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The Three Graces Photography
Slide show of "The Three Graces" Concept and Direction of Art: Andrés Gonzalez Direction of Fotography: David Molina Postproduction: David Molina Music by: Arvö Part
Просмотров: 124 D Molina
comercial seiko Gimnasia
Просмотров: 940 D Molina
Hombre XXY
Documental by Juan Fernando Gómez "¿What it's like to live a week in the life of a Metrosexual? Alejandro will show us his world and the different points of view that people (from every social context) have to say about it" Direction: Juan Fernando Gómez Direction of Fotography: Luis Cossio Production: Marcela Salazar Direction Assistant: Jesús Jaramillo Sound: Andrés Montoya Music: David Molina Postproduction: Andrés Montoya & David Molina
Просмотров: 18218 D Molina
Glass Clock
Просмотров: 70 D Molina
David Molina - Showreel
Show Reel by David Molina. 2012 Includes - Historia del Conejo - Sudor y Lágrimas - Puro Feeling-Nébula - A Perfect Lie - Dulces Fantasías
Просмотров: 126 D Molina
"La Historia del Conejo" Short Film
Short Film "The Rabbit's Story" "Alberto falls into a lethal accident that start to killing him slowly in the middle of the Colombian Jungle, Octavio Finds him but won't help him; they are from opossite political Parties, in the troubled and violent Colombia of the 1951" Screenplay & Director: David Molina Direction of Photography & Postproduction: Juliana Ruiz Production: Victor Ramírez Direction of Art & Wardrobe: Gina Pérez Sound: Andrés Florez Music by: David Molina
Просмотров: 249 D Molina
Documental "Sudor y Lágrimas"
Documental "At what point the cult of the body in men can damage your health (both mental and fisic)? this bodybuilder show us the drug and exercise adiction that the competitive world of bodybuilders create in their characters" Direction: Ana María Noriega/ Vanessa Mena Production: David Molina Sound: Andrés Florez Direction of Photography and Postproduction: Daniel Bustamante
Просмотров: 912 D Molina
Lotus leggings reviews
Checks these meggings out
Просмотров: 17 D Molina
Decorando "Dulces Fantasías"
Lowtech version of: ---Decorando "Dulces Fantasías"------- Director: David Molina Director of Art: Mauricio Serna Postproduction: David Molina Original Music by: ----Touch ang Go "Would You" (Spanish Version
Просмотров: 73 D Molina
Miss Banana Day-O
Miss Banana Medellín Colombia 2014 Harry Belanfonte - Day-O
Просмотров: 326 D Molina
Animation David Molina (Edition & Music)
Просмотров: 62 D Molina
Surreal Farm
Animation: Esteban Castaño/David Molina Music Editing: David Molina Music By: Venetian Snares
Просмотров: 34 D Molina
The Poliphonic Spree - Light and Day
Music Video Direction of Art: Rossana Orozco Director: David Molina Postproduction: David Molina Music: The Polyphonic Spree - Light and Day
Просмотров: 277 D Molina