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PBS39 remembers Wild Bill Guarnere
PBS39's Grover Silcox interviewed "Wild Bill" Guarnere in 2013, shortly before his death.
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Autism: Floortime Therapy Method
According to the CDC, one of the most common treatments is applied behavior analysis or aba which “encourages positive behaviors and discourages negative behaviors in order to improve a variety of skills.” Another popular intervention is dir/floortime. I am learning about dir/floortime through my grandson who has Asperger’s – a form of autism—and his therapist. Take a look.
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 509 - Seg 5 - 3 Stooges Museum
Three Stooges Museum Reporter/Producer: Grover Silcox
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Parkettes Gymnastics
Switching our focus now to a group of talented young athletes at Parkettes Gynmnastics. More than 100-thousand people have participated in this Allentown sports program. Let’s head over to Brittany with this special report. Laura, while we see many Olympic athletes “going for the gold”, it’s not often that we see the hours of hard work and determination it takes just to get there. At the Parkettes national training center in Allentown, athletes push themselves to the limit as they train to become some of the most elite gymnasts in the world.
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Behind the Guitar Roger McGuinn-Part II on PBS39
Host Craig Thatcher.
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Behind the Guitar Roger McGuinn-Part I on PBS39
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Bethlehem Steel, The People Who Built America
Documentary about Bethlehem Steel's contribution to America
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Behind the Guitar: Chris Hillman
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Focus: Columcille Megalith Park
PBS39's Focus host Laura McHugh tours one of Pennsylvania's most weird and wonderful parks.
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Let's Go! Frank Frazetta Art Gallery
The spotlight is on fun and excitement in the Greater Lehigh Valley and beyond. So... check your calendar and Let's Go!
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Fireflies: Musical Yoga for Kids | Gratitiude
Included song - Got A Little Happy in My Heart
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 529 - Seg 3 - Best Foot Forward
Grover Silcox visits with a pretty incredible kid named Josh Ruebeck, who is a whiz kid at the Rubik's Cube, what makes him so incredible is that he does it faster than most folks just using his feet. Reporter/Producer: Grover Silcox
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PBS39 January Artist of the Month: Miles Hudgins
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Behind the Guitar
Behind the Guitar, a PBS39 and Martin Guitar production, takes music lovers on an acoustic joyride with Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady of "Hot Tuna." Enjoy as host, and Martin Guitar Ambassador, Craig Thatcher engages these timeless musicians in a rich discussion of the history, meaning and memories behind original songs including: • Embryonic Journey • Good Shepherd • Genesis • Water Song Watch as Dick Boak, Martin Guitar employee and guitar supplier for some of the world's top musicians, joins the conversation to discuss the signature guitar created especially for Kaukonen. The casual conversation and effortless flow of music creates a forum that viewers are sure to enjoy over and over again.
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 440 - Seg 3 - Sesame Street
Grover visits Sesame Streets' Tarah Schaffer, a six-year acting veteran from the cast of Sesame St.
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PBS 39 - Hess's - Hollywood on Hamilton
Relive the bygone era of one of the great landmarks in eastern PA, Hess Department Store
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 519 - Seg 1 - Warminster Centrifuge
Grover takes a trip to the Centrifuge at the old Johnsville Naval Research Center
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T548 - Seg 6 - Mascot Boot Camp
Our next story takes some folks on what could be considered, an un-usual trip. When people sign up for boot camp, they go expecting a grueling, no-nonsense experience, lorded over by a gritty, tough as nails drill instructor. Well, that's how most recruits feel going into basic training. Not so, however, with the young people who've signed up for mascot boot camp. This camp turns raw recruits into serious funsters. Grover Silcox met up with mascot's fun-loving drill instructor, Dave Raymond At Kutztown University. Reporter/Producer: Grover Silcox
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How to Walk a Half-Marathon
Fitness expert Michele Stanten, author of Walk Off Weight, shares tips to walk a half-marathon.
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 511 - Seg 2 - College Life
Growing up at Lafayette College, Teddy Weiss, son of college President, Dan Weiss, Teddy thrives on college life. Grover visits with this unofficial good will ambassador at large.
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Career Gates - Soft Skills
Pa Department of Labor and Industry, Pa Workforce Investment Board, Society for Human Resource Management, Lehigh Valley Chapter, Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board and PBS 39 have partnered to create Career Gates. This 6 part series provides students with a glimpse inside local companies creating awareness about upcoming industries in the Lehigh Valley. In addition, Career Wisdom writing prompts can be found on our website at wlvt.org/education/writenow. Virtual Tour of the Lehigh Valley's Industry Clusters Focus on Manufacturing Focus on Logistics/Distribution Focus on Health Care Focus on Soft Skills Focus on Knowledge Technologist
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Behind the Guitar | Woody Mann
Host Craig Thatcher sits down with Woody Mann
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Pageantry. Tradition. History. Liberty High School Grenadier Band Documentary
Help us bring this all new documentary to life! One of the Lehigh Valley's grandest traditions. The Liberty High School Grenadier Band is part of the very fabric of the Lehigh Valley. The band and its traditions span many decades and multiple generations, and its members have had the unique opportunity to perform at major parades, a presidential inauguration, and at events and landmarks all over the world. This documentary will allow PBS39 to preserve the history of the Grenadier Band, ensuring that its traditions and accomplishments will live on for many generations to come. Show your love for the "best band in all the land" by making a contribution. Call 6109848100 or mail to PBS39, 839 Sesame Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015 Thank you!
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Behind the Guitar | Herb Pedersen
Host Craig Thatcher sits down with Herb Pedersen, American musician, guitarist, banjo player, and singer-songwriter who has played a variety of musical styles over the past forty years including country, bluegrass, folk, folk rock, country rock, and has worked with numerous musicians in many different bands.
