was about 17, almost 5 years ago now. I can combo for ages, but I did a few short ones to keep this video concise.
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DayZ - [CH1 EP1] 4 Man crew, 1 Helicopter, 1 SUV - Coastal banditing
If you're wondering what that CH1 EP1 is, CH1 is the particular story (or mini-series if you want) and EP1 is the episode of that story. This is because we have so many small stories / adventures that I feel it would be confusing to just slap episode numbers on everything.
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Decking lights acting weird in thunder storm, ayy lmao
Can only assume that this is due to water getting in and resulting in some kind of current regulation trickle charging and letting out periodic bursts of charge. I don't know enough about electronics to understand it fully and it would be cool to get a proper explanation.
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