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Daily E#5 Drinking Kool Aid; jk it' sj just green tea
Today we're talking about drinking Kool-Aid and how biased everyone is. Liberal or conservative, you will never get the full story because the Bible says "Let God's Word be true and every man a liar."
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Daily E Podcast #3
Topic of the day: Work and retirement. Do we really work "full-time"? Is America becoming a nation of freelancers?
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Liberal Conservative Podcast #9: Weird news, Kentucky humor, and Bill Clinton' birthday
Weird news from Kentucky, Kentucky humor, my longest podcast, and former President Bill Clinton's day. I never thought I could say Bill Clinton and 69 in the same sentence. Looks like I was right.
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Daily E #2
Featuring the Daily E and a music video from The Soggy Bottom Boys, "man of constant sorrow."
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E Bishop Show #13: All about wellness
I wear my work shirt and talk about how I have spent most of my life in the grocery business. I go on to share how working for Sprouts (an organic store) is more about promoting a lifestyle in addition to just selling groceries and how it lines up perfectly with my calling as a wellness blogger. Then I randomly (or spiritually led) start to discuss how man corrupts everything; from "organic food" to capitalism and even religion. This ends with my belief that one can follow the Christ and not necessarily understand Jesus, or even follow Jesus but not the religious cult built around Him.
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The Daily E for Friday 5-9-14
My first E-podcast featuring the infamous Daily E'isms.
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Intentional living and Messiahcare
Main topics include medical marijuana, healthcare, intentional communities, and Progressive Christianity
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Daily E Show #22
19th century and 21st century vaping simultaneously. Also the philosophical question of what is time anyway?
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The Daily E Podcast #6
My first podcast in nearly a year and my first since moving out west last year. In this video I do an SNL parody and an impersonation of Sling Blade.
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The Sophisticated Serfcast #20: Knowing when to give up since it doesn't matter anyway
Eating "junk" food and discussing the main topic where everything man made is fake and turns to shit anyway.
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Daily E#6 Off with the chinwig
-Finally got rid of the facial hair. -Smartphones is the biggest deception. -Stepping out in faith. -Living off the grid. -My apologies for the lighting.
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E Bishop Show #15: An all American way to get your kids to eat their veggies and more
Just some stuff I purchased last night after I got off work; mostly organic. From mixed vegetable potato chips to some herbal tea. The tea looked like pipe tobacco in that jar and I couldn't help but wonder if I could smoke it. I better stop before people start taking me seriously.
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E Bishop Show #12
Turning water into wine and other addictions
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E Bishop Show #10
True prosperity, Elvis's birthday, coffee, your calling and free will
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E BIshop Show #11
Observing Torah, all things in moderation, Karl Marx quotes (I'm not Marxist), the meaninglessness of life and the whole duty of man, also what would capitalism be like if we applied kingdom principles to it.
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Peer pressure never ends (all things in moderation)
Peer pressure is not just an adolescent thing and the key to mastering it is to train ourselves to be resilient and be true to ourselves. This is referred to as temperance (or self-control) in the bible.
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Daily E #4 Topic of the day is numbers
Today's topic is numbers and how they can be manipulated to make people look more successful than they really are. You can make minimum wage and be more financially stable than someone who on paper is worth billions; especially if the market crashed and they lost their billions. In the end, we are all equal at the Cross of the Messiah Yeshua. Feel free to leave a comment following this video.
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The Sophisticated Serfcast #19: Take that and shove it up your anus
What does it mean to be a real man? Why is it that if a man can write, cook, and doesn't keep up with sports or is dating anybody then he is automatically a homosexual?
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E Bishop Show #16
Questioning everything from capitalism to religion. Not that I'm against either one in and of themselves.
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The Sophisticated Serfcast #18: Still visiting the family even long after they are gone
A trip to the cemetery where my mother and grandparents and some other family members are buried on Christmas day 2017.
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Beware of the 6' fat shadow person
I watched one paranormal video on shadow people and was creeped out enough to make this video. The lesson is on the value of not showing fear.
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Daily E #21-Breaking Bad, medical marijuana,  and World Orgasm Day
Getting addicted to the show Breaking Bad but thinking it's better than being addicted to meth itself. Also confessing that I would smoke medical marijuana before I ever do pills. Lastly announcing World Orgasm Day and how to bring about world peace.
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