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Another Day on a TF2 Sandbox (TF2 Rage Kid)
*READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!!!* I couldn't edit this on my edit program, so I uploaded it as it is. Sorry if it doesn't look great. So I was on my favorite sandbox server when a kid name GLaDOS showed up. He was acting annoying, loud, the normal 8 year-old TF2 player stuff. So as a result everyone started messed with him. This is what happend (well most or some of it, I don't know for sure). Best way to end my summer vacation. Before you throw a fit about how mean we were acting to kid, please listen. I know it is wrong to this and I do REALLY feel sorry for the kid, but the kid had it comming. I have respect for all gamer, but if people aren't going to be mature when it comes to stuff like this, then they shouldn't do it at all. Plus, how can you not put up something this lolzy. So Like, Comment, Subscribe, do whatever. Enjoy! :3 Server IP:
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I don't even know...
So this happened when I was screwing around with Pokemon models in Garry's Mod. Fucking weird.
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Holy Hail!
A hail storm in Bluegrass, Iowa. Oh you know, typical Iowa weather. Feel sorry for anybody out in this crazy shit.
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PokeParty! (Featuring "Pikattack")
This is just some stupid stuff me and a steam friend were having at the end of a map while waiting on another steam friend to change the map. It was a short video, so I didn't need to do squat in terms of editing.
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