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Make Beautiful Jewelry DIY for Almost Nothing.
Jewelry created using unusual diy craft materials. In a time where jewelry is too expensive to wear and costume accessories can cost a pretty penny too Here is some inspiration to get started on your own diy. Have fun.
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I HAVE TO SHOW YOU WHO HURT ME...(not what you may expect)
Song: Lykki Li & Kleerup on (I do not right this song. I in no way monitariy profit from it in anyway, nor will I ever do so with this created video. I have requested permission from the artist to use their music. I am using this song currently under fair use rights. To hear the original artist vocal on You-Tube go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/lykkelivideos
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Trayvon Martin style INJUSTICE relived in Miami Florida.
An off-duty Florida Miami-Dade County Firefighter attacks a disabled U.S.A. veteran couple for noting his auto license tag number. The off-duty Florida Miami-Dade County Firefighter, is caught on video when he decides to attack a woman almost 20 years his elder, who has been deemed disabled with severe arthritis, for simply taking his tag number down while standing on the government property across from their home of 25 years. The woman is pushed to the ground breaking her arm in the fall. When her husband comes to her aid the off-duty Florida Miami-Dade Firefighter charges at him, pushing him in the chest, and then goes back to attack the wife again, after she had gotten back up. The man defends himself and his wife in front of their home from the attacking stranger with a legally owned concealed weapon and finally, the off-duty Florida Miami Dade Firefighter runs away. The legally registered and owned firearm, which was returned to the police who documented the incedent, has been used against this disabled American Veteran, despite the fact that it was never discharged. In a stand to defend himself and his wife from an aggressive physical attack the defending husband has been CHARGED WITH ASSALT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, while the Florida Miami-Dade Firefighter has not yet come under questioning of any sort. FLORIDA MIAMI-DADE GOVERNMENT DA may(I use this word for legal reasons, but the truth is understood) be trying to take this couples only proof THE HOME SECURITY VIDEO SYSTEM of what was done in a vicious attack against them, which is why it is posted HERE, for the world to see BEFORE IT IS CONFISCATED AND DESTROYED. The couple state that the video system was installed at the suggestion of police officers, after a report was made to the police, due to a witnessed (by the wife) tampering with the couples mailbox. Other illegal occurances have made the couple fearful for their safety. The Government of Miami Florida wants to bury this proof of injustice by their own employees, while forcing abused and battered citizens into silence. Final, interjection; this was also a race driven hate crime, due to the derogatory language of the Fireman towards the woman being battered in front of her own home.
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West Coast + Dreams of Nature
Lana Del Rey's West Coast + Dreams of Nature by Tatyana Zvanskaya's combined as a duel artistic form. I have no rights to any of this material. It just seemed wrong to tear it up once it was together. I could not find the first time I looked so I uploaded it here so at least someone could see the balance of richness if pastel white an a myopic view of tiny details the song calms you down enough to appreciate. To me the first time I hear/saw this I was transfixed I listened and it was like morphine for the ears. The intro with the woman wearing decorative paper looks a lot like Audy Kawasaki art which in love with. So, the original person who pieced together this audio-visual piece brilliantly, (I can only assume since it's on his channel) is Peter Tatsis. Check him out because I thought his song+video was down and I had to share the genius . I'm not looking for subs that's too much work, but if you enjoy then that's all I wanted, and to give the creators their fair bit of praise and credit here.
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