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Did I kill Magnus?? Watch till end, you decide.
This happened in stage 4.4 of the One on 1 event in Real Racing 3. I've seen cars in walls before but never like this! I was looking for an emoticon that showed "crazy". Apparently the one I chose means "ate something sour". Oh well, best I could come up with! I think it works.
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Inheritance, Stage 8.3 @ 3333333
WOW is this one ever hard!! At the start of the race keep to the right so the F-14 is on your left hand side. Just when you brake the F-14 will start to turn left to pass you. That's when you steer left to get a wide turn into corner one and block him so he doesn't pass you or hit you in the first turn. Then take the wider path around the track whenever you can so that you have more distance to build average speed. That wallbounce I do is on purpose and gives me an extra 2 kph average speed. It was incredibly hard for me to get it right!
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Motorfiesta 2; Stage 7.4; 1131111
I provided an audio tutorial for this one.
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 8.3, 1332323, Tilt B, no assists, sens 3
This one is quite hard. A good 40 runs for me to figure out a strategy and then implement it. You need to have a strategy right from the start to make this work. You have to make your top speed run on the first lap or the top bots will be in your way. I could not find enough speed on the start-finish straight because it goes uphill. So after I start and pass a whole bunch of bots I have to slow down for that 180 degree turn. Then there's the slight right hand turn that I have to slow down for. You have to plan your top speed run right there. Brake early so you can get in the gas early and then stay full throttle until you see me hitting the brakes. You have to get it just right or you slide off track. As you can see, I almost ran out of track that time. Then it's just a matter of racing hard and staying on track to overtake the remaining bots.
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Jumps & Stunts in Real Racing 3
Here are some of my best jumps at Mazda Laguna Seca. Included is my massive jump in the McLaren MP4 X where I don't touch a wall. Also, I believe the first ever recorded 360 degree jump in the game! Someone's going to accuse me of hacking the Regera because of how fast it was going backwards. If you have it, try it for yourself. it goes just as fast backwards as it does forwards. However steering it while driving backwards is a lot more challenging!! EDIT: You will NEVER again see a jump like this in the Regera as the back up gear has been changed. Can't go near fast enough now for big backwards jumps. Although Formula E cars can be driven backwards fast... for now ;-)
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Perseverance; Stage 8.2 @ 1331333
It took me a little while to figure out the braking points and where I could gain speed. This is still pretty far from a perfect run but it was good enough.
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Inheritance, Stage 8.2 @ 1331313 TRICK TIP!!
It never said win! I tried turning around right at the start and running a full lap in reverse before turning around and going forwards, but that was still quite hard. Driving to the end of the first straightaway and doing that quick turn-around, then doing the same thing backwards gave me more than enough. Have some fun with it!
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 7.2, 1132321. Tilt B, no assists, sens 3.
This one drove me mad for some time. I added tier 2 and 3 upgrades to the exhaust. First you have to figure out the best strategy around the track and then you need a bit of luck. A lot of times I had a good run going but then cars would crash right in front of me. Remember... If a crash happens in the same place two or three times in a row exit the race and re-enter. It will shuffle the bots to give you a slightly different lineup.
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Silver Tourer Event; Stage 6.4; 3313333
WOW... this was hard!! I needed more upgrades. This track is so technical and you have to race right on the very edge of it to pass. You can't afford any big mistakes.
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 8.2, 1332323, Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 3
This one is easier than it first seems. You do have to run pretty clean to hit average speed. However, I didn't even run as clean as I would have in a time trial.
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Perseverance; Stage 7.4 @ 1331333
This one took a lot of work too. Getting a speed run, staying on track & finishing on time is not easy. I had to brake earlier than usual to set up the back straight speed run. I also had to take the corners wider there to add length to my run. Then I just had to hammer the brakes and steer really carefully through that corner at the end of the back straight. I slid off track there many many times!
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 8.4, 1332323, Tilt B, no assists sens 3. Another audio glitch, sorry.
