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Far Cry 5 - Mars DLC Easter Egg?
Playing some Coop with a friend and I didn't get a chance to run into the teleporter. So I did it this time and it was a reference to something!
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Escape from Tarkov - Scav Loot
I jump in a game as a Scav, but I get the tail end of the game and all the players left. I proceeded to kill all the scav NPCs for their loot.
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Escape from Tarkov - Hiding in a bush
I was sneaking around trying to finish my task when I happen to run across someone who was doing the same thing. He could've just exited. So cheeky.
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Squad Montage
Playing Squad for the PC! I apologize for the loud audio. Enjoy! Music: "Strength of a Thousand Men" by Two Steps From Hell
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Day of Infamy - I get knifed by a bot?!
Just a short clip of me getting spanked by a bot. The AI is smarter than I thought. My commander dies in front of me, I missed my bayonet stab and I get gutted.
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PUBG - Winning and a triple kill
First two clip is in one game, the guys I shot at had two Mk14. Yes, I have potato aim. Last clip is just a random 3 kill against some people who probably wanted to die.
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Monster Hunter: World - Wtf
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Dark Souls 3 - Invading
Just giving randoms a hard time in Dark Souls 3. I apologize for the loud audio. Enjoy! Hit that like button if I need to work on my editing cause I know I suck at it.
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Arma 3 Funny Moment
Just me and a few friends fooling around in Arma 3 Enjoy!
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Day of Infamy - Hold the Line!
This game is free this weekend, so I decided to try my luck against AI with a new players.
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Escape from Tarkov - Pure Profit
Did an axe run and got lucky. AI was distracted enough for me to land an alt attack. Profited an AK74u, 3 mags and a black rock vest.
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Insurgency - Killing noobs
A short clip of me running past my cousin and killing my brother. Cousin - BigShell007 Brother - ButtonMasher
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PUBG - Superman punch
A few friends and I were messing around and this guy came for some AFK kills. So we decided to teach him a lesson. (I couldn't remove the watermark. I will remove them in future videos)
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M4A1 loot - Escape from Tarkov
I went into Factory for some loot and came across this guy by pure luck. Of course, there was a huge connection issue and I ended up loosing everything including my silenced AK74u. Like for loss gear.
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Saving Private RumTheif - PUBG
Just a couple games of good kills on my part.
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PUBG - Set a trap!
I haven't played this game for over 3 months and I decided to jump back on and got really lucky with this win.
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Escape from Tarkov - Close encounter
The Escape gods allowed me to live this round. I mucked a grenade throw and the AI forgot to turn on aimbot luckily. I apologize about the background noise. I wish my uncle would use a headset.
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Contagion /w Jourjii (Am I going to Turn?)
Hey everyone, new to the community. Click the like button if you enjoyed the video. All other video does not belong to me aside from the gameplay footage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Players: https://www.twitch.tv/jourjii ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Becoming Human" by Ryan Taubert - Main Song "Sad Violin" by Unknown - Ending Song
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