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RR3 jumps! Where they are, how to jump and how to capture it.
This is a teaching video to show you where you can jump your car in Real Racing 3. I start with the basic jumps and move on to the big ones. The trickiest part is capturing pictures of the action!! The popular Nurburgring jump can be seen at 2:40. It's the easiest one to take that looks decent. The biggest jump is at Laguna Seca and can be seen at 6:05. There are more jump spots, but Laguna Seca is the biggest! For some big craziness there, check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg3FKSgFEgM My driver settings here are Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 3
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Road Trip Event Stage 5.3 @ 3331313
This was also very hard. Remember to take the wider path when you can. We are so used to saving time. But sometimes the longer way makes for a higher average speed.
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Balance of Power stage 2.2 @ 0000000
You get 1 lap. But if you drive backwards for a while, you can extend the race. This pays of in 2 ways: (1) It gives you more distance to hit average speed. (2) It lengthens the race time wise, which should keep the targets lower.
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Did I kill Magnus?? Watch till end, you decide.
This happened in stage 4.4 of the One on 1 event in Real Racing 3. I've seen cars in walls before but never like this!
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 8.2, 1332323, Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 3
This one is easier than it first seems. You do have to run pretty clean to hit average speed. However, I didn't even run as clean as I would have in a time trial.
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 8.3, 1332323, Tilt B, no assists, sens 3
This one is quite hard. A good 40 runs for me to figure out a strategy and then implement it. You need to have a strategy right from the start to make this work. You have to make your top speed run on the first lap or the top bots will be in your way. I could not find enough speed on the start-finish straight because it goes uphill. So after I start and pass a whole bunch of bots I have to slow down for that 180 degree turn. Then there's the slight right hand turn that I have to slow down for. You have to plan your top speed run right there. Brake early so you can get in the gas early and then stay full throttle until you see me hitting the brakes. You have to get it just right or you slide off track. As you can see, I almost ran out of track that time. Then it's just a matter of racing hard and staying on track to overtake the remaining bots.
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Porsche Short Track Endurance Teaching Video in the Audi R8 LMS Ultra
This video is to help you run the Porsche Short Track Endurance race in the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, as long as you want to. I keep my car clean for the first 16 laps. Then I crash & trash it starting at lap 17 and see if I can still keep up. To go right to lap 17 go to 11:18. I catch the perpetual point in lap 12 go to 8:20 for that. The hardest part of the race is just before you catch the perpetual point, that's why staying clean is important so you have maximum top speed, acceleration, grip & brakes. This race is found in the Exclusive Series for the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. You have to fully upgrade the car to race it, which cost 99 gold. You get 50 gold back for finishing the Exclusive Series alone, so it's 49 gold. Plus this car is needed for 4 other series. Happy racing!
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Real Racing 3, Path of Defiance, Stage 1.3. Le Mans short cuts
Huge lead with upgrades 1111111, enough time for some fun at the end (10 to be exact). Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 5.
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RR3, One on 1 event, stage 8.1 R$ upgrades
First things first. The bots take a VERY wide lines for the 1st 4 turns of Nurburgring. You MUST take advantage of this. They take the 1st turn okay. 2nd, 3rd & 4th turns they are very wide and slow. Jostle with Magnus here as much as possible. Pit him when he loses his usefulness! For the first 1st turn, take the inside line and brake VERY late. Just as you are nearing the pack, turn a bit left then hard right to slide and hit the pack with your side (you need to protect your front end as mush as possible). AS you turn hard right, floor it! This will help you not to go off-track as easy. I kept reversing after the hit, wasting time. You don't want to hit Magnus or he will fall back too far, a slight tap is good though. NOTE: you can be in 10th place here but be in 1st after the 4th turn easy. Tilt B no assists. NOTE: This is an old video when I was still using horizontal tilt. My One:1 is now fully upgraded, so re-running it that way won't be helpful.
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Track to Tarmac Stage 7.2 @ 1331313 CUTS!!
This will be quite hard for some people. The cuts in this video should help. The most important cut is the very last one. You could probably do without the others, but I'm so used to taking them that I just do it.
