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My Friend Larry performs "Blue" by The Jayhawks
My friend Larry performs the song "Blue" by the Jayhawks at my backyard party.
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The Police It's All Right For You Drum Cover
This is me trying to follow in the footsteps of the MIGHTY Stewart Copeland. I have been practicing to a lot of Police songs which requires side sticking so I put the V-Drum snare aside and am using my cheap old Ludwig snare drum. I hope to record some of the more complicated Police songs soon (complicated for drummers that is.) I listened to this song a few times then made this video. This is take two. Thanks for watching. -Padi
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Genesis Jesus He Knows Me Drum Cover (Live Version)
I recorded this using a Alesis 8 Track USB mixer. There is a SM57Beta on the ride cymbal a SM57 on the hi-hats and two cheap mics on the splashes and left side crash cymbals. I used a inexpensive DBX noise gate / compression unit to try and even out the cymbals. As I get about halfway through the song, my headphones start to slide off my head, so I have to play while I try to adjust them. I used a logitech webcam for the video. This is my first video of my playing in almost two years. This is take #4.
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Bare Naked Ladies It's All Been Done Drum Cover
Today I wanted to play a song without having to learn it first. I did some testing with mic levels and did this song in one take. The world is such a mess right now with oil prices, earthquakes and never ending election coverage. I'm just trying to forget it all for a while and have some fun. -Padi
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The Police - Driven To Tears Drum Cover
I finally put away my V-Drums and set up the old Ludwigs again. It is good to get back to basics. It's quite a change from the electric drums. I am using two Pearl Export toms, an 8" and a 10". I have had these since 1991. The Ludwig toms here are 12" and 13". I am not using the 16" floor tom. I recorded this song the way I do the rest, don't practice the song and get as close as I can to a decent recording in as few tries as possible. This one I feel is good enough. After not playing to this song for years, this is take #8. The heads on these drums are really old and I didn't put any effort into tuning anything, I took them out of the closet and this is what I got. I hope you like it. This song is a killer classic Police song and I hope I didn't ruin it for you.
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Living Colour Middle Man Drum Cover
This is one of my favorite songs on "Vivid". William Calhoun is one of my favorite drummers. I'm a little sloppy in some places from lack of practice but it sounds pretty good.
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Dad's Great Advice 2
Here is new Dad's Great Advice video me and my cousin GRock made during my recent visit to NJ. Shot with Canon Video Camera, Edited with Sony Vegas Studio 9 -Padistedor Padistedor Concept, Script, Director, Camera, Video Editor Car & Kids Provided by GROCK
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ExtraMart - Convenience Store Commercial Spoof
Extramart is a little convenience store in a little town called Marathon NY. They can't afford a TV commercial, but if they could, this would be it! They didn't mind at all that we were being anoying while making this video. We love you Extramart!
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Get a job
Here is a video I did with my family in about 30 minutes with no advanced planning. All lines are ad-lib. We were to tired from laughing to make a real ending so what you see is all we had to work with. Video was edited with Adobe Elements 4.0 Trial hence the adobe logo in the right corner.
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Depeche Mode It's No Good Drum Cover
I was looking for a song that I could just play along to and not worry about difficult fills or time changes. This song fits that description, and it's fun to play. Depeche Mode rocks!
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Playing Ludwig Drums In Backyard - Dogs Start Mosh Pit
Me playing my drums in the yard on a sunny day. I took this old Ludwig kit out of my closet after not touching them in over 8 years. I did some quick tuning on all the heads and just started beating them. I just made this video to quickly document what they sound like since I use my Roland V-Drums more than anything. After I played these Ludwigs for about 15 minutes, I packed them back in my closet and they haven't been seen since.
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Rush Limelight Drum Cover
I made this four hours after making my Tom Sawyer video. Again, I didn't study the song, I just started playing to it and this is take #7. Towards the end of the song, my headphones start falling off my head and I have to adjust them while playing. I hate when that happens.
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RUSH Tom Sawyer Drum Cover
I woke up today and decided I had to record me playing to this song. I didn't take time to learn it since I've been listening to it for almost 25 years, I just started playing along and I hoped it would come back to me. I get most of it right. I make mistakes no matter how much I practice a song so why bother studying it to death.
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Creature Comforts - Created with Canon HV20 in Cinematic Mode
Want to see real beauty? Sometimes it's as close as your own backyard. All video was shot in my front and backyard. This movie was made using a Canon HV20 in 24FPS cine-mode.
