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Yung Pro - Walk The Street
Second Track on "No Reason To Complain" made by music artist Yung Pro, with the use of TourStar Productions, Demotte IN.
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Yung Pro - Trap Dawg (Official Music Video)
TourStar Productions and Associates. "Chasing Our Dreams Together" NWI 219 Yung Pro's Trap Dawg music video. Like and subscribe to support future projects like these. Get connect on facebook with TourStar Hustle, have a great day!
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Yung Pro - Trapt In The Trap (draft)
barely had energy to make this a day before thanks giving but here we go lol, its needs a lot of work especially with the timing of the beat, but I had to get a rough draft out before I lost interest in its idea, passing out hard core soon, love you guys, goodnigt
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Yung Pro Angel - Go Tell The Family (draft/ live)
Exploring all genres of music, and though up this song, what kind of genre would you say this is? Goth punk, goth rock? Not really sure, more music work on the way, and as always please subscribe and follow my facebook page TourStar Hustle as Austin and Yung Pro work together to learn how make music and put together interesting works.
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Yung Pro - Mad Dawg Trapin
Another excellent banger by Yung Pro the underground legend of NWI 219. Enjoy, follow TourStar Productions on facebook! at TourStar Hustle, or subscribe to the YouTube channel, always the best place to see new content as soon as it arrives!
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Yung Pro - This Empty Chair (Official Music Video)
Another track from Yung Pro, produced in the NWI music and entertainment lab, TourStar Productions. Yung Pro and TourStar is always actively looking for new people to work with for, actors, actress, camera operators, sound engineers, beat and instrumental builders, collaborating music artists, lyric writers, fitness partners, street racing contestants, car shows ect. Contact TourStar today at TourStar Hustle on Facebook, or messege the discussion section on the YouTube channel. Have a great day! and don't give up on your dreams!
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Yung Pro - Ima Huslah (Official Music Video)
Very first TourStar Productions music video made, for the 219 area local rapper Yung Pro, "A New Legend In The Light".
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Yeah, taste of 2017!
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Coast Contacts: S1 E3 - Island Of Trees
Join Yung Pro on his adventures of Music, Film, Fitness, and Automotive, Yung Pro is an underground NWI rapper, just trying to make it day by day as he also improves his music technique while trying to finish projects aimed at the entertainment industry, stay tuned with Coast contacts on the TourStar Hustle facebook page.
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Coast Contacts: Episode 2 - Trail Of Memories
The second episode of the TourStar Productions series Coast Contacts! Follow Yung Pro through the musical adventures that is TourStar and be inspired to chase your dreams! "Chasing Our Dreams Together" is the 2018 motto of TourStar Productions, keep in touch with Yung Pro and TourStar at the TourStar Hustle facebook page! Have and great day and remember, its never too late to begin positivity, you will never behind, and you will never loose anything by choosing positivity now, and giving up hate today.
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episode 9 prequal teaser
Part of epsiode 9 is a prequel, I finished it, so here it is, enjoy
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Coast Contacts: S1 E7 - The Plan
Another Coast Contacts episode from TourStar Productions, which becomes more established as a empire with each completed project. Join TourStar today by subscribing or liking the TourStar Hustle facebook page! Yung Pro and TourStar are always looking for new members, assistants, associates, collaborations, ect. If your interested in music, film, automotive or fitness, hit up tourstarproductions today, through TourStar hustle, or the discussion tab on the YouTube channel.
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Yung Pro - Waiting For Her (draft)
Had a song Idea today and I threw it together real quick, not exactly a final draft but I'm satisfied with it, I just really wana make another music video soon really badly, not to work on the Go tell the family final draft then I'll make a music video for that one, its gonna be a lot of fun, stay happy everyone, WOW listening to it later, I realize how awful as fuck I sound tonight lol, my voice is thrashed from the screamo idea I was practicing.
