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Epic's Revenge
This is just a cheap recording I did. No hook on it. If anybody wanna get on it and add a hook, go for it. Ezplicit Epic.
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Hunger And Pain (Freestyle)
Epic freestyling to The Next Episode Beat by Dr. Dre. I call it Hunger And Pain cuz it takes pain to make you into something great.
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Epic-Standing Here Without You
This one is special. It is dedicated to the Memory of Juan Jose Romero. We miss you and love you. Gone but never forgotten. Beat produced by Epic. Lyrically composed and recorded to by Epic.
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Nothing Left To Prove (Freestyle)
Epic Freestyling it again. Getting over being Sick. Keep it droppin'.
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Epic-SC Reppin'
Originally this song was known as L.A. Thump but it had been recorded with recording. So I rewrote everything on it except for the first verse. Poetry is a great form of expression I have used throughout life and I thank Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates but most importantly Aristotle and Plato for openning the gates of Poetry and great philosophy to me. Gotta keep it street but get educated as well. From yours truly down from South Central L.A. Cali.
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Epic-Wicked Livin'
Track: Wicked Livin' Producer: Epic Lyrical Composer: Epic Beat Composer: Epic Released: June 8,2018 Released By: Epic (Self-Promoted)
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Epic-Los Angeles Chicano(Busta Rhymes-Cocaina Remix) Dedicated To My Father (Short Preview)
This song is set to drop on Fathers Day. By then, my MixTape should be fully released and I will be handing out free CD's with all my songs in it. This song is dedicated to my Father.
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Epic-Fuck With Me (WC-The Streets Remix) Final Verse Preview
This is the last verse on this track I have put down. Stay tuned for my MixTape and I'll keep this channel up to date.
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Epic Ft. UchieChaser-Fuck With Me(WC The Streets Remix) Short Preview
This is a short preview of the recording I did with my homeboy UchieChaser. This is the last and final verse on the track known as Fuck With Me a WC-The Streets Remix. I hope y'all enjoy it. The full release of the song will be coming soon. This be your boy Epic up on this last verse on the preview of the song. Lyrically composed by Epic and UchieChaser. The beat belongs to WC.
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Epic-Los Angeles Chicano (Busta Rhymes-Cocaina Remix)
This song is dedicated to my Father. It is for None-Profite use only. Happy Fathers Day Jefe!! Lyrical Composition: Epic
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Epic-OutCome Of My Demise
Solo artist. Beat produced by yours truly Epic. Lyrically compsed by Epic. I suffer from severe depression and I always get up everyday to try and motivate myself to do better than the day before. It's not easy but I push myself in hopes of seeing better days. I live life with the thought of being gone any day or any minute so I put as much effort as I can into doing all I want or need to do to stay alive. I just want the best for my family and my people. I have been rapping since I was 16 and I started out Freestyling in underground sessions before I got to recording. Got nothing but Cali Love straight from South Central L.A.. Hope y'all enjoy this track like I have.
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Murdering Spree (Freestyle)
Epic freestyling to The Next Episode beat by Dr. Dre.
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Epic-Final Response
My Final Response to this clown Jester Lokz. You thought I wasn't gonna hear that diss track you did towards that also started the beef? I wasn't bothered about it until you mentioned my mom on it. So I responded with "Fuck Jester (Jair Carpio Diss) but now you're coming at me like I started it and making a video to intimidate me. It's all advertisement with you. This is my final response to this back and forth bullshit.
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