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Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy With This Moringa Hair Mask
Hello, how you doing? Here is another way to prepare moringa hair mask for your hair. This mask will help grow your hair longer within a short period. Kindly Check my other videos 1. PLease dont throw it away until you have tries it on your hair. https://youtu.be/V7ZMIgYLTxk 2. Moringa Oil the Secret to Overnight Hair Growth https://youtu.be/i2jcX8v3cg 3. Drink Moringa Tea For Hair Growth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX_2fHPR1ao Do not forget to subscribe follow me on Instagram Ideefrancis Email Idorenyin.francis@gmail.com
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How I use Ginger and Onion For Unstopable Hair Growth
Things Used 1. Ginger 2. Onion 3. Olive oil (optional) 4. Coconut Oil (optional) *************** Follow me On instagram @ideefrancis
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Moringa is called a miracle tree because of its numerous benefits which are in its antioxidants contents. Moringa had been used in various hair care such as oil. But we forget that what we drink is also important for hair care. that is why I prepared this drink which helps improve hair growth. for further inquires, kindly drop them in my comment section. Thanks
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Most women have never been to cloud nine. if you are among this drink will help you achieve that mind plowing orgasm.
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No Dieting, Exercise & Surgery| Get That Big Buttocks Now
Hello here’s an easy way to increase your buttocks without exercise, surgery or dieting. If you use this consistently you will notice changes.
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This moringa hair spray will fight Dandruff, HAir Fall and Grow Your Hair
Hello the moringa girl is here with another helpful tips on how to use the miracle plant for hair growth. Do not forget to check my other videos on moringa on the links provided below. Get the glowing skin with moringa www.https://youtu.be/PiGtEwq6PeU Please dont throw it away until you have tried it on your hair www.https://youtu.be/V7ZMIgYLTxK Your hair Will Grow Like Crazy With This moringa Hair Mask www.https://youtu.be/-3_4jyzbinQ
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How To Make Rice Conditioner For  Extreme Hair Growth| Live Demo
Benefits of Each ingredients Rice water for hair treatment offers a significant benefits including reducing surface friction and increasing hair elasticity which ultimately stops hair breakage and hair fall. Rice water has high protein content which could keep the split ends away. Rice water is the best protein shot your hair needs for frizzy hair. The amino acids in the rice water fill in the gaps in your damaged hair and make them shiny and healthier.Using rice has conditioner can enhance the texture because it adds volume to your hair. You can also expect to have stronger, smoother and healthier hair. It contains inositol, a carbohydrate that helps repair and strengthens damaged hair ******************** Moringa, the iron in moringa makes it logical ingredient for healthy hair growth among women. This is because iron helps carry oxygen in the blood, all the way to your scalp. When any living organism has a fresh supply of oxygen it grows better, including your hair follicles ********************** Egg yolk is rich in the vitamins that may make hair more resistant to damage. The yolk may be especially useful to moisturize hair that appears dry.Egg can be superfood for your hair due to the unique combination of vitamins found inside. Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate are just some of the nutrients that researchers have linked to hair growth and healthy hair.Applying egg yolk topically to your scalp can infuse the root of your hair with vitamins. This means that the new hair will grow out stronger and be less prone to breakage and shedding. When your hair doesn’t fall out as much, it becomes fuller which can even seem like it’s growing in faster. *********** Don't forget to subscribe, like and leave a comment
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Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing With this Black soap Shampoo.
Things Used 1. African Black Soap 2. Tea tree Oil 3. Moringa oil 4. Plam kernel oil 5. Harmony Hair oil 6. Chebe powder 7. Jamican Black Castor oil *********** For futher questions drop your comments below or come to my instagram @ideefrancis ******* Don't forget to subscribe,like and share this video.
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Flax seeds Shampoo Will Grow Your hair like Crazy
Things That I used 1 cup of Flax seeds boil and extract the gel, then blend the seeds with 1 and half cup of water. Shive the juice and add your shampoo. I add the black soap to make it lather. ************* For further questions, come to my instagram @ ideefrancis
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The African hair is actually lovely but we kill it by applying chemicals to it. Therefore, I made based on my personal experience on how i grew my hair. Watch and enjoy. Please don't forget to subscribe.
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If You Do This, Your Husband Will never look at another Woman Ever/ How to increase your love life.
