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van_gogh painting on my council house wall
jane yates painting a van gogh on her council house wall. filed by emily yates in dec 2009. if you like this painting please vistit my website wt www.janeyates.co.uk or www.fat-spaniel.co.uk. music norah jones deceptively yours
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Lincoln College, Oxford
Lincoln College, Oxford A look around and the history #periscope to follow me on periscope find me on the app or tune in live on twitter @jyparadoxchild
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Somerville college
Somerville college , oxford university. were the writer Vera Brittain (1914) Testament Of Youth went to university. Originally an all woman college of just 12 woman. Now mixed collage and quite large.
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#periscope brasenose college
one of the 38 colleges that makes up oxford university. brasenose college is named after the knocker that was on the door.
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Reiki Music 3 x 10 Minute bell guided meditation. hand positions. English voice.
You deserve a 30-minute break. Use this guided meditation to calm your mind and relax your body. Meditation is the act of focusing the mind to relax. It improves your inner awareness, and makes positive mental or physical changes. Listen to my voice and watch the guided imagery, for the hand positions. This is a 30 minute long guided meditation to calming Reiki Music. Rainbow, healing relaxation Read by Jane Yates (English voice). Mixing and editing by Douglas Coleman. Photos by Simon Haynes. #gratitude ...........Instructions for this relaxation................ Try and lay down in a quite a space as possible Close the curtains, be warm be safe Have a glass of water nearby as you might find that you are thirsty afterwards Do not be hard on yourself if you can’t imagine the colours, know that intending to imagine the colours is enough. This is a rainbow, healing relaxation, shared with love I Made This For You x x If you found it helpful, please like and share, add a comment x x
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Periscope Idiots Guide part 2 , simple way to avoid porn, find the hash tag and flip camera
YouTube made with gratitude to Jimmy Star, Lady Lake, Candace. Filmed in Oxford UK, the second YouTube on my idiots guide to using Periscope. simple way to avoid porn, find the hash tag and flip camera. Also how to block a user and follow. Were the symbols are and the importance of interacting with your periscope followers. If you like these guide please follow me on twitter and periscope. please check out my blog for a list of simple instructions and the first Idiots guide to periscope. https://amreadingamwriting.wordpress.com/periscope-idiot-guide/ TY
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cherry tree on the main street oxford uk april 3rd
this is a short clip of the cherry trees that are in flower, filmed april the 3rd. In oxford city centre out side of st Marys church. it was raining when i was filming this.
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Trinity College, oxford university
I have been going around the colleges, looking at the grounds and the gardens, dinning halls and chapels. This scope is Trinity College, oxford university I have loaded the best visits up to YouTube, full list here https://oxfordcityblog.wordpress.com/ follow me on periscope for live visits https://www.periscope.tv/JYparadoxchild
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University college Oxford
University college Oxford walk around college #periscope
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emilys christmas surprise.wmv
this is emily opening her x massy pressy from her big brother james 2009. she is very surprised. james is the best brother any one can have. sweet vidieo
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How to use periscope (easy guide)
There is more to this guild , like how to flip camera on my blog https://amreadingamwriting.wordpress.com/periscope-idiot-guide/ sorry the text did not all fit here! I was introduced to the app Periscope by the Fabulous Dr Jimmy Star of the Jimmy Star show W4CY. I am fairly new to it but i wanted to tell you that it is simple to use and highly addictive. So here is my idiot guide 1. have a smart phone. Periscope will only work on a smart phone currently, I am sue that they will develop the app for an android phones at some point. 2. download the app. warning if you are a collector of apps like me , you might want to delete a few unused ones off you phone first to free up some space. My App stopped working as my space was full, 3. sign in with twitter, yes you need a twitter account, mines @JYparadoxchild but hay twitters free. (warning also highly additive) 4. click on app to open, you may need to sign into your Mobile Data if your Wi-Fi does not have a strong signal. 5. the home page will open. This shows you if anyone you follow is streaming live. Also if you scroll down it shows you resent streams with a play button so that you can view them. Also once you have finished filming you stream will be shown here and you can view it, see who viewed it and follow them. 6. swipe down to return to home page. the next Icon on the bottom of the screen is a world. Click on this and you will see red dots, this is all the people using periscope at that moment. 