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2007 Toyota 4Runner rear end humming grinding noise
Toyota 4 runner with bad rear differential Pinion bearings . Customer complaints of loud humming and grinding noise from the rear .
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Snap on Verus Edge scanner diagnostic tool box tour
Verus edge scanner with tool cart made into a diagnostic cart . 27" Samsung screen added on .
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BMW TPMS Tire Light fault repair and fix
2011 BMW 328xi TPMS light on with no communication with module . Multiple no CAN codes found on full system scan as well .
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Snap on modis diagnostic tool box tour
Snap on diagnostic tool cart
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Volkswagon  VW 2.0 crank no start
2.0lt VW GOLF Crank no start , short circuit on the ECM power supply fuse with bad coil . Car would start and run for 3 seconds after replacing fuse. Then the fuse would blow from over a 40 amp draw on the circuit. You would think that the coil was ok seeing how it would start and have spark after replacing the fuse .
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BMW 335xi no power check engine light
2009 BMW 335xi stuck in limp mode . Customer had oil change done at another shop a little under 50 miles before looking at it .
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son driving my truck
My 10 year old son driving my truck for the first time .
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Boston Bruins 2015-2016 alumni back yard rink
my son with many other kids playing with the Boston Bruins alumni
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01 E55 transmission shifter
Car was stuck in limp mode and couldn't shift out of park with no reverse lights as well . Another tech already replaced conductor plate and connector with no success. Found transmission fluid in the transmission control module , also replaced that . Car finally fell on my lap . I checked the low and high CAN BUS lines for voltage and it checked out fine on the scope . Checked the in and outputs at the shift control module . And found that the N/15 shift control module was bad .
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My boy driving my truck
Son driving my truck
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6 year old ice hockey player
My 6 year old son in the semi final skills competition for fastest skater of mites .
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GSXR 750 jardine pipe
riding blue hills in Braintree MA. taking it easy really windy out that day .
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Ktm sx50 sr
My 6 year old sons first day on dirt bike .
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Ice hockey drills 7 years old
My son doing power skating skills .
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Ktm sx50
My 6 year old son on dirt bike for his 3rd time .
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6 year old ice hockey player
My 6 year old son in the semi final skills competition for fastest skater of mites .
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Ktm sx50 6 year old
Ktm sx50 6 year old
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Ktm 50sx dirt bike
My 6 year old's first day on dirt bike .
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Roman WWE in Boston
Roman reigns comes to boston
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Gsxr 750 crash
I have the rear black chrome wheel to match front . It had to be redone . Drunk driver cut in front of me . A lil rusty cause it was left in rain after being crashed.
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6 year old ice hockey player
my 6 year old son in the skills competition for the end of the hockey season . he won 1st place
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