Disclaimer The information provided in this channel and its video is for educational purpose and should not be considered as professional advice. We are not a licensed professionals or a medical practitioner and as such always consult your doctor or professional consultants in case you need to. This video is only for educational/general purpose and it’s also base on our own knowledge and experience. The remedy provided is not suitable for everyone, any information provided in this video should not be considered as substitute for prescription suggested by a professional.
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For That Healthy Hair Growth , Why Not TRY This African Black Soap And Moringa i
Things Used Black Soap Moringa Powder Honey Tea Tree Oil Onion Juice By using moringa,it will increase your blood circulation and your body would have more nutrients to the hair follicles so that your hair can grow stronger and healthier. Also, you need Vitamin to improve your scalp circulation. all the nutrients that are needed for healthy hair are in Moringa. Over the years, onion juice has been known to possess anti-bacterial properties which help with scalp infections which is associated with hair loss, re-growth bald patches, or receding hairlines. with a prolong use of onion juice can be applied to the hair over a period of time and since it is a natural remedy, you will notice results over the course of time and not immediately.
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5 Things to Add to Your Shampoo for Faster and Longer Hair Growth
Things Used 3 table spoon of aloe vera gel 1 table spoon of honey 3 table spoon of rose water 3 table spoon o my shampoo 1 table spoon of moringa oil 1 table spoon of castor oil ************ Feel free to add your own twist *************** Disclaimer: This information is based on my personal experience and shouldn't replace professional advice. Thanks ************* You can contact my on Instagram @ideefrancis
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Add Moringa To your Conditioner for Super Hair Growth
Hello dear, I have a video on how you can add moringa to your conditioner for hair growth. This particular remedy worked for me and it could work for you as well. Kindly try it out and let me know. Thanks For question drop them in my comment section or Instagram @ideefrancis For further inquiries here’s my email idorenyin.francis@gmail.com Kindly check this video out *********************************** Please don't throw it away until you have tried it on your hair https://youtu.be/V7ZMgYLTxk Moringa Oil the secret to Overnight Hair Growth https://youtu.be/i2AjcX8v3cg ****************** This video is out my personal experience and shouldn’t override a professional advice.
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If You Add This To Your Rice Water 💦 Your Hair Will Grow LONGER & FASTER.
Hello dear, rice water hairs numerous benefits to the natural hair care and has been used for years to a heathy hair care. But in this video I have a new twist to this rice Water by adding other helpful ingredients as well. Using this will transform you hair overnight. Kindly subscribe to my channel and direct further questions to the comment section. See ya I love you! ❤️
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You Need To Try This Neem Oil For Super Hair Growth
Things Used 1. Neem Leaves 2. Coconut oil 3. water ************ For further questions send me a DM on Instagram @ideefrancis ************* Disclaimer Kindly note this video is born out my personal experience and when in doubt, kindly seek a professional help. Thanks
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Get that Glowing Skin With Moringa Scrub.
oh my God, Heavens knows I love moringa because of the numerous benefits to our body. Here is another way to get the get that glowing skin with moringa. This will be very helpful and its effective. Kindly Try this out and get me your feedback in the comment section below.
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How to make Hair Grow Faster Overnight with Aloe Vera
hello, I hope you know aloe-Vera has numerous benefits? so in today's video you will learn how make aloe-Vera hair spray for your hair growth.
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Stop Hair Breakage now with This Flax Seed Gel.
Benefits of Flax Seed Gel to the Hair Flax seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely necessary for nurturing our hair follicles and increasing the As a result, our hair becomes healthier, stronger and less vulnerable to breakage. ********** For further inquiry send a DM to @ideefrancis
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Please Dont Trow It Away Until You Have Tried It On Your Hair For A Shinner Hair | Moringa Hair Mask
If you watched my DIY remedies for hair growth, you will discover that I use Moringa the most. This is because of the versatility when it comes to the benefits for natural hair care. So I urge you to check out out videos on moringa where you will learn the various way to use moringa.
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Whiten Your teeth With Moringa powder  in 5 mins .