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Yung Pro - Slow Crowd (TourStar Techno Edition)
end of November of 2017, fucked up night tonight, practicing music is the only thing that keeps me sane now adays, didn't have the right brain chemicals to make any songs with vocals today, just made this simple techno beat, which i'll one day use as part of the sound track for episode one of coast contacts, life will be wayyyy better after tomorrow afternoon, I promise. I love everyone, we can achieve our dreams as long as we never give up, peace, going to sleep Z z z
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Coast Contacts: S1 E5 - The Dam
Episode 5, I'm falling asleep, have a good night everyone
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TourStar 3'rd Age: Total Tech (Dj Dusk Chronicles)
description to be added.
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Episode 8 (7) prequal teaser
Last time, on Coast Contacts... ;)
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Yung Pro - Fuck Homies (draft)
Bad ass song I idea I come up with on thanks giving right before I went to bed. Will redo it in the future and make a music video for it, sit tight.
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Coast Contacts: S1 E6 - Energy
Another Coast Contacts episode where Yung Pro stocks up on energy drinks and continues his fitness routine to restore high level energy to complete more TourStar projects just for hardworking positive people like you!
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Coast Contacts: S1 E4 - Blue Mass
Welcome to the fourth episode of Coast Contacts, brought to you by TourStar Productions, follow and find more at the TourStar Hustle facebook page. "Chasing Our Dreams Together"
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Coast Contacts: S1 E9 - Resurrection
After months of struggle, Yung Pro is back! Restoring TourStar and bring himself back on his feet with another excellent episode of Coast Contacts! The war path continues to become more difficult now, as Yung Pro faces unemployment and a break down self discipline. Follow Coast Contacts and more at TourStar Hustle on Facebook and become part of the journey! Currently looking for actors, actresses, sound engineers, instrumentals, or any positive person interested in pursing great with Yung Pro, be aware there may be a very long interview process, can't wait for you to reach out :D
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Coast Contacts: S1 E8 - TourStar Fitness
While the Punisher is under repair, the fitness goals of Yung Pro and TourStar remain strong. Follow Coast Contacts at TourStar Hustle, on Facebook, also find out how you can get involved in achieving your dreams or joining the TourStar team. Have a great day! Don't give up! Update: 5/17/18, added the episode prequel to the episode which was forgotten at original release, also look like it has been cut by one minute, opportunity for a deleted scenes video.
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Yung Pro - This Empty Chair
Another track by NWI's one and only Yung Pro, progress and improvement in the underlying goal of all TourStar projects, come enjoy the journey.
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Yung Pro has returned!
I have rejoined the war path, and am ready to continue the adventure, stay tuned for a whole bunch of new TourStar content, you can join Yung Pro and TourStar anytime by emailing tourstarproductions@gmail.com
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Yung Pro - Use What You Got
First track made by music artist Yung Pro, with the use of TourStar Productions, Demotte IN.
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Yung Pro - Gameplay ft. Jaz (draft)
female vocals: Jaz male vocals: Yung Pro Beat: Andrew's Sounds (Mr. France)
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Yung Pro and Hours FreeStyle Session--Back in the old days
TourStar Productions
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Yung Pro - All Alone (draft)
Something I threw together where I feature myself as a entering rapper in a smoth song, I have a lot of features with other artists already ready to work with, so stay tuned, all always keep positive and happiness in your life the best you can and try to achieve your goals, also a subscribe is always encouraged as well.
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TourStar 3'rd Age: That's all there is to it. (Dj Dusk Chronicles)
Dj Dusk is my old EDM name when I first started music, murging a few of that channel's video before scraping it. More description to be added.
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Hood Ratery theme song development
TourStar Productions
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Coast Contacts- behind the scenes catch!
Behind the scene catch, of NWI 219 underground rapper, Yung Pro setting up the new upcoming TourStar Productions series, "Coast Contacts" coming soon!