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Iron Maiden The Trooper Drum Cover (After Some Liquor)
I was unhappy with the ride cymbal being to loud and the song being to low in volume in my last attempt at this song so I thought I'd fix that and try again. I adjusted my compression settings and switched mics between hi-hat and ride cymbal. This time I am using my SM57 on the ride cymbal and my SM57 Beta on the hi-hat. I also changed the sounds of all the toms. Problem was that this is boring work and I thought I could better enjoy the process by mixing Ketel One citroen vodka with lemonade and I like em strong. Here is what I look & sound like when I play drums after some drinks. Got to admit, I had a great time on an otherwise dull Tuesday night. I mess up here and there but I'm just messing around, hope you get a laugh. Let me know which version you like better, straight laced or with my buzz on. -Padi
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Dad's Great Advice 1
First in a series of videos me and my cousin GRock are making every time I visit him in NJ.
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Iron Maiden The Trooper Drum Cover
I never had long hair, tattoos or considered myself a head banger but I have always loved Iron Maiden and Metal music in general. (Can you tell I hate stereotypes?) This song is one of my favorites by Iron Maiden and I wanted to do it justice. I listened to the song a bunch of times and charted out Nicko's fills because there are so many. I included this chart at the end of the video. I had no way of knowing when the song would start, I just started the song on my MP3 player and guessed when to hit the snare drum with the opening flam. I had to do this a few times before I got it right. This is take #4. I think I did a decent job, but you guys tell me. I really like hearing what you think. By the way, I know the ride cymbal is loud. I am having problems with my compression unit so I turned up the volume on the mic and now it's too loud. Sorry about that! Thanks for watching! -Padi
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Rush Freewill Drum Cover
I decided to play along with the "Live In Rio" version of this song since a lot of other drummers played along to the album version. This was not an easy song for me to play. This is somewhere around take 9. I had to restart the song several times due to breaking sticks (TWICE!), mics falling into the cymbals in the middle of the song, and sticks leaving my hands on an unexpected trip across the room. By the time I recorded this take I was hot, frustrated and pissed at my prior mistakes. I love this song and failure was not an option, so I kept trying. I was really concentrating and trying not to forget all the different fills and changes. Very hard song to play. You can tell that during the solo, I started breathing heavier. The live version is a little harder to play along with because the crowd is so loud that you can't hear the music as clearly and it can through you off beat if your not listening really close. Listening back I wish the song was a little louder in the mix but oh well, I'll do more test runs next time I play along to a DVD. Thanks for watching! -Padi
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Triplet Ride Groove
Having fun playing this groove
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Audioslave Show Me How To Live Drum Cover
Me playing on my Roland V-Drums to Audioslave.
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Drum Solo - Playing my DDrum Dominion AMX Maple Shell Kit
After two years, I finally recorded me playing my DDrum kit. I am using the Keith Carlock sticks. They are my favorite right now. Many thanks to DVDs by Tommy Igoe,Todd Sucherman and Keith Carlock for teaching this old dog some new tricks.
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Playing along to Coldplay 'Daylight'
I was going through my MP3 player and came across this song.
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John Mayer Back To You Drum Cover
I finally sat down and made another video. I picked a song that I liked and didn't require a lot of time to learn. I haven't played the drums in a few months and I'm totally out of practice. At about 3:34 I hit the highest tom by accident and it totally threw me. I even check the Roland module to make sure I was on the right patch. It made me lose my train of thought and it kind of fell apart right after. Pretty funny though.
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Me Playing With Dimestore Billy At Gasoline Alley
I play a one night stand with Dimestore Billy at Gasoline Alley in Clearwater Florida back in 2000. I am playing someone else's Yamaha drums here.
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1 Minute In NYC 6th Ave & 42nd Street 8/23/13 5:43pm - 5:44pm
This is what I saw happening for 1 minute at 6th Ave & 42nd Street 8/23/13 5:43pm - 5:44pm in NYC. Look at all that hustle and bustle!
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Padi's Saturday Night Live Review for April 12th 2008
Here are my thoughts on this weeks episode of SNL. If you could only see one episode of SNL all season, this should be the one. There was so much to talk about in this one that it could have been a two part review. Instead I cut my original review down to be just at the 10 minute mark. This one required so much editing that it's a day late, sorry about that. (Please comment but refrain from using foul language or personal attacks.) SNL 4-12-08 Recap: - Overall the show was excellent! (Ashton Kutcher was well prepared and it made a big difference!) - Lots of new, original material & no repeats. - Surprise appearance by Cameron Diaz - The writing was strong and it made the cast shine. This will be a show to remember. Score: 9 out of 10 Thanks for watching. -Padi
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Marco Minniman Drum Solo Clips
Here are some clips from a Marco Minniman drum clinic I attended in October 2001. This video was recorded with a Sony digital camera so excuse the grain in the video.