Everyone loves that beautiful smile with a spangling white teeth but consuming things such as Coffee, red wine, smoking impend us from achieving that. ********** This video i will show you how i use the moringa power and other ingredients to keep my teeth clean and white. **************** Things that I used (feel free to adjust to suit your taste.) 1. Moringa powder ( 1. half teaspoon) 2. ACV (i tea spoon) 3. Baking Powder (1 tea spoon) 4. water (1 tea spoon) 5. Honey ( 1 & half table spoon **************** Social Instagram @ideefrancis
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Remove Dark Inner Thighs In Just 3 days with Moringa.
This used 1. Moringa 2. ACV 3. Lemon 🍋 Juice 4. Water 4. Coconut oil ********** Drop further questions in the comment section Or Come to my instagram @ideefrancis Thanks *********** Thanks and subscribe for more contents.
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Whitening Black Soap/ Turn Your Black Soap Into a Lightening Soap.
This video is a piratical way which you can make your skin glowing with black soap and other ingredients. Pls dont for to subscribe, share, comment and like this video. do find out time to watch my other videos as well. they all contain helpful tips.
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Prevent Hair Breakage and PROMOTE Super Hair Growth in 7 days with Moringa Shampoo
in today video you will learn how to make moringa shampoo at your home.
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Apply this Aloe-vera mask  overnight for Extreme and Faster Hair Growth
Hello, in this video you will learn how to mix essentials oils with your aloe-Vera for a faster hair growth. This particular method has help me and it could work for you as well. ***************** Things used 1. Aloe-vera gel 2. Harmony hair oil (you can purchase this from me) 3. Castor Oil 4. Tea tree ****************** Also drop your questions on my Instagram @ideefrancis ******************* Disclaimer: The information on this channel is based on my personal experience and shouldn't override professional advice.
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Re-Grow Your Edges, Blad Spot and Thinning Within Few Days with this Treatmentt.
Things Used 1. Fresh Aloe-Vera Plant 2. Honey 3. coconut oil How To Grow Your Edges ASAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzlW711KkNA The Information on this Channel is out of my personal experience and should not replace professional advise.
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I noticed numerous changes on my hair when i stated using tea. Moringa tea has numerous benefits that helps improve hair growth and a healthy hair. The tea is easy to make and it taste good as well. you can reach vie email idorenyin.francis@gmail.com +2348131397473 @ideefrancis on Instagram
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This Treatment Will Give You a  Crazy Hair Growth (LIve Demo)
Things Used 1. Honey 2. Aloe-vera Plant 3. Onion 4. Tea Tree Oil 5. Coconut Milk *********** Disclaimer All the information in this video is based on my personal experience and should replace a professional advice. ************ For further Inquiry send me a Dm on Instagram @ideefrancis
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I Am Serious, This  Moringa body Scrub Will Transform Your Skin Over night |
Moringa has with nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D, E; minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica and manganese. Moringa has moisturizing and nourishing properties and an excellent cleansing ability, that why its an active ingredient in skin care products. Moringa has been found to possess anti-ageing properties. The effect of free radicals on human skin causes the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin aged and less resistant to lines. Moringa has excellent cleansing ability which aids in cleaning the skin cells of free radicals and restoring the vitality and youthful complexion of the skin. Things Used 1. Moringa Paste 2. Baby Oil 3. Rice Powder 4. Sugar 5. Rose Water 6.Moringa Oil Pls dont forget to subscribe instagram @ideefrancis
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Things Used 1. Black Tea 2. Jojoba Oil 3. Amla Oil 4. Honey 5. African Black soap 6. water 7. glycerin
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How I pre-poo my  hair with shea-butter
Hello, what up with you. I made this video to show you how to pre poo your hair using 100 African shea butter. just click to watch and enjoy the numerous benefits. instagram @ideefrancis Email Idorenyin.francis@gmail.com
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How the Contents Of My Spray Bottle Made Hair Grow faster
Things Used 1. Aloe-Vera Gel 2. Coconut oil 3. Rose Water 4. Jamaican Black Castor Oil 5. Harmony Hair Oil ****************** Further Questions Drop a Comment or send me a DM on Instagram @ideefrancis
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Get Rid of Dandruff & itching Scalp Permanently in 5 days
Dandruff can be caused by a number of things, including dry skin; sensitivity to hair products; and skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis or eczema. Caused of Dandruff The overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus can also cause dandruff. This overgrowth can be caused by stress, hormones, too much oil on the scalp, or problems with the immune system.