1st try!! I did this stage very similar to how I did 8.3. I knew the speed run would be easier. Dealing with the Sesto is not as easy with an overheating engine. Minor contact is obviously allowed.
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RR3 jumps! Where they are, how to jump and how to capture it.
This is a teaching video to show you where you can jump your car in Real Racing 3. I start with the basic jumps and move on to the big ones. The trickiest part is capturing pictures of the action!! The popular Nurburgring jump can be seen at 2:40. It's the easiest one to take that looks decent. The biggest jump is at Laguna Seca and can be seen at 6:05. There are more jump spots, but Laguna Seca is the biggest! For some big craziness there, check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg3FKSgFEgM My driver settings here are Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 3 A YouTuber texted me in Spanish asking me for a Spanish commentary. I only speak English so I couldn't do that. However I decided to put down some basic explanations and run it through a Google translator for him. I thought I'd add the English version here, as I didn't put some of this in the video. Here it is: (1) The best cars for jumping have good speed and good grip or traction. (2) You need to have all assists off. "Brakes" and "Traction" will slow you down as you head to the jump. "Steering" may affect your race line heading to the jump. (3) You have to capture the action when it happens. That means you have to have a finger ready on the pause button as you are jumping. You will find when you use the replay feature, that your jumps won't exist. Your car will be almost entirely on the ground. Resume and pause quickly to get your car to move just a tiny bit each time so you can try to get the best picture. Change the camera angles to get more dramatic pictures. If you touch your screen with two fingers you can slide the whole perspective up, down and sideways. This can make it look like you're taking the picture from the ground compared to a standing position. Well I think that should cover it. I hope you become airborne very soon. Happy racing!
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DRAG RACE TRICK!! Perfect launch in Real Racing 3.
Use this trick to get a perfect launch nearly every time.
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Perseverance; Stage 7.2 @ 1131313
It's even more important to brake early and get back to the gas faster in this stage vs 7.1. I spent quite a lot of time here, as this track has been an Achilles heel of mine. This stage provided the pressure I needed to get better on this track. You need a long speedrun on that back straight to get your average speed up.
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Carbon Copy; Stage 7.2; Upgrades 1112121
Remember to take the widest path around the track to build up your average speed. This track is longer than it seems with those wide arcing corners.
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Victory in Motion; Stage 3.1 @ no upgrades
I wanted to do this with no upgrades because I knew it was possible. The slight stutter you hear at the beginning in my acceleration is on purpose. I needed to give the 2nd-place car a fraction of a second to get a little bit in front of me. I always knew I was sloppy at the back half of this track and I still am... but I got a better today!!
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BOT SLOWING in Inheritance event, stage 4.4 @ 1131313
I made this into a tutorial video. It shows you how bot slowing and simplifying targets now works in Special Events.The Real Racing 3 page I referred to in the video has some great pages. I will provide several links as you may not find these pages upon your first visit. Here's the main page, but keep reading for other links http://rr3.wikia.com/wiki/Board:Game_Discussion Press the "Navigation" tab there and the "Strategy" to get to the following. There are lots of other useful pages there as well. The upgrade guide, minimum upgrades required to finish series http://rr3.wikia.com/wiki/RR3_Wiki:Upgrades_Strategy_For_100%25_Completion The link about bot slowing and how TSM works http://rr3.wikia.com/wiki/Time_Shifted_Multiplayer Finally my profile page which also shows blogs I've written and other things http://rr3.wikia.com/wiki/User:ME7
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Motorfiesta 2; Stage 5.3; 1111111
The only challenging part about this stage is not having a humongous lead. A huge lead will increase bot difficulty and target difficulty further on. So I backed up for a while to build my average speed and give the Zonda R a nice Head start. It worked out pretty good.
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Real Racing 3, Path of Defiance, Stage 6.4 1132321 VERY HARD!!!