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Balance of Power stage 4.4 @ 1111111
Take the outside line so you have more distance to build up average speed. I chose to overtake a lot of cars in the first few corners so I have less cars to deal with later. Tilt B, no assists.
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120 km @ Indy Endurance. This is how you go far.
I go backwards at the start to delay the chaos. As a result, I don't get the crazy traffic until about 50 km. SA high here really helps with the very careful & small movements you have to make at this track when passing. Also, sensitivity set to 0. If you move just a little bit too much in a corner you lose traction. In my opinion Tilt B controls are critical here. If you use Tilt A and start sliding there's nothing you can do. You're going to hit the wall or car, take on too much damage and end your run earlier. With Tilt B you just need to lift off the gas until the car straightens out. I keep BA and TC off at all times. My best is 297 km (after FM changes things). To skip ahead to where the traffic gets thick go to 8:40
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Balance of Power stage 6.3 @ 3331312
You can stay full throttle through the very first corner. Then brake late and use the bot to stay on track and carry some speed, just don't hit him hard enough to crack your windshield! Then just race hard and fast for the rest of it. I decided to take out the first place bot. Tilt B, no assists
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Road Trip Event Stage 6.3 @ 3353313
BRUTAL, BRUTAL, BRUTAL!! I got obsessed with this one and spent about 4 hours on it. Everything about the run has to be perfect to get speed with these upgrades. I was 1/10 of a second short of the target speed over a dozen times. You have to take the left hand corner as absolutely close to the wall as possible because it dips down a bit and you get a speed boost. Then you have to come as close to hitting the wall on the right hand side as possible and almost go completely off track. Then you have to take the next corner extremely outside and almost go off track on the outside. Finally you have to drive as far over to the right as possible for the rest of the way because the track dips a little bit lower there.
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Balance of Power stage 6.4 @ 3331312
The big crash at the front is on purpose. I damage the 3 fastest cars, but also damage myself in the process. Still, it was easier to catch up with them after I did this then when I tried to pass normally. Tilt B, no assists.
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Road Trip Event Stage 4.2 @ 1331111
I added stage 2 and 3 Body upgrades because I was getting very frustrated. With 1311111 I crossed the line with a lead of 721m. I tried for about half an hour but just couldn't do it. I'm pretty sure more upgrades will be needed soon so I'm not regretting it... yet.
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Balance of Power stage 4.2 @ 1111111
I stay full throttle until I near the first sharp corner. I was a little sloppy here and there. You have to take the off-track cut very well because there's just enough time to make it. That shaves at least 1 to 2 seconds off your time. Or skip the cut and run cleaner. Tilt B, no assists.
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Track to Tarmac Stage 7.4 @ 1331313 TRICKY
I couldn't hit speed without having to hit the wall. If you hit head-on it's too much damage and you fail. However if you skid sideways and hit with your back end, you'll pass as long as you don't hit too hard.
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Track to Tarmac Stage 7.5 @ 1331313 VERY TRICKY!
This one took me a little bit to figure out. The 2nd last car is horrible on corners but it's pretty fast on straights. You have to start accelerating and time it so that you have a good run on him when the 1st elimination happens. Then I found I had to do some very aggressive cutting to pass the level.
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Real Racing 3; Unleash The Beast; Stage 6.3
R$ upgrades only, Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 10. Used in thread http://rr3.wikia.com/wiki/Unleash_the_Beast#WikiaArticleComments
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Track to Tarmac Stage 5.4 @ PR 57.4 1131111 HARD!!
This one was also really hard for me. I had to add stage 2 and 3 body upgrades. I could either finish within the time and not meet speed or meet speed and go over time. I couldn't find a place to hit speed without going off track a bit. The key was to run as clean as possible for the on-track sessions, as fast as possible for the off-track sections and to hit that speed section just right so I could get on the brakes.
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RR3 McLaren MP4-X @ Silverstone Endurance... GO FOREVER!!
At the point this video starts my car is completely trashed. I have some big wrecks during the video as well. Only 3 of the cuts are needed, maybe even just 2. But if you have a BIG wreck then it's nice to have extra time on the clock. I let the video play out so you could see final distance and that my car is normal. Although you can tell by race play that I didn't hack anything... I DONT DON'T HACK!! I ran Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 0. You can't have any assists on when cutting off-track
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Balance of Power stage 3.4 @ 1111111
Definitely go with the option where you finish third. This should keep the targets lower in future races. I also messed around with the bots again to try to keep the targets lower in the future.
