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Snorkelling in the Pacific 1
Summer 2007 snorkelling with my Dad, and a big sea star. South Pacific Ocean.
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Snorkelling in the Pacific 2
Summer 2007 (Jan-Feb) snorkelling in the south Pacific.
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Snorkelling in the Pacific 3
With the camera in my hand, I did a shot going around rocks and seaweed. South Pacific Ocean, cold water.
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Hummingbirds  in  Slow Motion
In this video, I filmed the hummingbirds from 3 different angles (front, below and above). At the beginning of each angle you can see the birds in normal motion, after that its slow motion. Even so, this wonderful birds move much too fast for my camera. Interesting to notice how they stabilize the hovering with the tail feathers by spreading or closing them. The slow motion mode reduces the speed to 1/4 of the normal rate (about 100fps). At 3:35min you can see a red head hummingbird who seems to be the "owner" of the feeder, it tells the other birds off.
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Nice View - Terrace Before and After Remodelling
Here I show the terrace in my family's house, South Pacific Ocean. You can see the difference before and after fixing. It took a lot of work, specially the foundations on the rock, lots of iron bars in the concrete for resistance. We gained width and length, also a flat leveled floor, and stone pillars. Other added things where landscape lights for a nice evening, a cement seat and a watering system.
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Hummingbirds  and  Snow
It just started to snow when I decided to capture this instant with the hummingbirds (it seldom snows here). Most of the filming is in slow motion, at 1/4 of the normal speed.
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Hummingbirds  and  Wilcho the cat
Hummingbirds hovering and feeding in winter. The cat is watching them with lots of curiosity. .
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