7.Click on a dot to watch and interact with the stream. To like the stream tap on the screen and hearts will appear. In the corner of the screen will show how many people are interacting with the steam. You can also leave life messages. To exit hit the cross top right corner. 8. the people icon in the far right bottom of the screen will let you see all the people that you follow on twitter who are on periscope and let you follow them back. They are listed in alphabetical order so are easy to follow. Once you start to follow people you will get notifications. 9. To Broadcast click on the third icon on the bottom of your screen. Tap the flashing arrow button to add your location, highlight the twitter symbol to share live. 10. Name your stream. people will be scrolling though and if you have something interesting, informative or dead funny put that in the title! A red message bar will appear which says , 'start Broadcast.' go to my website for more instrusions. www.janeyates.co.uk
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Wadham College - University of Oxford
Periscope around Wadham College - University of Oxford https://www.wadham.ox.ac.uk/about-wadham follow me on periscope and twitter for more scopes @jyparadoxchild
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Periscope the Idiot guide 4 Marketing and Promoting
This is the my fourth easy guide , to Periscope. I am an English Steampunk Writer and I am sharing my tips on marketing on Periscope. Periscope is free, its now on Android phones, at the time of writing this, there is only about 1 percent of the twitter population on periscope. Most of them are just watching! so here is a unique opportunity to promote your self your book or product for free. Please watch my other 3 guides, please give the thumbs up and share this, please download my books. I welcome feedback. thank you jane www.janeyates.co.uk please check out my blog for a list of simple instructions and the first Idiots guide to periscope. https://amreadingamwriting.wordpress.com/periscope-idiot-guide/ TY
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my mandy
this is a short film emily made about her dog mandy whom she loves
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university college oxford
university college oxford see all the best scopes of the colleges here https://oxfordcityblog.wordpress.com/ follow me live @jyparadoxchild #periscope
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Boat trip down the river themes towards abbingdon
the first time i have ever made this trip it was Lovely and peaceful wrap up warm, even on a sunny day! Salters steamers at Folly Bridge Oxford City center. I had never been on this Boat trip alone the river themes, but now that i have i can highly recommend it. Take a flask of tea. You can even take your dog if you ask in advance. I took my bike and got a one way ticket and cycled back from Abingdon. Its just more beautiful than i could have imagined, slowly powering down the river, and watching the world go by. I saw a heron and a busard and all the river bank was full with the most fragrant wild flowers and high reeds. Its was quite simple magical. check my blog for info to book https://oxfordcityblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/boat-trip-done-the-river-themes-towards-abbingdon/
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Exeter college oxford
piano playing in the chapel Exeter college oxford walk around the grounds
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Octopus Pirate read by James Fox
this is Octopus Pirate a new steampunk story by j yates, translation by my friend @IgarashiMari from Japan ヴィクトリア朝。美しい妻Catherineキャサリンは夫のHoraceホレスと共に船旅の最中。赤ちゃんが生まれるという臨月の身でありながら、なんと船から海に投げ出されてしまう。あろうことか波間に漂ううちに、陣痛が始まってしまうのである。絶体絶命のキャサリン。はたして彼女の運命は? more story here https://amreadingamwriting.wordpress.com/octopus-pirate/ Jane's other books are the paradox child indie series and garden which is being published by Autumn Orchard Media/News/Publishing. she is looking for a publisher for Octopus Pirate James e mail is jamesfoxma@gmail.com in case you would like to hire him to read yours. janes is janeyatestheartist@mail.com please leave positive feedback :) if your on goodreads pls join my group https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/114036-paradox-child-goodreads-author-j-yates (its not a cult) Octopus Pirate J Yates Synopsis Set in the Victorian period, Octopus Pirate is a time-travelling steampunk tale of a foundling who discovers he has unusual talents, such as camouflage, squishing into small spaces and the ability to communicate with octopuses! He is washed up on an island off the Scottish mainland. An eccentric former nun called Mary, who lives there alone with her cats brings him up and names him after her favourite character in a book, Pinocchio. Later she changes this is Coco for convenience. As a teenager Coco joins the circus were he makes friends with Eric, who is an electronic magician and in his act makes a robot teleport across the tent. Coco narrowly escaping plots against him flees to Cornwall with Eric. Here they raise funds to build a replica pirate ship, which is also an airship and they travel back in time to fight real pirates. Crews consist of Victorian men who want to fight without any repercussions. It's 'Fight Club', but with a twist or twenty. Everything goes pretty smoothly until a young girl, Sage, who had been posing as a boy got injured. Against all agreements, Coco brings her back though time to hospital. Unfortunately, the police now think that he might be a murderer...
