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Engine build part 6
Here is the link for the series on a DVD http://realfixesrealfast.com/realfixesrealfast.com/Repairs/Pages/Rebuilding_an_engine.html Rings Pistons Rod Bearings
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Voltage Drop Part 1
This is a Webinar on Voltage Drop Testing
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How to find a misfire without a scanner 3
Scanners are great tools, but sometimes they aren't any help. That's when understanding the system, and how to test it is all you have. Here are some ways to find the problem
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Engine build part 8
Here is the link for the series on a DVD http://realfixesrealfast.com/realfixesrealfast.com/Repairs/Pages/Rebuilding_an_engine.html Conclusion
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Low oil pressure, finding evidence
So, does low oil pressure mean a bad oil pump?? Possibly, but not always. Gather some evidence before you condemn a good pump
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How to read an electrical diagram Lesson #1
We begin with a basics fuel pump & relay diagram
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Training Series  How to read an electrical diagram
Here is the link to the article http://motor.com/magazine/pdfs/122008_09.pdf This is the first part of a series designed to help anyone learn how to read an electrical diagram. There are more parts to follow.
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Diagnosing a bad cylinder head
Here's a quick way, and a sure fire way to tell if the cylinder head is bad.
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MDX Coolant Oil Mixing
In this vehicle we found trans fluid mixing with the coolant, but there was no external leak. It was being pressured into the overflow tank and leaking out the overflow tube. Our thought was that the trans cooler inside the radiator was leaking and mixing that way. We removed the radiator to confirm our suspicion. We were correct, but not in the way we thought. Here's what we found.
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Ford Escape P0171 P0174
Escape vacuum tube
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PT Cruiser Trans Leak
It's so easy to jump to conclusions when it comes to leaks. Here's a very common cause of a leak that is a simple and inexpensive repair that is often mistaken for a more costly repair. A careful look might just save you a lot of money.
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Labscope Relative Compression Testing
Sometimes it's very hard to gain access to spark plugs in order to perform a compression test. Here is how to do a relative compression test with a labscope.
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Checking a Cylinder Head for leaking valves
Sometimes when you remove a head it's easy to see that the valves are leaking. And, sometimes it's hard to tell. But you don't want to risk putting them back on without knowing for sure. Here's a simply and easy way to find out.
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Understanding Fuel Trim
Fuel trim can seem complex at times. But it's really pretty simple. I hope this helps you understand the basics
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How to find a misfire when a scanner isn't any help
Scanners are great tools, but sometimes they aren't any help. That's when understanding the system, and how to test it is all you have. Here are some ways to find the problem
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Vacuum test 01
This is a small segment from my advanced engine performance class. The focus is how to use a vacuum gauge to test an engine.
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Look At Long Term Fuel Trim  First
In automotive diagnostics, Long term fuel trim data is just like vital signs are to a doctor. The indicate how the body is functioning.
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Caravan Trans Solonoid pac leak
A common problem on Caravan's is the transmission solonoid pac's leak. They cannot be repaired, they must be replaced. Here's how we do it.
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What's wrong with this engine, the fix
Once again, gathering Evidence leads us to the real problem. Instead of guessing and throwing parts at the problem, keep looking until you discover the Evidence that will tell you what the problem is.
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A/C  Preventing Comebacks
When an a/c compressor goes bad it usually creates debris which gets pumped thru the system. That debris is the reason for most comebacks. The best way to prevent a/c rebuild comebacks is to do a great job of flushing out all the tubes and components. Here's something that I use to help get a great flush job.
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Evap large leak smoke test
Some EVAP leaks can be hard to find. But usually "large" leaks can be spotted pretty quick. Here's the way I've been finding them with a simple smoke machine.
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Coil on plug lab scope test
Using a lab scope inductive pick up to test a coil on plug
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Relay test
Access to test a relay in place can be difficult. Here's a simply way to test the actual relay mounted in the relay box
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Windstar Wheel Bearing
Here's how to change the front wheel bearings on a Ford Windstar
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Finding a active short
Link to buy this tool http://www.realfixesrealfast.com/short-finder.html A fuse that keeps on blowing is an active problem and can be difficult to find. However if you use these steps, you should be able to locate and repair it.
