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how to make a topbar beehive
This is a video that shows the basics of how I make my Topbar beehives. This is not how I make all of them. If you have any suggestions on how to improve I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
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ziplock freezer bag feeder
using a 1 gal freezer bag to dispense 2:1 sugar water for the bees. The bag was a little over filled and I lost some of the feeding. The bees will probably catch it on the outside of the hive.
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top bar 1 spring 2012
first look inside top bar 2 and adding a little sugar water. pollen patty was not touched.
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solar wax melter from scraps
Using 2 entertainment stand glass doors and wood scraps I was able to throw together this wax melter. It was about 75 degrees that day and around midday it got to 120+ degrees. I painted the inside black and added a cookie sheet as my pan. I will probably put some insulation between the melter and the doors. there is a gap and they are just resting on the frame right now. More video when I am able to melt some wax.
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Seth's new bee jacket with veil
My son Seth's new bee jacket. My father was in Florida recently and was able to stop a Dadant to pick him up a little souvenir. This is an adult small and he can't wait to try it out.
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emergency queen cells topbar hive.MP4
This is one week after my split on my strongest spring topbar hive. the video is of the emergency cells. Thanks for watching, please comment and subscribe.
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seth topbar.wmv
topbar beehive I have built for my son. It used Phil Chandler's periscope concept as well as screened bottom and a modified, homemade entrance feeder at the rear of the hive. I will be putting russians in there in the spring at a second beeyard. Will keep you post. Please comment. Thanks.
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top bar hive to frameless lang
My strongest topbar hive needed to shook into a frameless lang. I was able locate the queen and shake the bees in. The bars I planned to rubber band in the frame were chop and crop nucs (deeps) and the comb really didn't have any brood to speak of. I messed with the smoker quite a bit and it did not want to stay lit. came out better than my previous videos though.
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tobago tobar transfer
this first year tobago style topbar hive has filled the entire space within the hive body since May of this year. It has a design flaw that made it necessary to change out hive bodies. Hopefully they will aclimate quickly and get ready for winter because I think they will produce well next year if they survive.
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top bar hive 2 march 2012
This was my weak hive going into winter basically all 3 hives are alive at this point.
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queened side of april 2012 split.MP4
This is the queened half of the split I did a week ago. the bees seem calmer and are not quite as twitchy as they were. Thanks for watching, please comment and subscribe.
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top bar hive #3
Bees are drawing out the honey comb and the darker centers are where they have deposited nectar/honey. Still a little thin for honey.
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early spring harvest
honey and wax taken from some crossed top bars yielded about 6 lbs of honey and a pound of wax.
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One of my bucket list ambitions, drive a combine. Check!
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emergency queen cup with capped brood.MP4
this is a video of the first emergency queen cup I came across. I blow the bees off and you should be able to see it right at the end. thanks for watching, please comment and subscribe.
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inside top bar 3 march 2012
first look inside dad's topbar and adding a little sugar water to the dead space to supplement
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winterizing the beehives
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november 2012 bee rescue from north central illinois
sideways view of the cluster inside my topbar hive
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november bee rescue
sideways view of a hive of bees that were removed this past november during a house rennovation. the bees needed removed or they were going to be exterminated. to date they are building comb and taking sugar water and honey from the removal. curious to see if I will be able to keep them alive until spring. this is a sideways view of the cluster (sorry). the cluster is hanging from the top bars as well as connecting itself to a piece of comb on the floor of the hive
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top bar hive #1
top bar started this year from a 4 frame langsroth nuc
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queen inside my topbar to lang cut out.MP4
This is a video on my cutout of my topbar to a foundationless lang hive. I pieced together what I could from the cutout but much of the original cutout was unuseable. Thanks for watching, please comment and subscrible.
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top bar hive entrance
Video of the entrance to my top bar hive taken this summer.
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hive #3, late swarm top bar mid september
This was a July swarm we introduced with no comb to start the hive with. This has quickly turned into a strong hive and hoping it will survive its first winter.
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presentation part 2
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beefeeding late fall 2011
Bee taking in some last minute syrup before the weather gets nasty.
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package installation may 2012
Package installation 1 of 10 for today. Please comment and subscribe
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boys mad minute
my two boys shooting skeets on the farm. skeets are hard to see but still worth a look anyways.
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hive 3
Dad's topbar we installed a swarm in in late may last year. Time to give a little sugar water and let them keep drawing comb.
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presentation part 3.wmv
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presentation 2.5.wmv
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presentation for local bee association part 1
this is the presentation I gave as a first year beekeeper to my local club.
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swarm capture
Summer swarm we caught. Slam dunk for a first swarm, if only they were all this easy. Dad has a good eye!
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swarm installation
installation of a swarm into a top bar hive
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V070211 0931
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bruces free ride
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View of the entrance of hive #2 early summer
taken summer 2011, this is one of two hives I was forced to colonize using a 4 frame nuc. doing well going into winter.
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