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Balance of Power stage 8.3 @ 3331313
Try to get everyone passed before the corner that takes you to the first long straight. They slow down far too much for that corner and it'll cost you 2 to 3 seconds on your total time. You can take that corner full throttle with 3331313. Tilt B no assists.
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RR3, Ferrari FXX K @ Monza Road Course Endurance
Man is this ever sketchy. The 1st shortcut is very hard to take repeatedly. If you get it slightly wrong you get a bit of damage and lose some time. If you get a little bit more wrong you come to a dead stop and lose MAJOR time. Here's 3 laps showing it right, a little wrong and REALLY wrong! Also my personal best here. I just missed 100 km. Fame pay here is good, 1200/lap when on track. I earned around 1135/lap. That works out to about 933 fame per minute. That's slighty better fame/minute than Porsche short track, but this race is way harder!
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RR3, One on 1 event, stage 7.1 R$ upgrades
Hit reverse AS you are hitting the wall and get ready to go hard! I had higher top speed other attempts, but finished too slow. Tilt B no assists. NOTE: This is an old video when I was still using horizontal tilt. My One:1 is now fully upgraded, so re-running it that way won't be helpful.
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Balance of Power stage 7.2 @ 3331312
Took me about 30 min to figure the braking points out. I certainly could have done better, but this was good enough. Tilt B, no assists.
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Road Trip Event Stage 6.2 @ 3353313
Just fine at these upgrades. Make sure to coast for certain sections to let your engine cool down. I chose to coast through the whole winding S section at the top of the hill.
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Road Trip Event Stage 5.2 @ 3331313
This was a very hard stage because you have to drive almost completely off track to actually pass here. You need to get a lot of passing done in the first lap or else the lead cars get too far away. Brake early once in awhile so you can get back to the gas early and power through the corner to pass.
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Road Trip Event Stage 6.1 @ 3353313
This stage is probably doable with lower upgrades. However I looked ahead and Stage 6.3 is nasty! So I did the upgrades that I think I need to pass that stage now. Which made this stage easier!
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RR3, One on 1 event, stage 7.2 R$ upgrades
Take the big cut at the first corner. DON'T hit the wall like I did! DO hit Eric either on the left or right side bumper like I did to spin him around (may spin you around). Hit him again at the finish for fun (big spin around by me). Tilt B no assists. NOTE: This is an old video when I was still using horizontal tilt. My One:1 is now fully upgraded, so re-running it that way won't be helpful.
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Real Racing 3; Ride The Storm; 7.5
Here's my run of 7.5 with R$ upgrades. I should have skidded to the right in front of the cars, but it worked.
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Road Trip Event Stage 5.1 @ 3331313
This stage was a real killer. Cutting the first corner gives you a couple of extra seconds to get your start point settled in.
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RR3, One on 1 event, stage 7.4 R$ upgrades
Stay on Magnus, purposely hit him lighty EVERY corner by braking late to get him loose and slow him down. Try to smash him into the wall at the chicane to give him severe front end damage. If that doesn't work (like my video) let him pass and pit him on the start/finish straight. Tilt B no assists. NOTE: This is an old video when I was still using horizontal tilt. My One:1 is now fully upgraded, so re-running it that way won't be helpful.
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Balance of Power stage 2.1 @ 0000000
Just go
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Balance of Power stage 5.1 @ 1111111
I don't think I can hold off upgrading much longer. All these cars were faster than me. I had to use off-track cuts and some contact to win this one. Tilt B, no assists
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Balance of Power stage 8.1 @ 3331313 with fails
I included my attempts of trying to find my way through the traffic at the start. Then I forgot I needed a decent lead until I was nearing the last chicane. I struggle there, so I was happy to get through clean!