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Escape cabin filter
If you a do-it-yourselfer with a Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner, or Mazda Tribute, here's how to change your cabin air filter
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Lesson 7  Part 1  How Transistors work
Lesson 7 Part 1 Title How a transistor works Part 2 illustrates how a coil works. Part 3 illustrates how transistors work to turn on coils in a coil on plug ignition system
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Personal Update
What's Been Going On In My Life This Last Year
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Labscope coil ramping 1
Part 1 of 2 on how to use a lab scope for current ramping and how to identify a good & bad coil.
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Spark Plug Hole Repair 1
There are several ways to approach the repair of a blown out spark plug hole. This video will show you both sides, the outside and the inside view during the process.
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Jeep wet carpet
Its a well known problem with these Jeeps, the a/c won't drain well & the carpet gets wet on the passenger side. Here's what we've done to fix it.
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O2 Bench test
Here is how to test an O2 sensor if you don't have a scanner or labscope. The evidence is just as reliable, but not specific.
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Update on Spark Plug Hole Repair
This is a follow-up video that was requested. It will show drilling the hole in only one pass.
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Stall at idle only
Most GM 2.4 engines will have this problem. It stalls at idle only, never when driving, always restarts AND NO CODES. You can spend a lot of time searching for the problem and searching the scanner for help. Look at this common problem, it just might be what you need to fix it.
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Testing Evidence and Logic part 3
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Understand what your tools are telling you
Don't make this mistake
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Voltage Drop Part 2
Voltage Drop Part 2
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94 Escort, cranks but won't start or come out of park
Here is a Escort that cranks fine but won't start. It also won't come our of PARK.
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Power steering leak  Acura/Honda
Sometimes a power steering leak is mistakenly thought to be the pump. But, if the reservoir is overflowing out of the cap, the pump is probably not bad. Instead it might be sucking air from a leaking O-ring. Here's how to know if this is the problem.
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Replacing a ring gear
On a manual transmission flywheel, if the teeth are bad, you don't have to replace the whole flywheel. The ring gear can be replaced by itself for a lot less money. Here's how to do it.
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Engine build part 3
Here is the link for the series on a DVD http://realfixesrealfast.com/realfixesrealfast.com/Repairs/Pages/Rebuilding_an_engine.html Cutting the block where the clearance isn't enough Installing the cam bearings Installing the cam
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GM 3.8 Engine Noise
This noise is very common on the gm engine but it is often misdiagnosed. Hopefully this video will help you identify the problem and save you time and money.
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5 volt reference
Many sensors use and share a common 5 volt reference signal. Why? and what is it for?
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How to test a coil on the vehicle
If you suspect a possible bad coil, here is a quick and easy way to test the coil without expensive labscopes and equipment.
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Multiple unrelated complaints
Drivers complaint is multiple unrelated problems, all happening at once. ABS & Air bag lights on, speedometer not working, gas gauge not right, blower & windows not working. WHERE DO YOU START. Of course there could be many possible faults. But whenever I see multiple unrelated problems all happening at the same time I suspect a power or ground problem. Don't be scared off or confused by so many problems, start with the easiest to check first and you might just find the fix for the whole thing.
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Smoke testing a compression leak
How to use a smoke machine to confirm & identify what is casuing a cylinder compression leak
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Test O2 Sensor.mov
An Oxygen sensor can be manually forced down to 0 volts and up to 1 volt. That is it's full range. So, if it will full range it proves that the sensor is good. Here is how to do it
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Cam Sync Follow Up
There was some confusion about the 15% mark to stab the synchronizer. This should explain it and eliminate the confusion.
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Electrical diagram Series, It's not the wire color, it's the diagram color
Color coding a wire diagram simply focus's on the 5 basic colors of any diagram. We're not talking about the color of the actual wire, we're talking about how we color code the wire so we can understand and follow in it the circuit.
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