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Gene Autry - I've got spurs that Jingle Jangle Jingle
Was playing Fallout New Vegas, and heard that Jingle Jangle Jingle song. Didn't like it, and I replaced it with one of (if not THE) best renditions of it. I don't own this song, the picture or any other snizzle like that. I just uploaded this song *Cough* "As a learning experience on uploading a picture of Gene Autry with one of his songs, namely Jingle Jangle Jingle" This video is protected under the Fair Use Policy, as this was a "Learning Experience", as stated above.
Sonata Arctica - I Want Out - Instrumental Cover
The midi for the song did not have a lead guitar track, nor a track that took the place of the vocals. So what I did, see, was take the rhythm guitar track and rewrite it. Pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Software Used: Cubase Kontakt 5 TSE X50 Guitar Rig
Fallout 4 - Raider Communications
Wee exhibit of a mod I'm working on. It ruddy works fine ta me.
We Gotta Power - Animetal USA - One Hour
Loved this snippet of the Animetal USA track "Dragon Ball Medley", so I made it into a loop. Loved it more, so I looped it for an hour. Threw in a gif, and here we are. If someone watches this for the entire hour, I'll make a 10 hour version for all you masochists out there.
(Remaster) Dragon Ball Z Kai Goku Vs Vegeta Kamehameha Vs Galick Gun
Got a hold o' the blue rays fer Dragon Ball Kai and did a bit o' readin' on how to extract yon audio channels frae me rips. So, y'know; no music but still get to keep some of the sound effects and all the voices. Went ahead and did a lil' remaster using the OST from Ken's Rage (the music's bitchin') and a pack o' DBZ sound effects from yon interwebbery. I'd say it turned out pretty decent. The sound effects totally make the vidya; moreso than the music.
House of Scards - Lead Riff Remix
Managed to get the beginning riff to The Knob's House of Scards. Decided to mess around with it in Cubase and see how the synth guitars sound. I'd say it turned out pretty well. 'Tis only thirty seconds long, but it wasn't intended to be an actual track.
Sword Of Light - Remastered - V1.0
Link to MP3: https://www.mediafire.com/?4e8btd886jzb23h Found a midi by the name "swordoflight.mid". Found it to be the tits, so I went ahead and remastered it. For best results, set the video to 720p/1080p. Criticism would be appreciated.
Battleroar   Immortal Chariot Instrumental
This particular track isn't present on Battleroar's album, as I made this instrumental by cutting out the parts with vocals. I think I did a good job 'ere. Buy Battleroar's album Blood Of Legends: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/CDs-Vinyl/Blood-Legends-Battleroar/B00IC13Q7I
Conan The Barbarian - Recovery - Remastered
Loaded the midi in cubase, changed a bunch of the instruments, sped it up a tad. I wager that it turned out alright.
[Remix] Gohan attacks Frieza
Took that awesome lead riff from Bruce Faulconer's original soundtrack, found the notation for it, launched up cubase 'n' did some shiz. I'd say it turned out just fine, considering I spent 30 minutes and I'm an audio amateur; at best. If anybody wants it for any reason, I can send this version tae 'em or a version that sounds just fine in an endless loop. Disclaimer: Dunno how youtube will handle the audio. It is @ 96KHz @ 32bits. I pumped my speakers to half way (Floor was almost shaking), and there was no audio nuisances; no hiccups, no white noise. Pure music. We'll see how it plays...