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Jesus College Oxford - fairy sightings uk
Magic happening!! Just after someone asks were Dumbledore is on this periscope of Jesus Collage, as i am filming inside the chapel door, a fairy fly's past.
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jane yates movie 2009 a poam for my children, james,marie, emily
a poam for my children with music by new stories and jimi hendrix
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The Bird & The Baby
short film made by emily yates for her final project when she was studing art and design at abingdon and witney collage in 2013. her final project was about the native american people of Canada. Emily used one of the storys and change bits to be respectfull. She made many images using mono prints. Her work was one of the ones chosen for a follow on art show. She wrote the words her self and it is her talking on the film,
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Mandy Meditating with me
This is a old clip of Mandy meditating on the soul of her paws to one of my favourite tracks. After Mandy died meditating without Mandy was much harder to do. I have made my own meditation audio called RELAX RELAX Guided meditation to aid sleep, after the loss of a beloved dog http://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Health-Personal-Development/Relax-Audiobook/B071FRSHWQ This audio helps to to relax and sleep after the loss of a beloved loss and is in memory of Mandy. #gratitude
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Hartford College
Hartford College, part of Oxford University follow me on periscope https://www.periscope.tv/JYparadoxchild/1vOGwpdNpldJB
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Paradox Child Book Trailer
This is a trailer for the Paradox Child Books. Set in the 1980's in the Pitt Rivers Museum. A steampunk, time travel story for young adults. Trailer made by Dan Thompson British Author Poet and friend, made me this book trailer with Gilles Broux Music that Giles wrote for my books The Paradox Child. for more on the object s from The Pitt Rivers Museum that are used in the books check Objects Paradox Child App page ‪#‎gratitude‬ to both Dan and Giles
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Mandy the spaniel goes for a swim
Mandy goes for a swim after a long afternoon on the allotment
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wind painting by jane yates
painting by jane yates filmed by emily yates
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2 new spaniel paintings 2009 jane yates
this is two paintings which are for sale at 100 pounds each, for more paintings please see my other youtubes, or visit my web site at www.fat-spaniel.co.uk this was filmed by emily yates in 2009 music is my disney and cortney tidwell
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Periscope the idot's guide 5 build a community
This is my 5th easy guide to periscope. Learn how to build a community, my following members who are positive. please check out my 4 other guides and also i have written an easy guide out on my blog https://amreadingamwriting.wordpress.com/periscope-idiot-guide/
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this vidio is a bit mixed up, but it shows my idea which i think is a new idea of me painting on the snow. emily marie and chris built a snow shelleter, which i painted, inspired by barcelona and gaudi
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emilys piano for sale movie
This is Emily' s piano that is for sale, as we are moving to a flat and sadly can not take it. she is playing a song from the matrix film called clubbed to death. she does not want a lot of money for it, mostly for it to go to a nice home where it will be played still. e mail janeyatestheartist@gmail.com if interested. thank you
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#periscope of All Souls Collage Oxford
periscope of all souls collage, part of the oxford university my periscope channel is https://www.periscope.tv/JYparadoxchild/ i am an artist writer, on goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7162069.J_Yates my blog www.janeyates.co.uk has tips on periscoping
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#periscope Magdalen College Oxford
Magdalen College Oxford please check my blog for other collages https://oxfordcityblog.wordpress.com/ follow me on periscope @jyparadoxchild
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6 new paintings by jane yates 8th dec 2009
this is 6 new paintings most painted on the 8th dec 2009. they are of mixed theame, the one i like best is of our spaniel mandy dog when she was a puppy
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I have a brain!
