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Genesis Jesus He Knows Me Drum Cover (Live Version)
I recorded this using a Alesis 8 Track USB mixer. There is a SM57Beta on the ride cymbal a SM57 on the hi-hats and two cheap mics on the splashes and left side crash cymbals. I used a inexpensive DBX noise gate / compression unit to try and even out the cymbals. As I get about halfway through the song, my headphones start to slide off my head, so I have to play while I try to adjust them. I used a logitech webcam for the video. This is my first video of my playing in almost two years. This is take #4.
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ExtraMart - Convenience Store Commercial Spoof
Extramart is a little convenience store in a little town called Marathon NY. They can't afford a TV commercial, but if they could, this would be it! They didn't mind at all that we were being anoying while making this video. We love you Extramart!
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Get a job
Here is a video I did with my family in about 30 minutes with no advanced planning. All lines are ad-lib. We were to tired from laughing to make a real ending so what you see is all we had to work with. Video was edited with Adobe Elements 4.0 Trial hence the adobe logo in the right corner.
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Rush Limelight Drum Cover
I made this four hours after making my Tom Sawyer video. Again, I didn't study the song, I just started playing to it and this is take #7. Towards the end of the song, my headphones start falling off my head and I have to adjust them while playing. I hate when that happens.
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RUSH Tom Sawyer Drum Cover
I woke up today and decided I had to record me playing to this song. I didn't take time to learn it since I've been listening to it for almost 25 years, I just started playing along and I hoped it would come back to me. I get most of it right. I make mistakes no matter how much I practice a song so why bother studying it to death.
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Back Spin Pro Shows You How It's Done!
See this 80's break dance expert spin on his back.
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Our Pup Katie
Our dog Katie back in 2002. We got her two years after we got Cubby. This is her first day in her new home.
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"Sunny Girl" On Roland V-Drums
Here I am playing to a song my Uncle wrote and recorded back in 1971. He is the singer. I love this song!
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Thanksgiving 2007
Images from my Thanksgiving weekend 2007. There's nothing more important to me than time spent with my family. Here is a small look at what that time is like.
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I'm not here to preach to you...
Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.
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Nice & Easy Orange Juice - Commercial Spoof
Here is a short commercial I did during Thanksgiving weekend 2002 with the family. I hope it makes you laugh.
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Me Playing With Dimestore Billy At Gasoline Alley
I play a one night stand with Dimestore Billy at Gasoline Alley in Clearwater Florida back in 2000. I am playing someone else's Yamaha drums here.
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The Power Of Cheese
People enjoy cheese at partys. Especially my uncle.
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