1st off HUGE THANKS to  "Small Wooden Pig" for taking the pic while doing the wall grind and another HUGE THANKS to "Intense2169" for posting the pic!! This was beyond hard but I got obsessed with doing it. You need to take the widest route around the track, which goes against what racers usually do. I also found it necessary to brake late at the one corner and pitch my back end into the wall to get an extra 2 kph average. I met the top speed requirement many times but kept missing the average speed requirement. That wall grind eats up a lot of speed. To do the wall grind you have to first nail the brakes and steer hard right into the wall. Then at the right time you need to release the brakes and do nothing for a little bit as the car slides sideways, until the car is approaching the corner. At that point you steer hard left and get back into the gas carefully. It was a wild card every time I did it. That's why I had to make sure that my average speed was as high as possible. Sorry that there's no audio, I stopped and started things so much that there was obviously a glitch.
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Motorfiesta 2; Stage 8.3; 1131311
It's not easy to get all you can get out of this track. The corners are very wide so you CAN get a lot of speed out of them... however you risk going off track when you do. you don't want to get back in the gas too early and then have to nail the brakes to stop from going off track. Might as well quit and retry the race right there. I noticed you can't afford much sliding around at all here! I found my sweet spot was to brake perhaps a hair early, roll the corner a bit and then feather the throttle until I can go full.
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Motorfiesta 2; Stage 8.4; 1331311
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MAN this was a hard stage. I came close a couple times with upgrades 1131311 but there's just no room for mistakes that way. I know you could skid 3 times, but if you skid once with those upgrades you don't make it. You also have to ride the razor edge between skidding and going off-track because if you brake too early or over brake you will not make time. So I added some upgrades and got it done! my one additional upgrade was cheaper than skipping so I'm happy with that decision. Here are some key notes; you need to muscle the Regera over when you have lower upgrades. If you make contact with the Regera's front wheel using about your side door, you can actually shove it over without losing speed or risking being pitted. then you need to really nail your line for the whole loooooong race.
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Victory in Motion; Stage 5.2 @ 3331311
I had to add even more upgrades for this one. This is a pretty technical track. Lots of braking earlier than you think you should here.
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RR3, Furai Rising, Stage 5.3 1112121
Not very hard. Just don't overheat, it blows the engine. They should have had fire shoot out!! I misjudged how close to finish line was and crossed it too early. Hopefully I can find a place for bot slowing later on.
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Perpetual Endurance @ Dubai Club Circuit
This video shows you how to run the Dubai Club Circuit as a perpetual endurance race. The only way to do that is to use off-track cuts for faster lap times. This will trigger the glitch of many cars which happens between 20 & 30 km, depending on your lap times. If you run too slow, it will never happen. After that point the cars are very fast, but there are lots of them. As long as you keep going fast, you should be able to fill your clock.
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Unleash The Beast; Stage 7.2; R$ upgrades
R$ upgrades only, Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 10. It was hard for me to reach the top speed in this one. The only way I could figure out to do it was to run right off track and then try to catch up. Average speed was no problem at all.
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Victory in Motion; Stage 5.1 @ 1311111
It's upgrade time! We knew that day was coming. Take that last corner before the back long winding speed section as good as you can. Then you just have to watch your line so you can stay full throttle until you hit speed. There's lots of time to get on the brakes and make those last corners. I actually hit the brakes too early.
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Silver Tourer Event; Stage 6.3; 3111333
Weaving back and forth right at the start helps quite a lot with the lower speed. It made a big difference for me compared to my prior attempts at this stage. Remember to run counterintuitive to regular racing; that means taking the the longest and widest line possible rather than the shortest line through the turns.
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Balance of Power stage 2.2 @ 0000000
You get 1 lap. But if you drive backwards for a while, you can extend the race. This pays of in 2 ways: (1) It gives you more distance to hit average speed. (2) It lengthens the race time wise, which should keep the targets lower.
