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Spiritually Healing a Cheating Spouse
You may skip video and go to prayer at 12:35
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The Good that came from the Worldwide Church of God
Yes, I did develop some good qualities from my experience in the Worldwide Church of God. I explain these good qualities in this video.
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Help Me Heal My Problem Children
God reveals the problem with my troubled teenager...my vision of him!
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Get Rid Of Mental Fear of Disease
Fear is a common denominator in the case of all diseases. Help calm your mind with these words and decrease fear
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If Eve was really God's daughter...Story Board!
I believe if Eve was truly God's daughter, the story of Adam and Eve would have went quite differently...
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Freed From The World Wide Church of God/Salvation
Born and raised in the World Wide Church of God, I was taught false information about God, people and the universe. God delivered me and faithfully taught me the truth.
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Prayer spoken over Chicago
This video shares the spiritual words spoken over Chicago to promote healing. Please stand in agreement with them for the regeneration of Chicago. Also pray for your own city if needed.
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Mentally Exercise: Correct Thoughts About  Overweight
Diet and exercise has become the main tools for weight loss these days, but are they enough? This video gives healthy thoughts to replace the unhealthy ones...this is radical. Be prepared to lose those old heavy thoughts about weight. The inward change of mind will produce an outward change to body.
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Life After the Worldwide Church of God (The Old vs. The New Law)
After leaving the Worldwide Church of God i continued living with a law mentality, I even condemned people who were living against my church's principles. Then God helped me to understand the difference between Old Testament and New Testament law
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Factors In Metaphysical Healing: Intro part 1
How to perceive the mental cause when confronted with physical appearances obscuring the truth.
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The History of Medicine for the past 4000 years
The History of Medicine by R.K. Noyes M.D., This is the first 20+ pages of this priceless compilation of Physician's statements about the failure, plot, and mind control by the usage of medicine in the 1880s. Narrated by Delora SP
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Spiritual Healing Prayer
Although this prayer is loaded with powerful truths, its main purpose is to help open the heart...Each case includes specific details and therefore need specific prayers ...you may request specific healing prayers below...
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The Worldwide Church of God: Why That Church Dad?
This is a powerful over the phone interview with my father, Don Porter, who raised and lost his family in the Worldwide Church of God... It answers some of the things about the WWCG that I always wanted to know, and explains some things to him that I feel he needed to know....
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Factors in Metaphysical Healing: Thoughts on Sight
The thought is surely radical but true that God did not make the eyes responsible for sight. In fact it is the other way around, God made sight and sight produces eyes. Understanding the principles presented in this video will guarantee healthy eyes.
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Govern the Weather Spiritually
Humans have dominion over the weather we only need to apply the laws that govern them...Find out how
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My First Wig
Watch me as I try on my first wig: will I like it or not?
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The Game, Heads UP
Watch as the family of Delora SP plays Heads Up...hope you laugh with us.
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The Consciousness that Heals
This video is based on the mind that Jesus utilized when he went about doing good and healing all diseases. Written by Rev. G.A. Kratzer, it is very insightful and itself helps one to develop a more spiritual consciousness.
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John 17
listen to the heart of Jesus during his prayer to the Father before his crucifixion, it is awesome....
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Superimposed Picture: The function of the mind
God is the parent Mind and we are His likeness. God is good and therefore His Mind can only think, see and do good. How does the human mind work? Why are the thoughts of the human mind an important topic today?
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The Importance of Words
It is written "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue", Let's find out why our words are so important.
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Correct Thoughts About insanity
"The brain has no more to do with thinking then the heart has to do with emotions." Think about this fact for a moment, and prepare yourself to reach higher truths through this video....
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Don't Be Afraid: Correct Thoughts About Cancer
It's been said that the outward appearance is deceiving, and hides the true cause of all problems. This video gets to the root of the appearance called cancer and how to think about it.
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The Prayer that Unifies man
These 65 words covers all the areas of the human need and therefore is sufficient for speaking good for the world..
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"I AM," confessions
I heard it stated that "I am" is an exacting statement, meaning whatever follows after that statement is what we will eventually experience in our lives...thus the importance of relating "I am" to who Christ Jesus is
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Factors In Metaphysical Healing: Thoughts to meditate on nerves
On this video I share some spiritual ideas on nerves and how to approach the erroneous thoughts that we were taught concerning them. A must hear
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Psalm 91, God's promise of protection
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Correct Thoughts on Aging 1
The negativity of age should be fought against just as well as cancer or any other disorder. Stop allowing the wrong thoughts that come with aging to rule in your thoughts. Developing and progress do not equal our bodies losing it's vigor.
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Correct Thoughts on Aging 2
"As a man is thinking so is he becoming." It is time for us to think life, strength, health and endurance whatever our age. Youth is a state of mind. It consists of all good qualities, we only need to employ this in our thinking.
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Handling Diseases:  Stop Fearing the Medical Name
How can we better understand that the battle ground where we fight is our minds? How do we perceive the physical evidence, like pain, swelling, stiffness, etc., as hiding the real source of our problems?
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Race, Disease and the Truth
Based on the article: "Why 7 Deadly Diseases Strike Blacks Most." by Daniel J. DeNoon, senior medical writer for www.webMD.com. This article only highlights some of the myths that has been spoken about blacks in medical Science for years
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Stop Stealing ...from tomorrow
Some Truths about not worrying about tomorrow and living in our today....by Mary Baker Eddy
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The Doctor and My  Healing:  Story Board
This is a short story about a woman who was healed from liver Cancer and being excited about her victory, took the case to her doctor to bear witness... watch what happens next
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The Way of Salvation
This video gives a clear understanding of what Paul, in the Bible, meant by we are to "work out our own salvation"
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Correct  Thoughts About  the Circulatory System, and Blood Pressure
Blind faith is not acceptable when it comes to healing. It's time to combat all discord, diseases included with Truth. Are you ready for this?
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