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2006 Volvo S80 all interior LED
Here is quick video of all interior to LED white light . looks really bright too. i like it. ahah sorry about the song. i just wanted to show the cool display on LCD
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Lexus Rx300 LED reverse
Here is a quick look @ LED and LED license plate
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2001 Lexus rx300 cold start up...
Just a quick start up video of Rx300
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Lexus es300 LED turn signal with load resistors
I just installed it new. the bulb is a 27 LED 7440/7443 type. And the resistor is 6ohm 50W. I like it . Really sharp. http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/621764194/Free-shipping-font-b-LED-b-font-Turn-Signal-Load-font-b-Resistor-b-font-Blinker.jpg
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shared LED dome in front map lights Lexus Es300 (2000)
I always wanted to do this easy mod for long time. I dont know why lexus designers did not think of it. So what i did was wired from OEM dome lights to front (map lights). Now when i press unlock BOTH front and rear dome lights will turn on. Plus it does not obstruct the map lights. I love this!!
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Loaner car that i got ..2013 Volvo S60
This is a quick video that i got from the dealer while my S80 was in for a major service. i like this S60.
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Volvo S80 headlight wiper washer
pretty neat feature. But i like pressure washer on newer cars . I like the cute looking wiper blades.
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2000 Lexus ES300 interior LEDs
so here is a short clip of my interior with LEDs..even the glove box. And customized LEDs for rear passengers. The dome LED has a bluish hue to it tho
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Volvo S80 LED brake lights
LED brake lights was featured on 2004 onwards
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quick video of various courtesy lights for Volvo S80 2006
just want to show what happens when i press the yellow button on key fob. This activates so called courtesy lights. Meaning it turns on front and back parking lights along with lights under the side mirrors for better illumination on the floor when entering the car. Also i had installed LEDs (t10) for those side mirrios but i noticed that the output and spread was not that great and i went back to simple halogen. I actually found halogen bulbs to be brighter and covered more area than LEDs
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2000 lexus Es300 DIY oil change
First time doing a video on an oil change. :)
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need cleaning of  throttle body?
i have been having this during start up BUT only intermittently. The car was struggling to keep with the desired RPM... It sound like it needs cleaning of throttle body. but any chance could it be something else? Altho it became better at the end. but still has this problem at start up..Also there is no message on dashboard of anykind... thanks
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Rust check on my 2000 Lexus es300
Got the rust check. so i took the video of it. Now the car is protected all winter. The car has approx 195,000 KMS or 121,000 MILES
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New flip key look 2000 lexus es300
so here is a "new" key design look that i will use. The old one broke off from wear and tear. i bought this flip key design from ebay and cut it at a dealer . i like it.
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Volvo S80 diagnostic check
did a diagnostic check on my 2006 Volvo S80 2.5T. No idea what those all means but i gave it a try after reading it online. - turn key to position II - press read button on turn signal stalk - at same time press and release the REAR fog light switch 2 times - you should be able to read the messages by pressing read again to go on next message. there is no harm ..its just a diagnostic check
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Weird noise from underneath engine
check this out..something is wrong :(
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driver power seat not moving up or down
i think the motor seems fine but its not moving the shaft to raise and lower the thigh support. any ideas???
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Pretty kool instrument lights of my Volvo S80
i like how it dims when the sensor detects light/or outdoor light. And other interior display
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2017 vw passat se with tech package
My new 2017 vw passat with se technology package. Has about 4000 miles I love the car. Has some nice features. Hands free trunk, remote start, adaptive cruise, bunch of safety features and many nice interior features.
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Rattling noise from lexus es300
i have had this noise for a long time now.. when the weather is warm (so is the engine) the noise is loud and clear. Rattling or ticking noise type. any one has any idea. its coming from beneath. Here are the timings where its loudest: @2.29 -2.37 and 3.04-3.13. The noise @ only @ low speeds. and then goes away after like 40km/hr. i have checked the heat shield and underneath the car and all seem to be fine. thanks The camera is placed on the windshield washer fluid with zip ties.( thankfully it didn't fall ..lol)
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Cold start on 1st winter 2000 lexus Es300
This is the 1st snow and cold start on ES300. With 210,000kms it fired straight up. I Love the car. Just for winter i have switched to 0W30 Mobil 1 sybthetic oiland offcourse OEM filter
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Black gloss bumper and grill 2000 Lexus Es300
i think it looks nice..
