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Justin Riding KX 250 2 Stroke NFMX Best lep yet
This is by far the best lap i have done as of 30th of march 2013.
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Justin Riding 99 Kx250 2 Stroke NFMX
This is the fastest and the highest ive ever went on this track so far. The last two table top jumps of the last lap is the highest ive ever gone on my dirt bike lol Thanks for watching.
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Justin 1st Wreck 2nd day riding KX250 at North Florida MX park
This is my second day on a dirt bike...should of stuck to flat ground lol
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Justin Riding 2 Stroke NFMX May 18, 2013
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Justin North Florida MX Park riding KX250 2 Stroke
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Justin North Florida MX Park KX 250 2 stroke
me riding at the north florida mx park, i am not very good but ive only been riding for a week haha
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Justin North Florida MX Mar 9 2013 2 Strokin' it
I almost got bucked of my bike on the beginning of the second lap.
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Justin riding KX 250 2 stroke North Florida MX park 3 laps
I am getting use to riding my KX250 2 stroke and i am getting a little more brave than last time
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Justin Riding North Florida MX Handle bar view(looking Back)
i just bought this new mount and i really like it. i only did one video with it this weekend to see if i liked it or not and didnt want all my videos like that. enjoy
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Justin North Florida MX Practice w/ a fall
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Justin Riding North Florida MX park KX 250 2 Stroke
on my second lap i bottomed out my front forks and i thought something felt wierd after so i went to head back to my jeep to check it out and i dumped the bike right at the end of the video.
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Justin NFMX Fail Compilation
This is a couple of my fails that i put together out of all my videos from North Florida MX park. Hope you like and dont forget to subscribe to watch me progress as a Motocross rider.
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Justin Riding KX 250 NFMX 3 laps May 2013
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