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Road Trip Event Stage 5.3 @ 3331313
This was also very hard. Remember to take the wider path when you can. We are so used to saving time. But sometimes the longer way makes for a higher average speed.
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Perseverance; Stage 8.4 @ 1331333
This took quite awhile. I had to find the perfect start point and the perfect line, then make it work.
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Ferrari FXX K @ Porsche Short made easier
The purpose of this video is to show you an easier way to drive the Ferrari FXX K at the Porsche short track endurance race. It is the best farming race in the game on any fame bonus day because you can drive as long as you want to... once you get the hang of it ;-)
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Motorfiesta 2; Stage 9.2; 3333333
I tried this stage many times last night and it was very hard at upgrades 1331311. Then I skipped ahead and tried the next stages and they were also quite hard. So I restored, bought stage 3 upgrades and went to sleep! With all 3's you still have to push this car pretty hard, but it's not as crazy as it was for me before!
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Inheritance, Stage 8.4 @ 3333333
I managed to get this one of my first try. Not bad at these upgrades. My lap was pretty sloppy.
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Road Trip Event Stage 6.3 @ 3353313
BRUTAL, BRUTAL, BRUTAL!! I got obsessed with this one and spent about 4 hours on it. Everything about the run has to be perfect to get speed with these upgrades. I was 1/10 of a second short of the target speed over a dozen times. You have to take the left hand corner as absolutely close to the wall as possible because it dips down a bit and you get a speed boost. Then you have to come as close to hitting the wall on the right hand side as possible and almost go completely off track. Then you have to take the next corner extremely outside and almost go off track on the outside. Finally you have to drive as far over to the right as possible for the rest of the way because the track dips a little bit lower there.
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Real Racing 3, Path of Defiance, Stage 1.3. Le Mans short cuts
Huge lead with upgrades 1111111, enough time for some fun at the end (10 to be exact). Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 5.
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Real Racing 3, Path of Defiance, Stage 5.1
It's amazing how late you can brake on the first corner. After that, I chose to break a little bit early and get back in the throttle quicker. This is important on that last corner before you hit the Daytona Speedway section. Ahmed is faster and can get away from you. Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 4, upgrades 1112121.
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Inheritance, Stage 7.2 @ 1131313
I guess I should have left the FXX K alone. Although it felt pretty good to beat him! Anyhow... all the good Spa shortcuts are here. I needed all of them to finish in time. You have to run Tilt B and no assists to make them work. This car is slippery, I had to brake earlier than I'm used to.
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RR3, Relentless Event 5.4 R$ only.
The skid at the start saves a lot of time. It will slow you down faster than brakes alone and faster than going into a sideways skid and flooring it. Have the brakes on before it even starts. make a slight right, then left, then hard right to slide sideways & stay on track. Do not get on the gas yet! If you get on the gas too early you will waste a bunch of time spinning your tires. Wait until you're almost at a complete stop then get on the gas and try not to spin the tires. Now you just need to avoid traffic which is hard because they come very fast! Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 3.
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Real Racing 3; Rennsport Redefined Event; Stage 4.1
Well... it's a bit of a sloppy mess, but here you go. Off-track cuts, wall-riding, I got it done! Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 6, upgrades 1112121
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Road Trip Event Stage 6.5 @ 3353313
Not a very hard stage, I did it partially unserviced. I apologize for the glitch near the end that cut out my audio. My phone storage got full, so it ended the recording. I had to clear out some stuff, start a second recording and splice the two together. 140 gold spent on upgrades.
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Perseverance; Stage 5.4 @ 1131312
I love these kind of stages because it's something different. The cuts I took are useful. Apparently a collision after you cross the finish line doesn't hurt you ;-)
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Motorfiesta 2; Stage 8.1; 1131311
I needed to add some Exhaust upgrades (up to 3) to pass this one. I worked out a start point on the back straight to hit my speed run. I had trouble doing it without coming to a stop. That meant pitting the Bugatti so I could get myself somewhat setup. I got some tailgating time in before. then I just had a fight with the Bugatti to get the rest. Sending that Bugatti flying on the last corner was absurdly fun!