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Coast Contacts: Episode 1 - Welcome To TourStar
Episode 1 of Coast Contacts is released on 12/31/17 Happy New Years! Lets hit 2018 nonstop hustling with our friend Yung Pro and his whip The Punisher! "Chasing Our Dreams Together" Have a great day! Update 1/3/2018 I've now added narrator or dialog parts to some scenes. 1/6/2018 update, I added another round of dialog for the last third of the episode, even though there are a few tiny things i'd like to change, I'm calling 100% done. Update 1/7/2018, I cut some dialog less footage from the tourstar lab observation scene, adjusted the custom thumbnail so the episode number is visible and not blocked about the video duration time, then I also mastered the entire audio, this time I am very satisfied with it, and see nothing else bugging me, have a great day everyone! Update 1/7/2018, I had to unmaster the audio because of a narration glitch provided by LANDR, so much for their free mastering services. This time it better be final, lol
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Coast Contacts: Official Theme Scene (Season 1)
Updated preview/ theme scene, one previous version removed, Episode one should be released this evening, No Limit, Coast Contacts, Solitude Traveler, No limit about street racing, Coast Contacts about music, Sol Trav is about kung fu, however instead of three separate films, i think I'm just gonna make you series coast contacts, idk still trying to make up my mind with all this, but i know for sure that i have to make the first episode tonight as a milestone
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TourStar: Yung Pro Interview!
Ohhh dammm, looks like Yung Pro has done it again... Follow Yung Pro on Facebook with TourStar Hustle. Fuck, look like I'm doing this shit at gun point lol, lookin like a fuckin hostage situation LOL
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Yung Pro - Just Like Him v1 (draft)
Brand new song, I cooked up in my music lab, its a little on the short side more than i'd, and I have two rough patches in the second half, cause I didn't rehearse enough, so this is defiantly a rough draft, but I love this shit sooo bad, "I just have to force myself, to do it" Please drop a subscribe on my channel its always heavily appreciated, soon I'll make a appreciate for all my subbers thanking them for there support, adios homies.
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March free style Yung Pro
Crazy night
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2017 positivity and vibin, peace and love
Peace and love, some random r and b song idea when I still had my hair long also I was 21 at this time, which is crazy to think about
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Yung Pro - Gameplay Trial Prod: Andrew'sSounds (draft)
Another rough draft song I made for you guys, hope yall like it, honestly I love it badddd, I think it might be my favorite now, I met a homie in France that decided to do some music work with me in the US, he sent over his beat and I put some words to it, hopefully this becomes a good music contact, wish me the best guys, every like and subscribe helps like crazy! Love you guys, adios!
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Yung Pro- Chronicles Of Repgang (draft)
NWI 219 Underground rapper Yung Pro, also known as Yung Pro Rep Gang, in the media, releases, Chronicles Of Repgang, where he begins to tell some of the story of his upbringing into the rap and hip hop world. Please feel free to subscribe to this channel as the secrets and evolution of Yung Pro's music adventures gradually unfold.. Yung Pro here, any one who finds me on youtube that wants to make music with me, be a part of my crew, learn how to make music for free, any of the above, I am here for you, and I am ready to discuss how we can get you involved, lets do it brothah.
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TourStar Hood Ratery Preview
Preview for Hood Ratery Episode 1, coming soon.
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Coast Contacts - Preview 1.5
TourStar Productions presents a web series, "Coast Contacts" in the works, stay turned! Episode 1 will be here before we know it!
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Taste of 2017! There are no limits!
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Most AMAZING freestyle Yung Pro
Chillin after work, after workout, not my beat, something that was playing on YouTube by 'Rap Beats" channel, unfortunately they don't allow u to make a song with it for free. Loved doing the freestyle anyway
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Yung Pro - Ima Huslah
another practice/learning song is Yung Pro's progression to building a music empire. This beat for produced by Sean Michael, who is some type of promoter/producer I ran into somewhere, lol.
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Yung Pro - Success Story
Third track made by music artist Yung Pro, with the use of TourStar Productions, NWI 219 Shout out to my Casey's Pizza crew in ****** *** ****** *******.
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Yung Pro  - Trap Dawg
Beat was provided by SMP Music Productions to help your very own TourStar Productions! Follow TourStar and Yung Pro at TourStar Hustle on Facebook.
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March freestyle 2 Yung Pro NWI
Crazy morning
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