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Balance of Power stage 3.3 @ 1111111
As you near the first corner just lift off the gas for 1-2 seconds right when the car in front of you brakes, then get full throttle ASAP. Watch your speed and nail the brakes as soon as hit the target speed. Get back into the gas quick or do a bounce off the wall like I did to carry a little more speed. Stay lined up with the other cars to stop you from going off track. You can also take a slight inside line and slide into them if you need to. This stage could be done without any contact but, where's the fun in that!
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Real Racing 3; McLaren P1 GTR at Indy Endurance in McLaren Generations
Showing passing and accident dodging at Indy Endurance in the McLaren P1 GTR. This was after the race was modified, making it much harder! I made an error when passing 2 cars that cost me the race. Based on the prior corner, I expected an outside pass of both cars would be easy. When the one car swerved, I swerved and lost it. His T-bone hit damaged me. In hindsight I should have abandoned the pass and tapped the brakes. As in real life, I only had a fraction of a second to make a decision. My top speed only suffered by 1.5% (6-7 kph) but that is too much. I couldn't pass another car after that accident, so I ended the recording shortly after. Got to 124.3 km. My car is fully upgraded, running Tilt B, SA high, BA off, TC off and sensitivity at 4.
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RR3. New Perpetual Endurance race & how to do it.
I just found this one today. It's pretty hard but it's an option if you're looking for a farming race. NO AUDIO due to some glitch. SORRY!! I ran Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 3. Instructions are in the video. There's a discussion thread running here http://rr3.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:187357
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RR3 Hunter @ Indy Speedway. 4025m distance!!!
This video shows how I got 4025m at the Indy Speedway Hunter event in McLaren Generations. My P1 GTR is fully upgraded. You can do the same thing at Daytona Speedway... but the NASCAR's are DREADFULLY slow when pushing the Hunter car.
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 6.2, 1132121
It took me a bit to find a good strategy. Don't waste ANY time skidding or off-track. Lift a bit early and roll the corners a bit. Take the 1st lap hard, then take the next 3 a bit easier. Your speed on the start/finish straight saves you time on laps 2 to 4.
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RR3 Mazda RX3 Overtaking Challenge. 42 OT in 4:05
If you run better me you may get 44. I'm fully upgraded, running Tilt B with no assists and sensitivity 3. It would take about 4:40 hours as a 1 man team to earn the 60 gold. I did maximum bot slowing in a drag race first.
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Road Trip Event Stage 4.3 @ 1331111 FAILS INCLUDED
The critical part with this one is to drive down to the far left post as you near the Finish Line. It is slightly downhill and it gives you a speed boost. The other critical part is to start at the right point so you can carry as much speed as possible. My start point with my upgrades was just a little bit after the corner starts.
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Real Racing 3 Relentless Event Stage 8.4... Let Ahmed win???
Kind of a stupid final race. You win a car by losing a race. Very anti-climactic. Upgrades 5333323. You can certainly win this car with less upgrades than that.
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Road Trip Event Stage 3.2 @ 1111111
That was close! Make good use of that one second off-track that's allowed. I believe the best place is the very first corner.
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Balance of Power stage 3.2 @ 1111111
You can get a nice run at this one if you back up a little bit and use the start-finish area. Don't go any faster than you have to.
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The Elusive One Stage 5.2. Much more fun at 3333333.
I spent WAAAAAAY to long on 5.1, just frustrated. 3333333 is easily enough to finish day 5 & 6... I think. It certainly made day 5 enjoyable! Need more than those upgrades for career anyway.
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Balance of Power stage 5.3 @ 1331311, with some failed runs.
Well this one took me quite a while. The first corner is critical. You have to brake after the Bots do with all four tires on track, then quickly steer so just two are on track and try to have a little bit of contact but not too much as you move into 5th Place... Hard. Then you need to set up the speed run just right in the back section. I hit it a couple of times without ramming the bot in front of me but it is nice to use that bot for security so you don't go off track. Tilt B, no assists
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Perpetual Endurance, 2017 Ford GT
You could use this race in the next Team Challenge. You could also run it as a one-man team. It will take about 5½ hours to do the 510 laps here. You'll earn 60 gold for completing the laps. Do it in 1 race and you'll earn over 540,000 fame with the agent hired, over R$3,000,000 with the manager hired, plus more R$ when the event ends for team placement. I ran Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 3.
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