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G-Life (Cuento De Mi Vida) Preview
Preview of G-Life(Cuento De Mi Vida) by Epic. WickedHoodBeatz Beat Produced By Epic Lyrical Composition by Epic
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Epic Ft. Probz-Right Now
Coming straight out of the streets of South Central Los Angeles two artist with a dream and a story to tell; Epic & Probz. Wicked Hood Beatz presents Epic on the Beat, Epic Ft. Probz-Right Now. We on Right Now. Beat Production by Epic Lyrical Composers: Epic,Probz Recording Production by Epic & Probz. WickedHoodBeatz@2018
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Epic-Standing Here Without You
This one is special. It is dedicated to the Memory of Juan Jose Romero. We miss you and love you. Gone but never forgotten. Beat produced by Epic. Lyrically composed and recorded to by Epic.
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Epic's Revenge
This is just a cheap recording I did. No hook on it. If anybody wanna get on it and add a hook, go for it. Ezplicit Epic.
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Epic-Fuck With Me (WC-The Streets Remix) Final Verse Preview
This is the last verse on this track I have put down. Stay tuned for my MixTape and I'll keep this channel up to date.
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Epic Ft. UchieChaser-Fuck With Me (WC-The Streets Remix)
This song is a remix to the original WC-The Streets. It is for non-profit use only. Lyrical Composition: Epic, UchieChaser Recording Production: Epic Epic Featuring UchieChaser- Fuck With Me(WC-The Streets Remix) Lyrics, Verse 1 (Epic): This is crazy how I drop a freestyle. I leave all you rappers senile. Loked out 51/50. Busted up with holes now, if you see me son hit me. Cuz' I'ma fight back. The streets be like that. I love it how you write whack. Loked out Hispanic bangin' with a bright rag. And I don't white rag, I blue rag. Pressin' lyrics to this new crack. So go ahead and get addicted. Like a true Mexican I'ma press it different. Put it over the top. South Central reppin' for every soldier on the blocks. On that L.A. livin'. South Central operating without a gate way given. I'm only on this pay day vision. Get it good. Cuz' I'ma keep reppin' wicked hood. Criminals on a high pay. As I press this anger to this white page. Light rage?! Nah! I'm frustrated at a high rate! Verse#2 (UchieChaser): No Lyrics Presented yet for this verse. Chorus(Epic): She says she loves me, but she always wants to leave. If she loves me why won't she walk with me. Talk to me. Crazy bitch I'll stomp you on this beat. Verse#3(Epic): My anger is an issue but I don't like disputin'. I hit the streets before I started writing music. But I'm just writing on my experience. Everybody's different, if I ever fade I wanna fulfil my dying wishes. Put my love ones on a good ballet. With money in their pockets and a good habit. Cuz' I drench my life on a hustle even when the hood's active. Blessed with good talent. They say I can't flow cuz' I look passive. Crystal had me dried out. But my energy didn't die out. I'm still the same crazy motherfucker except without a dry mouth. Hospitalized, the devil's trying to take my soul but I ain't gonna die now. I'm sufferin' from convulsions. My rage is impulsive. Stressed out, I can summarize my life's problems just touch my wrist veins and feel my heart pulsin'. You motherfuckers think I'm soft cuz' I show respect when my heart's open. Piss me off and it'll start closin'. You don't know Epic. Hood made cuz' my knockouts are so impressive. Busted mouth, gushin' face, drippin' blood. I started in this bitch spittin' love. But everybody wants to get disrespectful since I've been quittin' drugs. Recognize! I'm a wicked hood criminal with my knuckles rippin' gloves.
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Epic Ft. UchieChaser-Fuck With Me(WC The Streets Remix) Short Preview
This is a short preview of the recording I did with my homeboy UchieChaser. This is the last and final verse on the track known as Fuck With Me a WC-The Streets Remix. I hope y'all enjoy it. The full release of the song will be coming soon. This be your boy Epic up on this last verse on the preview of the song. Lyrically composed by Epic and UchieChaser. The beat belongs to WC.
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Epic-Wicked Livin'
Track: Wicked Livin' Producer: Epic Lyrical Composer: Epic Beat Composer: Epic Released: June 8,2018 Released By: Epic (Self-Promoted)
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Nothing Left To Prove (Freestyle)
Epic Freestyling it again. Getting over being Sick. Keep it droppin'.
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Hunger And Pain (Freestyle)
Epic freestyling to The Next Episode Beat by Dr. Dre. I call it Hunger And Pain cuz it takes pain to make you into something great.
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Epic-Los Angeles Chicano (Busta Rhymes-Cocaina Remix)
This song is dedicated to my Father. It is for None-Profite use only. Happy Fathers Day Jefe!! Lyrical Composition: Epic
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Epic-Final Response
My Final Response to this clown Jester Lokz. You thought I wasn't gonna hear that diss track you did towards my mother that also started the beef? I wasn't bothered about it until you mentioned my mom on it. So I responded with "Fuck Jester (Jair Carpio Diss) but now you're coming at me like I started it and making a video to intimidate me. It's all advertisement with you. This is my final response to this back and forth bullshit.
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Murdering Spree (Freestyle)
Epic freestyling to The Next Episode beat by Dr. Dre.
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My Melody
Beat production: Epic Lyrical Composition: Epic All production on this song including the beat was done by me. There are no samples in this song. The piano keys were played by me. Only I hold the beat to this song. Straight from the blocks of South Central Los Angeles. Representing for my people. Just like everyone else, Hispanics can rap too. This song will be available on the upcoming Mixtape "South Central Wicked Livin'". It is set to drop on October 10 and I will be distributing free Mixtapes at hand.
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Epic-High Pursuit
Composer: Epic Producer: Epic Lyrical Composer: Epic Beat Producer: Epic Shout out to all my supporters and everyone who's been supporting my music. Special Shout Out to my Homeboys for being the realist and always looking out when I was down. Special Shout Out to my Familia and my raza. Remember, if you got a good woman, keep her. Don't do her dirty because these hoodrats ain't really worth it. Epic presents High Pursuit Single.
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Epic-SC Reppin'
Originally this song was known as L.A. Thump but it had been recorded with recording. So I rewrote everything on it except for the first verse. Poetry is a great form of expression I have used throughout life and I thank Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates but most importantly Aristotle and Plato for openning the gates of Poetry and great philosophy to me. Gotta keep it street but get educated as well. From yours truly down from South Central L.A. Cali.
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Epic-Los Angeles Chicano(Busta Rhymes-Cocaina Remix) Dedicated To My Father (Short Preview)
This song is set to drop on Fathers Day. By then, my MixTape should be fully released and I will be handing out free CD's with all my songs in it. This song is dedicated to my Father.
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High Pursuit
Coming out of South Central L.A.. Just a rapper with a story to tell. WickedHoodBeatz presents Epic on the Beat, High Pursuit. Producer: Epic Beat Producer: Epic Lyrical Composer: Epic WickedHoodBeatz@2018
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