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Playing With Black Wax - The Outfield "Your Love"
Recorded May 2nd 2015
Просмотров: 66 padistedor
Playing with Black Wax - Blink182 "All The Small Things"
Recorded May 2nd, 2015 using a GoPro Hero
Просмотров: 35 padistedor
Playing With Black Wax - The Power Station - Some Like It Hot May 2nd 2015
I cracked my bass drum head in the middle during our first set. The beater went right through the head. I covered the crack with duct tape and I got through the rest of the night but I had to take it easy on the bass drum. This was my first attempt to record the band with my low end GoPro camera. I had the back cover off and you can hear the plastic clip vibrating on top of the camera throughout the song. I will tape it down next time.
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