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This video was made on 25th of March so I'm not breaking my deadly challenge, I just messed up and had difficulties with technical stuff. So, shortly, in this video I made and showed how to music with my cheap DIY synth (I call it Vibrator synth). I showed that you can even use something this small to ganerate music, you just need a bit of knowledge and creativity aswell. At first I used different effect plug ins from fl studio like decapitator, effector, flanger, flangus, hardcore... Then I made beat using Gross beat. I didn't think the music would have this cool electro effect and didn't think it would sound any good, but it somehow did. Hope you enjoyed this video, please stay tuned to my channel, I have lots of video ideas to convert into videos. Stay fancin', stay dancin', R35P3CT
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I Did Some Magic Mushrooms ( In Teh Nature ) | [Trippy]
I Did Some Mescaline ( In Teh Nature ) | [Trippy] First time doing psychedelics, it was trippy. Saddly, such shrooms (psylocibin mushrooms) don't grow in our area. So I wanted to make a video to show, how the drug effects your mind. It was fuuun.
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What redbone would sound like if it was slightly slav ( hardbass )
Put in yo hardbass ass here
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CS GO Shiet
CS GO Match by Sangokas. Btw, new intro
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THIS IS WHAT ANIME DID TO ME (Naruto fanboy struggling to get through life)
WHAT ANIME DID TO ME (Naruto fanboy struggling to get through life) Anime watching and representing is super fun way to spend time of your useless pityful life. This is, what it did to me. I'm fast as wind, strong as dick, and stealthy as snake in my pants. To be farely true, I'm a fanboy of Naruto, Samurai Jack series, Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors game trilogys'. From these series I wanted to become a ninja. Here are my results ! Thx for watching!! If you liked the video, pls check out our other content and give us some feedback, so we know, what videos to make.
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Skit : Stupid guy throws out garbage pc monitor (Digital poker gone wrong)
Skit : Stupid guy throws out garbage pc monitor (Digital poker gone wrong) Lithuanian dude loses 20$ after his pc monitor stops working. He is surely not happy with that, so he decides to throw it out, instead he gets an astonishing dance from his monitor.
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Gmod : bootleg russian potato shop
Gmod : bootleg russian potato shop Heavy helps his babushka to sell all those facking potatoes. R35P3CT him, selling those muderfucking potatoes aint easy. He even got bombarded ! THX for watching, pls subscribe, like, comment and R35P3CT.
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50 Subs !
Finally made this video and yeah I broke my challenge, so I'll make 2 videos on the following week. Anyway, thank you for subscribing to the channel! It was a great journey climbing up to 50 subs ! This is a milestone of 50 subs, which was achieved last week, can't remember which day exactly. If you're new to the channel, please consider subscribing, so I could release another crazy video with the next milestone ! Just wanted to show you how many subwoofers i got - not many. but that's still something. 50 Subwoofers just for a joke.
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OMG! Donald Trump was in my house!
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How to do a Kip Up like a fatty (tutorial)
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The Emoji movie trailer but it's from another dimension (The Smiley Face Movie)
The Emoji movie but it's from another dimension (The Smiley Face Movie) Dubbed and made to be funny, so please, laugh :D :D :D :D I'm gonna be doing these new series with my voice over some kind of a clip. Be aware, cursewords incoming. To be honest, I dont think the actual Emoji movie would be bad. Maybe the jokes aren't funny and shit, but know, that it's actually animated, so kids are gonna love it. Especially now, when they know nothing about the world, thay can't even wipe their freaking asses without bringing the phone in. And because of that, their whole life is around the phone and freaking emojis. BTW, I myself respect anyone, who is doing animations, because that shit takes a lot of time to make. I've tried it myself. So I'll like this movie with no excuses. I just made to try myself swear dubbing. Extra tags: Emoji movie Emotion movie The Offical emoji movie trailer Emoji movie trailer meme Funny emoji movie trailer Emoji movie reaction and impressions Emoji movie trailer reaction Emoji movie premiere watched Going to emoji movie premiere Movie of 2017 Best animated movie 2017 Emoji movie best reactions The Emoji Movie React The Emoji Movie trailer dubbed The Emoji Movie dubbed Smiley face movie The Emoji Movie trailer but it's actually funny The Emoji Movie trailer but it's even more cringy
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So yeah, I;m back, with channel changes
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Sorry guys, no vibrators for you today :( Buut.. I'll show my DIY synth, which generates sounds simmilar to vibrator. The real name is Atari Punk Console and it's very easy to make with some scrapped electronic parts. But this video isn't about how to make it. I'm just showing how to utilize it in few occasions: things like pranks, music stuff and it's just a fun buzzer to play with.
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KSI actually likes LOGAN PAUL (Press conference meme'd)
KSI and LOGAN PAUL memes Deji Olatunji and Jake Paul memes
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DARK SOULS ABUSES PEOPLE !! [Animation] So yeah, I've completed Dark Souls 2. And decided to make an animation related to it. Because I suffered a lot, I wanted to show you the pain, that I had while playing it. But it was way more pain making this video than playing dark souls. However, I can say an opposite thing about the final product. Subscribe to my channel and pls like and share my content t support me a bit. And pls, stay tuned, I might be making more of these.
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