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K2 - The Ultimate high - Ascent
Just a clip from the Movie K2, The Ultimate High. With music from Chaz Jankel, this clip is presented much like a music video. Copyright by Paramount Pictures, Trans Pacific Films, Miramax Films, Screenscope
Просмотров: 3418 Christian Lanctot
Hyundai Ioniq Electric schedule charging
i explain how i use the schedule charging feature in the Ioniq electric to charge in off peak hours. even on weekends!
Просмотров: 1187 Christian Lanctot
ioniq ev autoxing on stock tires
2017 Ioniq EV autoxing on factory low resistance tires. best run of the day. 92nd place overall. the tires are the biggest handicap.
Просмотров: 514 Christian Lanctot
K2 - The ultimate high - Summit
Clip from K2, The ultimate high. Music by Chaz Jankel. The clip is presented like sort of a music video. Copyright by Paramount Pictures, Trans Pacific Films, Miramax Films, Screenscope
Просмотров: 9978 Christian Lanctot
Hyundai Ioniq Electric CarStream (Youtube auto) on Android auto
Carstream app, formerly known as Youtube Auto, on a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq electric. This is a sideload app not available on Google Play. You have to enable developer mode in Android Auto to make it work. Developed by Kiran Kumar at http://www.thekirankumar.com/blog/2017/12/29/play-youtube-video-android-auto-app/
Просмотров: 2505 Christian Lanctot
Ioniq EV Charge Door
By the owner: Hyundai Ioniq Electric 2017. This is how I handle the charging door plug covers. If you want to protect your paint, don't do like some reviewers do. Be careful and stow the plug caps in the proper way.
Просмотров: 275 Christian Lanctot
Arlo scares away thief. Mississauga, ON, Canada, 2017-09-06, 3:26
A suspected thief approaches my front door on a Thursday at 3:26 AM. My Arlo pro camera captures the action. Once the suspect sees the camera in the corner, he backs up and walks away. As he does so, you can hear some metallic noise from his backpack as hs slings it over his shoulder. Could those be break-in tools? I made the neighbors aware of the suspect and he was spotted in the neighborhood the next night.
Просмотров: 652 Christian Lanctot
Arlo pro catches suspected thief, Mississauga, On, Canada, 2017-11-07, 19:13
My Arlo pro caught some suspicious behavior at 19:13 on a Tuesday. This young girl first stops in front of my house and looks around before approaching the front door. She didn't even ring the doorbell. She tried to peek through the side window but it's glazed so you can't see inside anyway. She then tests if the door is locked. Who does this kind of thing? I think she's an opportunity thief.
Просмотров: 212 Christian Lanctot
Arlo Pro captures various critters
My 2017 collection of the Arlo Pro capturing various critters on my front porch. Dogs, Cats, Birds, a Skunk and a Rabbit. I haven't yet caught some other animals that i've seen in the area which are Hawks, Owl, Coyotes, Fox, Racoons, Voles and Mice.
Просмотров: 54 Christian Lanctot
Car Fire in Markham
4 cars on fire in Markham, Wed Dec 23rd 2015. Black Infiniti Ex35 caught on fire and it spread to a Mitsubishi SUV, Nissan Rogue and Lexus RX. Nobody was hurt and at least 3 of the cars are most likely complete write-offs.
Просмотров: 490 Christian Lanctot
SAGE MAS90 - Introduction to Advanced Lookup Engine
I introduce you to SAGE MAS90's lookup engine. I was the lead in the project. I identified the need for the product, designed the table schema, designed the architecture and programmed most of the programs needed to make it all fit together.
Просмотров: 256 Christian Lanctot
FQ-777 954 High Altitude
A High altitude flight of the FQ777 954 "the eyes" from a schoolyard in Etobicoke, On, Canada. Went about 90ft high, lost control, came back down and crashed in the grass. Survived with no damage. Was immediately flown again.
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Coyote in Mississauga (May 6th 2018)
Spotted at my front door in the centre of Mississauga. 5:00AM on May 6th 2018. This coyote came from the area around Cooksville Creek.
Просмотров: 36 Christian Lanctot
Paper prototype of multi layer watchface
A paper version the watchface for smart watches.
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