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Add this to Your Aloe-Vera for that Overnight  Hair Growth
This is another method which I use to make my hair hair growth serum.
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Get that Skin and Remove those Black Head With this Moringa Scrub ASAP
Hello dear, I have another method which you can prepare your facial mask using moringa as an active ingredients. This mask will help get rid of those blackhead and leave you with a radiant skin. kindly, try this out and let me know what you think. Also, dont forget to subscribe and leave a comment. Disclosure: These videos are based on personal experiment and not a professional advice. Some videos may contain affiliate links, it enables me to earn commission when you make purchase, at no extra cost to you. Disclaimer : These videos are intended for informational purposes only. All information I provide on this channel with these videos should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by beauty, diet and health care professionals. Viewers are subjected to use these information at their own risk. This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm caused. If in doubt, always consult your health care professional.
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This video would help you achieve the desire length and size for your pee area. Olive oil has numerous benefits and its not harmful since its a natural. Constant massaging the penis would increase the size. of after watching this video don't forget to subscribe for more.
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This Home Made Aloe-Vera Hair Oil Will Stop Your Hair From Breaking and Fall.
Aloevera Hair oil massage stimulates the hair follicles in the scalp while improving blood circulation. It helps purify the hair follicles, strengthen them, and prevent clogging, curbing hair loss. It helps calm aggravated scalp and treats issues such as dandruff. It helps you to get thick hair naturally. solves the problem of hair loss and baldness. it helps to regrow loss hair at bald patches area. it deals with Aloevera for fast hair growth, stops hair breakage, controls hair thinning, helps to regrow hair from roots, aids double hair growth, helps to get long hair, get thick hair, hair regrowth, regrow hair at bald patches, stops baldness, helps to achieve healthy hair, and adds volume to your hair. ^^^^^^^ Thanks for watching, pls like and subscribe for more. ********** For further inquiry, Drop or Send me a DM on Instagram ********* Disclaimer This information is out of my personal experience and should not replace professional advice.
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Feminine  HYGIENE tips most Ladies like you Ignore
Lack of knowledge makes most women to care for their Vigina in a wrong way. this video aims at correcting most of those mistakes.
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How I Keep my Hair  moisturize| Type 4 C Hair | My Hair Routine
Check out other videos 1. Why not try this Red Oil on your hair for faster and longer hair growth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFs8bbFzU-g&t=192s Hair Care Tips You Need For Super and Longer Hair Growth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uP9W0Y1ous&t=14s Re-Grow Your Edges, Blad Spot and Thinning Within Few Days With This Treatment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TWbz0haqAs&t=316s
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Vegetable soup is a high-end soup in Nigeria and it very delicious. the soup is prepared with two major vegetables which are pumkin and water leaves. this soup can be enjoyed with either rice or eba. Pls dont for to subscribe, like and share the video.
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Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing After This Avocado 🥑 Hair Mask
Things Used 1. Avocado 2. Banana 3. Pure 4. Rose water 💦 5 coconut oil For Questions send me A DM on Instagram @ideefrancis *********
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Hello lovelies, you won’t believe this an but this mixture will remove those dirty stains in few mins. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @ideefrancis
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You might have been concern about hair loss and you have tried different methods and it seems not to be working. Today I decided to share what worked for me and maybe it would work for you too. Kindly, drop your comments and share this video as well. Much love
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How to Cure Premature Ejaculation
If your problem is lasting beyond one minute in bed then this video is for you. After watching this video, don't for to used the things I recommend and consistently. Again, don't for to drop your comments on how helpful this video was to you. watch, share like and comment.
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staying in shape is not a walk in the park for most people A combination of ginger, lemon and green tea will help you maintain your weight without much stress. just try it out.
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How To Grow Longer Hair With Aloe-Vera | Very Effective
Hello, the benefits of aloe-Vera for hair growth can't be over stated. this aloe-Vera deep-conditioner will make growth and strengthen your hair.
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To whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home, your need baking soda and lemon juice. Try this method consistently and you will achieve the desired results. Also, don't for get to watch my previous videos for order helpful tips.
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I’m obsessed with my skin and I love using natural skin remedies which has helped improved my the skin. In the video you will learn how to get rid of those fine lines and look younger and fresher again.
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