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Padi's Saturday Night Live Review for April 5th 2008
Here are my thoughts on this weeks episode of SNL. I am somewhat rambling off the top of my head. I hope it doesn't come off as too unprepared. I have been watching SNL for 30 years and it's my favorite TV show. I am disappointed however on the lack of funny material that is being written for the show as of late and I can't hold it in anymore. I want to let the people at SNL know how I feel. I hope they see this. (Please comment but refrain from using foul language or personal attacks.) SNL 4-05-08 Recap: - Overall the show should have been better. (Christopher Walken looked like he was very unrehearsed) - At least there was "Laser Cats!" - Didn't do a "Continental" skit. A must when Christopher Walken is hosting! - Christopher Walken wasn't used in the last skit of the night. That's down right insulting! Score: 6 out of 10 Thanks for watching. -Padi
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Nada Surf Concrete Bed Drum Cover
Here is a song that's fun to play sober and twice as fun to play after some shots of rum. Just banging away here and having lots of fun in the process. If only I could get paid to do this my life would be complete. My china cymbal takes a beating in this one and it now has a crack in it.
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Back Spin Pro Shows You How It's Done!
See this 80's break dance expert spin on his back.
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My New DDRUM Dominion AMX Kit
Just messin around on my new DDrums. I haven't bought a new drums set it 10 years. It's nice to play real drums after using VDrums for so long. These are maple shell. I am using the stock DDRUM Heads on the snare drum, 8" and 10" drums. I am using VicFirth 5A wood tip sticks. These drums are a great buy for the money. I am really happy with them so far. Thanks for watching -Padistedor
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Our Pup Katie
Our dog Katie back in 2002. We got her two years after we got Cubby. This is her first day in her new home.
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"Sunny Girl" On Roland V-Drums
Here I am playing to a song my Uncle wrote and recorded back in 1971. He is the singer. I love this song!
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Playing Saw Her Standing There with the bar band
This is from December 16th 2010. It was my 40th birthday. I am playing someone else's drums. I am playing with the bar band from that night. We never played this song together before.
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Thanksgiving 2007
Images from my Thanksgiving weekend 2007. There's nothing more important to me than time spent with my family. Here is a small look at what that time is like.
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I'm not here to preach to you...
Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.
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Canon HV20 Hi-Def 24FPS Cine-Mode Test
I was testing my new Canon HV20 and couldnt believe the quality. This video was made using 24Frame Per Second in Cine Mode. It's a compressed video so you can't see how good it really looks, but here it looks like a movie from discovery channel. You can see in some shots I manually adjust the focus from foreground to background which I was never able to do with any other camera. I highly recommend this video camera to anyone who wants to make better quality videos.
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Playing With Black Wax - The Outfield "Your Love"
Recorded May 2nd 2015
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Playing with Black Wax - Blink182 "All The Small Things"
Recorded May 2nd, 2015 using a GoPro Hero
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Padistdor @ Guitar Center Drum Off 092413
Entering the Guitar Center Drum Off was a lot of fun. As I predicted, I was pushed out by an incredible much younger drummer who was well versed in Jazz and displayed amazing skill with everything he did. I'm very glad I got to know him and I'm sure we will be seeing more of him in the future. Hope you think my 3 minute solo is entertaining, I had a lot of fun playing their drums like a THUG!
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Joe The Baker's Restaurant
When you come to famous "Joe The Baker" , you will get nothing but bread. Enjoy the bread, this is delicious bread.
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The Power Of Cheese
People enjoy cheese at partys. Especially my uncle.
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Nice & Easy Orange Juice - Commercial Spoof
Here is a short commercial I did during Thanksgiving weekend 2002 with the family. I hope it makes you laugh.
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Playing With Black Wax - The Power Station - Some Like It Hot May 2nd 2015
I cracked my bass drum head in the middle during our first set. The beater went right through the head. I covered the crack with duct tape and I got through the rest of the night but I had to take it easy on the bass drum. This was my first attempt to record the band with my low end GoPro camera. I had the back cover off and you can hear the plastic clip vibrating on top of the camera throughout the song. I will tape it down next time.
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