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RR3, One on 1 event, stage 8.1 R$ upgrades
First things first. The bots take a VERY wide lines for the 1st 4 turns of Nurburgring. You MUST take advantage of this. They take the 1st turn okay. 2nd, 3rd & 4th turns they are very wide and slow. Jostle with Magnus here as much as possible. Pit him when he loses his usefulness! For the first 1st turn, take the inside line and brake VERY late. Just as you are nearing the pack, turn a bit left then hard right to slide and hit the pack with your side (you need to protect your front end as mush as possible). AS you turn hard right, floor it! This will help you not to go off-track as easy. I kept reversing after the hit, wasting time. You don't want to hit Magnus or he will fall back too far, a slight tap is good though. NOTE: you can be in 10th place here but be in 1st after the 4th turn easy. Tilt B no assists. NOTE: This is an old video when I was still using horizontal tilt. My One:1 is now fully upgraded, so re-running it that way won't be helpful.
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Carbon Copy; Stage 8.1; Upgrades 3332324
I don't know about you, but I found this stage surprisingly hard. A lot of it was just dealing with the different braking points and lines of the other cars. this C11 needs to be in the prime spots on the track to really perform and the bots were usually there. It was a matter of figuring out how the bots take the corners in the different cars and taking advantage of it.
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Porsche Short Track Endurance Teaching Video in the Audi R8 LMS Ultra
This video is to help you run the Porsche Short Track Endurance race in the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, as long as you want to. I keep my car clean for the first 16 laps. Then I crash & trash it starting at lap 17 and see if I can still keep up. To go right to lap 17 go to 11:18. I catch the perpetual point in lap 12 go to 8:20 for that. The hardest part of the race is just before you catch the perpetual point, that's why staying clean is important so you have maximum top speed, acceleration, grip & brakes. This race is found in the Exclusive Series for the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. You have to fully upgrade the car to race it, which cost 99 gold. You get 50 gold back for finishing the Exclusive Series alone, so it's 49 gold. Plus this car is needed for 4 other series. Happy racing!
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RR3, One on 1 event, stage 7.4 R$ upgrades
Stay on Magnus, purposely hit him lighty EVERY corner by braking late to get him loose and slow him down. Try to smash him into the wall at the chicane to give him severe front end damage. If that doesn't work (like my video) let him pass and pit him on the start/finish straight. Tilt B no assists. NOTE: This is an old video when I was still using horizontal tilt. My One:1 is now fully upgraded, so re-running it that way won't be helpful.
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120 km @ Indy Endurance.  R.I.P. my favorite race is dead!
THEY KILLED IT!! This is now a memorial video for the carnage that was, but shall never again be. The race is still in McLaren Generations but it no longer works. No matter what I do, I can no longer get big groups of cars. They have successfully killed this race with their second attempt. It is very disappointing for me, not like people are making a ton of fame off this race anymore. It was the most exciting race in the game for me. Getting through massive trains of bots alive was challenging and exhilarating. My best was 297 km (after FM changes things the 1st time). I'll leave this video up for archive purposes I guess. To skip ahead to where the traffic gets thick go to 8:40.
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Endurance race @ Autodromo Nazionale Monza V.2
It was time to take another swing at getting over 100 km here. In the process I show the various cuts that you can take at this track. One is quite surprising and saves a lot of time. It's also very hard to do at high speed!
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Real Racing 3, Path of Defiance, Stage 7.4
To do this with low upgrades you need to get in the lead fast and then control the pack. The inside cut on corner one is critical. I opted not to do any wall rides because they waste fuel. You also have to avoid taking on damage to make the most of your fuel. To wreck someone without taking on damage, you release the throttle right as you're spinning them. And of course, you have to save a tiny bit of fuel for the end. Tilt B, no assists, sensitivity 4, upgrades 1132321.
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