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Third grade ESL lesson
The students are doing a listening activity for the purpose of identifying the meaning of Tier 3 words about the cycle of the seasons. In this activity, the students are watching a video clip, listening for the specified word, using context clues, negotiating with teammates to come up with a concrete meaning, and creating a high level sentence (with details) to define the word. After completing this activity, the students will read about the cycle of the seasons, answer comprehension questions about the causes of the season and do a final writing piece independently (planning the writing whole group).
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Reading the content and language objectives before a lesson
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School supplies lesson
Here is a simple activity for day 1 ESL. The students have already pointed to the pictures, pointed to the realia, put each item in the bag by listening to the teacher say it, and are now producing full, simple, repetitive sentences. Also, notice how I ask scaffold/support when students do not know the word. I don't simply give it to them, I go back a step and ask yes or no questions. Students often can differentiate vocabulary through listening before they can produce it. The struggle also helps them to remember it better for next time and develop strategies instead of becoming dependent on the teacher.
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Zabumba at Fiesta Latina Aheville
Thanks Jade Maeggy for sharing your choreography!
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Alicia's choreography
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Second grade ESL
The students are doing a speaking activity where they explain about the process of farm to table. Each group is explaining the steps in the process and including sequencing transitions.
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Brains chant
I try to create a chant within each unit as a way to learn high level vocabulary. Students comprehend new words, the parts of speech, and are able to read these new words.
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Teaching parts of speech
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Chant to teach vocabulary and parts of speech
The students learn new vocabulary about our unit through repetition and total physical response.
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