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Damaura Featuring Jared (JBD) - I'm Broken (Pantera cover)
Slims show in San Francisco 2/16/18
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Tom Araya of Slayer saying thank you 5/13
Sacramento California show
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Damaura - Fall Before Me live
Opening song at Slims in San Francisco on 2/16/18
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Damaura - Fall Before Me end
Slims show in SF 2/16/18
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JBD Returns to play The Smoking Sun
Sorry the video sucks but the sound came through pretty good. This is Jared, Bernt & Dan (JBD) playing a song at the B's house during his birthday on 10/6/2017. So enjoy this awesome performance of this great band.
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B Strom playing "We All Float"
Open Mic on 6-20-18. At the Red Hat
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Damaura - Vendetta live at Slims in SF
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