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Clash Royale | warning: i suck
Today guys i play clash royale but please forgive me if i havent post for a while i just had an exam in my school so ya hope you like this one 😀👍👍👍
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Nice... | Reacting to Instant regret playlist
Hey guys so today i watched the instant regret playlist idk why i said nice so much and there were too many bongo cats
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So much editing... | Critical Battle Strike
Hey guys so today i worked so frikin hard editing all night but i did it i pulled through and here it is leave a like if you loved this vid and subscribe
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So Many New Team Members!! | Pokemon ruby randomizer nuzlocke 2
Hey guys i felt like i needed to redeem myself with the terrible vid yesterday so heres a better one hope u enjoy😉😉😉😉😘😘😘😘😘
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These guys are noobs | pokemon duel
Guys today i played pokemon duel and my recorded was broken so that sucked but its fine i did some editing for once XD anyways dont forget to sub😉😉😉😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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Custom map | prison break part 2
Play this in MCPE master
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Custom map | prison break
Available in MCPE master
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OOPS... | Pokemon ruby Randomizer Nuzlocke
Hey guys so today i kind of messed up and didnt name my cleffa... but hope you like this video anyway
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My first vid.
Pls hold on to other vids!!!!!!!!
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Just parkour ep.4 | (the finale!!!)
Try this map in MCPE master
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Just parkour | episode 1
Play this really easy parkour
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Mind your foot test
Subscribe to my friend super ender boy
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Mega dropper 5
This map can be downloaded in MCPE master
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A new Beggining | Pokèmon Ruby Randomizer Nuzlocke 1
Hey guys today i made a randomizer nuzlocke video/series hey guys sorry about the weird background music i messed up in the editor xP but hope you guys enjoy it!!!
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The other half of kirby and the amazing mirror
Hey guys this is the other half of kirby and the amazing mirror so check out the other vid first!!!!!
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I won the tournament!! | Bomber friends
Hey guys ace here thanks for waiting for my vids im sorry i dont post often but its becuase i have school and other problems and also i just had my birthday!!! Yay 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍻🍻
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The fastest battle in clash royale ever
This is a fight that i did while training and it was unexpectedly fast is unexpectedly even a word i dont know ask google XD
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I dont know what im doing...!!! | Kirby and the amazing mirror
Hey guys today i played some kirby it was alot of fun but i didnt know what i was doing so sucked .-. And this is unfinished so i had to make another vid wait for that because i almost passed the 15 minute mark and i wouldnt have been able to post this but anyways enjoy the vid and leave a like ;)👍👍👍👍
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Christmas tomb 7 | awesome Christmas map
Sorry guys if I didn't talk in this one and also for not uploading videos for like 3 weeks I'm so sorry but I hope you enjoyed this one pls sub and like to me and I'll see you guys in another video
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Ohhh zombie!! | Pixelated unknown battleground
Hey guys just uplouded this video for you guys since i have not recorded for like 100000 years again😂😂 but hope you guys enjoy this video
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I CAN'T SPEAK | Reacting to People are Awesome
Today guys is my BIRTHDAY!!! and i reacted to people are awesome again and it was "awesome"
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Guys im back and im doing a try not to laugh
Guys im so sorry i didnt post a video for so so so so so so long but i hope you enjoy this one and tell me if you laugh in the comments
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Just Riding Around!!!
Hey guys today i couldnt ready record so im so sorry but i did do this one so... we good no.... ok.... LOL
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Guys im changing my name...
Guys i changed my name to ace-c KAVN and remember to hit 1,000 subs for the name of KAVN
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Doing draft battles!! | Clash royale
Today i watched some draft battles and a 2v2 battle too and im sorry if i havent been recording i had a broken finger yes i really did im not makin this up but im good now join my clan in clash royale btw ill be waiting and i finally learned how to edit😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
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Dont let me down | minecraft jukebox song parody
Guys look at this awsome map that i found in mcpe master this looks awsome and cool maybe i'll try to do one aswell in the future
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I NEED TO TRAIN... | Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke
Hey guys today i realized almost all of my pokemons are under leveled... so i will train off camera so look forward for that in the next episode and dont forget to leave a like and subscribe and leave suggestions of names for the next episode bye!!!
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Ahhh YEET!!! | Reacting to People Are Awsome
Hey guys this was a really cool vid and i made an intro!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃 Subscribe to their channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Hadoukentheband Subscribe to my channel!!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6s5TxiiJHamtVNLu0rfU5A
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Just parkour | ep.2 (the hard mines)
Shout out to UNDEAD for watching my vids.
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Elytra challenge | custom map | oh that was hype!
Play this game in MCPE master and sub to me and to my friend super ender boy
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My closes clash royale battle yet!!
Hey guys i did this video so i can share this video to clash lol he does really funny clash royale vids go check him out
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