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Moonlight - Ariana Grande - Fingerstyle guitar cover
This is my own guitar arrangement for the song, hope you enjoy. P/s: sorry for the background noise
Просмотров: 3663 Dat Dang
Assassin's Creed Unity combat vs 15 police level 4 and 5 stars (blue enemies)
In this footage, I fight against 15 blue police enemies without using any smoke bomb or pistol Weapon used: Ceremonial Partisan (5 star spear)
Просмотров: 30 Dat Dang
Assassin's Creed Unity combat vs 6 Extremists level 5 (red enemies) using 1 star equipments
In this fight I use only Arno's original clothes (1 star equipments) Weapons: Arno's French rapier (2 star), Pistol (1 star)
Просмотров: 51 Dat Dang
How people make milk tea in Malaysia
I must try this out at home! :))
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