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 434 - Seg 4 - Jeopardy Teen Tournament
Grover Silcox visites with Moravian Academy's Ben Schenkel and talks with him about his thoughts and experience on Jeopardy Teen Tournament.
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A Tale of Two Retirements
Are you ready to retire? A better question might be, can you afford to retire? According to a national survey more than a quarter... 27% of workers say they are not at all confident about retirement. Tonight we'll show you a tale of two retirements. One couple enjoying their golden years and another a little anxious about theirs. We'll have expert advice and tips to help you make some smart choices on the issue.
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Let's Go Jersey Ridge Soaring
The spotlight is on fun and excitement in the Great Lehigh Valley and beyond. So...check your calendar and Let's Go!
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Wyomissing: An American Dream
PBS39 takes you on a tour through the tree-lined streets of Wyomissing, Berks County and digs into the history books to introduce you to the borough's founders.
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The old coal town of Centralia was abandoned long ago because of underground fires that still smolder today. Its last church, however, Assumption BVM Ukrainian Catholic Church, is still active and on Sunday will be the site of a pilgrimage -- its third since being declared a holy site by the leader of the world's 5 million Ukrainian Catholics. An estimated 500 worshippers are expected. PBS39’s Zinnia Maldonado reports
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Let's Go! VR Cafe
The spotlight is on fun and excitement in the Greater Lehigh Valley and beyond. So... check your calendar and Let's Go!
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Let's Go: ArtsQuest Improv Comedy Power Hour
The spotlight is on fun and excitement in the Great Lehigh Valley. So...check your calendar and Let's Go!
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Hoover Mason Trestle
On this episode of FOCUS we climb atop the Hoover Mason Trestle for a unique view of the Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnaces and walk through the history of this unique landmark. Plus, a look at how the arts, entertainment and educational communities in the area respond to a growing number of Asian residents and visitors. These stories plus, and update on the National Museum of Industrial History from its new Executive Director.
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 450 - Seg 4 - Katherine Ramsland
Forensics expert and world renowned author Katherine Ramsland takes Nicole Brewer on a tour of criminology, forensic and her profession and passion for writing. Reporter/Producer: Nicole Brewer
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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
On this Tempo InDepth we have tips to help expose your kids to possible carers where they increase their odds of finding good paying jobs. Experts say the future of jobs looks great in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math; otherwise known as S.T.E.M. We'll take you to two regional schools exposing kids to these careers that boast an average salary of $75,000 a year.
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T419 - Seg 4 - Guitars with Bob Miles
When it come to playing Guitars, Bob Miles is one of the best in the world.
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The Spirit of Art: Stephanie Smith
Inside Studio 250 at the Banana Factory in Southside Bethlehem, resident artist Stephanie Smith brings her creativity to canvas. using bright colors and geometric shapes, Stephanie masters an ancient arts while finding her inner peace.
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Let's Go! Fonthill Castle Escape Room
The spotlight is on fun and excitement in the Greater Lehigh Valley and beyond. So... check your calendar and Let's Go!
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PBS 39 - Lehigh-Lafayette Football
Check out America's oldest football rivalry as PBS 39 showcases possibly the best known football game in college football, the Lehigh -- Lafayette football game.
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Focus:  Bucks County Drug Court
PBS39's Focus reporter Grover Silcox explains the inner workings of Bucks County Drug Court, an alternative for some people facing criminal drug charges and state prison sentences.
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PBS 39 - Career Gates PA - Powdered Metals
PBS 39 Second Installment of the popular series called Career Gates. This video showcases the Powdered Metals Field. For more information on this video, Career Gates, or the eMedia Program at PBS 39, please contact terih@wlvt.org
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T418 - Seg 4 - Easton Folk Artist
Easton Folk Artist Rich Connolly and his Antique Santas
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Let's Go! Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles
The spotlight is on fun and excitement in the Greater Lehigh Valley and beyond. So... check your calendar and Let's Go!
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Steel Sessions: Joy Ike
What is 'Soulfolk," and what influences have combined to give Joy Ike her signature sound?
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PBS 39 Tempo - Show 517 - Seg 4 - Freemansburg Hill Climb
Matt Villano takes his camera to the 70th year of the Freemansburg Hill Climb and Bike Show Photojournalist: Matt Villano
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Seg 2-3 - Dr. Jack Shonkoff, Brain Research and Early Learning, Part 3
Dr. Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D., Founding Director of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University and chair of the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, presenting at the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission Summit in Harrisburg, PA, April 27, 2009
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T419 - Seg 1 - Sines Five and Dime
Take a look at Quakertown's Sines' Five and Dime
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T406 - Seg 2 - Mid Atlantic Air Museum
Take off with veteran pilots from the Reading Mid Atlantic Air Museum.
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PFOAs Found in Montgomery County Tap Water | PBS39
After testing higher levels of the PFOA chemicals than usual, water provider Aqua shut down two drinking water wells. PBS39's Montgomery County reporter Harri Leigh explains the risks of PFOAs and if you should be concerned.
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Close To Home: Street Medicine
The Close to Home series is designed to bring hope to people who are suffering. Close to Home: Street Medicine features people struggling with homelessness and follows a Street Medicine team as they administer health care _services. The program provides viewers with a glimpse of the complexities the homeless population faces. __This moving film gives voice to various service providers and patients, exploring themes of Journey, Survival, Hope and Recovery.
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Let's Go! Roadside America
The spotlight is on fun and excitement in the Greater Lehigh Valley and beyond. So... check your calendar and Let's Go!
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