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Erica Underwood Virtual Tour
The third virtual tour in curtin university surrounding housing in Perth, Australia. The final part in a 3-video comparison of the worst on-campus housing, the best on-campuse housing, and what a typical off-campus house would look like.
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Information against Antidepressants
A description of the other side of antidepressants that the world needs to know more about
Просмотров: 8938 Josh Bell
Cleveland Rocks
A quick overview of why ppl need to move to and live in cleveland and finally remind the world of what once was and what still is
Просмотров: 2761 Josh Bell
Student Exchange Scholarship Video
Scholarship marketing video for Fisher student exchange and CIBER, particularly for our case, going to Australia.
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100 0860
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100 0859
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Josh Feeds Monkeys in Bali
I had a chance to hang out with some wild monkeys and feed them some bananas in the forests of Bali in Indonesia.
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smaller one
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Elephant crushes coconut
Apparently elephants love to eat coconut shells.
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Barramundi Feeding
I got to feed a barramundi, an Australian native fish, rather aggressive and delicious...they make the water splash everywhere and create a popping sound during feeding that is scary! This is because they are actually sucking the water in with the fish as they eat.
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