Periscope of #OxScifest were get the alpha waves measured in my brain and I get a brain selfie - how cool is that 2016 June 26th
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Jackson Pollock.wmv
this is a jackson pollock tribute filmed by emily yates and art by jane yates. saddly the end got delted by mistake which is a shame as it showed mandy dog and jane eating the marmite toast
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Periscope the easy guide 6, periscope ideas saving and publishing on youtube.
Periscope the easy guide 6, periscope ideas, a craft periscope, saving it to your computer and publishing on YouTube. easy institutions on my blog https://amreadingamwriting.wordpress.com/periscope-idiot-guide/
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Paradox Child Series Tour of objects from the books
This is a short tour on periscope of the objects from the Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford.
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eve painting and bird in the yard painting by jane yates
thi si two new paintings by jane yates, a oxford artist from wolvercote
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periscope around the dinning hall that inspired harry potter
the dinning hall that inspired harry potter and also Alice in wonderland. some of the glass has some figures from the story of Alice in Wonderland it was a rainy day in oxford i am making a new blog for all of these short oxford periscopes oxfordcityblog.wordpress.com
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Piccadilly  square
.@JYparadoxchild on #Periscope: 🇬🇧 Piccadilly square tour of London by https://twitter.com/tdawglondon
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My Slideshow
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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more painting the snow , bule, green and red. trying to do a simply cave painting on the inside of the shelter that rmily marie and chris made yesterday. snow art snow graffti, so cold though i would hav done more but my hand froze
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reading of Garden by Beth, steampunk Pitt Rivers evening
This is a reading by Beth of my book Garden, which is published by Autumn Orchard, and edited by Dan Thompson who is a poet. the best thing about Garden so far is that Mack Perry from Agony in the Garden has written a song called Rain inspired by the scean when the children materialise rain.
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emily and becca xmass tree
this is a short film by beccas mum of emily and becca putting up the x mass tree at our home. the music is the tweenys i belive in christmas. x mass 2009
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becka's twilight from emily
luv ya becka ! :P soz the picture is a bit fuzzy.
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this is a new piece of work that jane yates and emily yates made and filmed in the modern art museum in oxford uk. the idea was to use the date. 10.10.10 as a starting point and then for 1 hour and 10 mins, jane made a mood chart with a diferance that was recorded every min and turned into binary code.
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allotment  painting by jane yates 2009
this is a painting by jane yates filmed by emily yates, the paintings for sale. its near my allotment but not my patch. it belongs to a famous writer and the lady in the painting was waring that hat and was called julite, i like that name, but cant spell it music as well, cant think what music i picked now, so maybe you will be able to guess it also there is a painting of marie
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Alice in wonderland. Dodo and white rabbit
look at objects in the natural history museum oxford. dodo and Darwin
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View form Sheldonian Theatre
The best view in Oxford City , the view form Sheldonian Theatre. The Sheldonian Theatre, located in Oxford, England, was built from 1664 to 1669 after a design by Christopher Wren for the University of Oxford. #periscope to join in live in my Oxford City blog follow me on periscope @jyparadoxchild
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IMG 10201
@JYparadoxchild on #Periscope: 🇬🇧 tour of London by https://twitter.com/tdawglondon JYparadoxchild on #Periscope: 🇬🇧Victorian London street Diagon Alley? #HarryPotter
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