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Fell feels stupid
Didn’t expect to finish this, but whatever. Here’s the original link to the video the audio came from —- https://youtu.be/CUvFeyGxaaU Original Undertale and Sans belong to Toby Fox Yes, I know, the editing sucks. So does the Mac for making art.
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Sans lies to himself
Audio from - https://youtu.be/t7HgLK3kZRg Undertale and characters by Toby Fox
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Chara can’t sing!!!
A stupid video I can’t help but make. First video: https://youtu.be/lOvKcH5IXp8 Second video: https://youtu.be/DOWbvYYzAzQ Characters Chara, Frisk, and Asriel from Undertale by Toby Fox Crappy drawings and editing by me.
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Pocket Sans (speedpaint)
Undertale Boss Medley https://youtu.be/kCDC_UwyZxM https://m.soundcloud.com/dragonxvi/bones-to-pick-undertale-boss-medley
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He pushed me down the stairs! (Undertale AUs)
Thought it would be hilarious if this happened because why not? Original Video - https://youtu.be/Va74eCimyf0 Undertale(c) by Toby Fox
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Zim being too loud
Invader Zim is a Nickelodeon show created by Jhonen Vasquez I got the song from this video https://youtu.be/LxZGuBW30MY and this video is inspired by this meme https://youtu.be/a0ppe8GFI6k
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Monika is controlling the mouse!
This is seriously freaky. 😐 Monika seems to like to take control of everything!
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Sans mocks Papyrus
Was in the process of making it, but too lazy to finish it. Maybe I’ll finish it later.😑 Original comic is by https://digitalcrayon.tumblr.com/ Audio by https://crashboombanger.tumblr.com/
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Gir and Zim speedpaint
Gir and Zim are in a Nickelodeon’s show Invader Zim created by Jhonen Vasquez Gir’s doom song remix is from here https://youtu.be/Bmy58HhKMtc
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Cooking with Papyrus speedpaint
Undyne dubstep theme — https://youtu.be/ZculJHTJTQ0 Undertale and characters belong to Toby Fox
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Grillby’s speedpaint
Jazz Sans remix — https://youtu.be/bDPAsqPELiw Undertale and characters belong to Toby Fox
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50+ Tumblr Followers! (With speedpaint)
Didn’t expect to get 50+ Tumblr followers, that’s cool! Also whats the point in having a YouTube account if I don’t post any videos? I might post some speedpaints and/or animations on here (even though they might be terrible, but who knows! I have to TRY first!) I drew this picture with ibisPaint The music came from iMovie And the original character of sans as well as the picture I took colors from is by Toby Fox.
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He BrOkE mY hEaRt!  (Yandere Simulator)
Yandere Simulator is created by YandereDev. ......To lazy to finish the rest of the video.
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Onmyoji Fanart speedpaint
I drew this for the Onmyoji fanart contest on deviantart, but I kinda doubt it would win though.
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Cyborg Undyne (speedpaint)
Someone on requested me to draw Undyne as a cyborg for this art challenge https://xmoonyxbunnyx.tumblr.com/post/173546726680/monster-egos-drawing-meme-i-tried-to-find
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Gir speedpaint
Gir is from Nickelodeon’s Invader Zim created by Jhonen Vasquez I think the song Gir’s theme. https://youtu.be/PzL8TUqTZ2w
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Vampire Teddy speedpaint
I don’t know. Sometimes you just gotta draw a vampire teddy.
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Art challenge request #1
I was doing an art challenge on tumblr https://xmoonyxbunnyx.tumblr.com/post/173546726680/monster-egos-drawing-meme-i-tried-to-find
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Ragamuffin speedpaint
Ragamuffin is a character from Lenore be Roman Dirge. I’m too lazy to edit music in this time. So enjoy this awkwardly silent quick speedpaint!
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Hotdog stand speedpaint
Core theme - https://youtu.be/tDuEWw648jo
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Zim being too loud (speedpaint)
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Deleteing Monika
Man...despite how scary Doki Doki Litrature Club is it's kinda fun! Though it's only my opinion. If you don't like being scared this isn't the game for you.
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