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Installed new LED side turn signal (white) on Volvo S80
Went with LED T10 5 chip led white for my turn signals instead of the original yellow/amber halogen bulb. i think it give a unique look ..plus other drivers notice it too :) One thing to notice is that the turn signal doesn't make that tick tick sound . Only when the engine is running that the sound is there. i like this kool feature.
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Engine mount play...Volvo
I think i need to change the engine motor mount. Actual movement starts @ 0.27
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Lexus logo welcome light projection
its on a 2000 ES300. very easy to DIY . I didn't had to remove the door panel at all.
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Automatic level headlights 2000 lexus es300
this is a close-up view of a neat feature of my exclusive Lexus es300 with OEM HIDs and it does everytime i start the car.
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Volvo S80 LED reverse
LED reverse and license plate..i like it
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Short clip of old trans fluid on my Volvo S80
Wanted to show how dirty the old transmission fluid was. This was my 1st drain and fill at 100,500 miles. Drained 4qrts and therefore filled 4 qrts with Toyota type IV ATF. The results were very smooth shifting. Was very impressed with just one drain and fill.
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Es300 trunk noise
Here is the annoying noise..Actually starts @ 22secs
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Lexus Logo door illumination
recently got it installed. some don't like it but i think its a pretty cool at night. Along with dual dome lights.
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Heat shield rattling noise
on a lexus es300
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Disabled front parking lights on  Lexus Es300
So now only the turn signal will be on. i like it.
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*Problem fixed..see below** Small leak forming for power steering fluid . 2000 lexus es300
**PROBLEM FIXED** you guys were right. it was that hose called - lower pressure return line that was craked. Basically on the video, you can see right where the fluid is, there is a silver looking metal hose. Thats the culprit!! it was like 2 feet long hose. So they had the part and changed it. I went on the city and hwy for a test drive and while on hwy the car was perfectly straight. Because before for a long time the car always veered to left or right and even after alignment and suspension check, it still did. And now it drove for 20 mins and it was well planted. I am very happy. Now I love the car even more..hehe I have noticed a leak for past few weeks. So topped up the power steering reservoir. But after some looking i noticed a small puddle of fluid near the base. The base or the floor is the splash guard. There is a steel hose and thats where the fluid is dripping from. I did remove the splash guard and clean the fluid and inspected but found no leak. Maybe that hose has a minor crack? I dont think its the pump or could it?? any one?? Did a drain n fill with OEM fluid and even after that the fluid leak has increased a bit. But for some reason the reserviour has stayed the same level..ummm
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LED footwell Lexus es300
White strip LED..
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Volvo S80 hitting a 100,000 mile club..
Today was special celebration of hitting 100,000 mile..:)
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Fog headlight on a Lexus Es300
there is still a brim layer of foggy. Even after scrubbing for 30 mins on just with 600 grit i couldnt able to remove it . compare that to the left side (passenger) headlamp which is shiny. So that fog is from inside.
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Plastidip 2000 lexus es300
give a unique look.
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2017 vw passat 1.8 SE with tech LED interior change
Finally changed interior dome and glove compartment and trunk to leds. I only put 2 leds in the rear instead of regular 3 bulbs since the leds were very bright. I like the look and brightness. Its pure white.
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OEM HID on Lexus Es300
Quick video of factory HIDs and i made fogs yellow too.
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2013 Houston auto show
a small video i made
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comparison of Cree led with halogen
here is the new CREE with 12 5050 chip LED on right and halogen on left. Now the sun is shining on left side so the right halogen side has the advantage.
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special badges on Lexus ES300
Made the Es300 unique.
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New CREE led with 5050 chip led on 2000 lexus es300
here is the new led CREE type led. with 12 5050 chip led. on right side v/s left side as halogen one. i am loving it. Now the length is a bit longer so it wont fit all the way in. So i just taped around the socket so it won't fall.
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comparison of cree type on 2000 lexus es300
CREE led on left and halogen on right. it does make a lot of difference. the CREE one is sharper and more focused.
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Lincoln MKZ
really like the design look. Interior is pretty much as Fusion.
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auto headlight leveling to extreme..2000 lexus es300
was playing with the auto leveling sensor arm adjustment and this is what you can do. :)
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LED fogs 2006 Volvo s80
Finally installed LED Cree H1 fogs. i was surprised how much the output was . However it still doesn't match the halogen bulbs. Nonetheless i am happy with it now.Maybe will go HID fogs next.
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autoamatic headlight leveling on road
Here is what it looks like on road everytime the car is started with HIDs
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2015 Infiniti Q50.
Quick review of 2015 Infiniti Q50 after car wash. Its a 3.7 AWD.
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