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QUICK Ruger New BlackHawk Review | 7.5 Barrel
"i think this thang' will pretty much take out a rhino or a small elephant" Please practice professional gun safety and abide by your states individual firearm laws.
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Aprilia Tuono V4RR Review (and bmw s1000r comparison)
2016 Aprilia Tuono v4rr VS 2017 BMW S1000R w/ Premium package. Quick comparison notes: Tuono: V4 Engine More mid range torque then the S1kr 10 more HP then the S1000r. Later power delivery compared to the BMW (not slower, engine just kicks in more at higher RPMs) More "hot rod" style engine sound. Individually adjustable electronics (wheelie control, traction, abs, launch, engine braking) a little more heavy then the S1kr. Feels more planted to the ground then the S1000r. (feels more stable, little less agile) MANUALLY adjustable suspension (sachs on the v4rr or Ohlins on the factory) Costs a LITTLE less to maintain then the BMW S1000R: Inline 4 Engine Smoother engine sound. Quick power delivery at the lower RPM range Feels a little more agile then the Tuono (prob due to less weight) All Electronics are tied into the mapping selections, NOT individually adjustable. ELECTRONIC SUSPENSION, adjustable with the touch of a button. The Electronic suspension ALSO adjusts to riding conditions many many times per second. (it's badass) Costs more to maintain.
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SKETCHY S1000R Power Wheelie..... BRAAAAP !
Ride Fast, Don't Die, Amen.
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Automatically Reinvesting Dividends - GOOD OR BAD IDEA!?
Just a really quick thought about automatically reinvesting your dividends into the same investment. It may not be that good of an idea.
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Triumph Street Triple R - What does it sound like?
Just a little taste of what the 2014 Triumph Street Triple R, 3 cylinder engine sounds like.
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