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1994 95 countdown Times Square New Years Eve with Dick Clark
The best way to experience new years eve is with the incomparable legendary Dick Clark
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35W highway collapse in Minneapolis Minnesota - August 1 2007
Started 3-7 minutes after collapse continuous live footage from my vhs KSTP Ch 5 KMSP Ch 9 KARE Ch 11 WCCO Ch 4 and CNN Aug 1st 2007 - 6:13 pm 10's of 1000's of U.S. bridges need repair. 11.5 percent of US bridges, crossed by an average of 282,672,680 vehicles daily, are graded as "structurally deficient" by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
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MINNESOTA STATE FAIR 2017 Action Scenes of fun
1st day of the Fair this year was perfect, cool low humidy sunny breezes perfect. Everybody seemed happy too bc it wasn't at all crowded yet, twas before noon. DSCN2159 1stmov
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Black Hills SD ~ 1880 Train Museum
Movie of the train rolling into the station is after the slides. Just after arriving, the train blew it's horn. I got there just at the right time by accident. I guess it only rolls in every two hours or so.
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Red Fox seen in the suburbs of Minneapolis
Red Fox' in the SW suburbs of Minneapolis, Mn. They come up from the flooded Minnesota River valley 20 miles to the south. There are big open spaces immediately SW, towards the L side and the lower left corner of the video
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kuwait war 1 hour from start - cnn vhs
We were all glued to the TV. January 17 1991
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West thru Shoshone Nat Forest hwy 296 driving towards NE Yellowstone entrance
north of Cody, heading NW towards Yellowstone's NE entrance is pretty cool. too bc it is still just as wild as Yellowstone is. audio by https://soundcloud.com/billyblacklight https://soundcloud.com/profresher http://www.billyblacklight.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/ProfresherBlacklight
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Yellowstone - mid May 2015 - Undine Falls
loud Undine Falls just east of Mammoth Springs. Only a 30 foot walk from your car to a steep cliff. Watch your step! structure = movie--slide show--movie
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Operation Liberty Shield Twin Cities, Mn - Mar 2 03
Operation Liberty Shield local tv news story and related events for Twin Cities, Mn area at beginning of Iraq War March 3rd 2003 KARE ch 11 Tv News Minneapolis, Mn
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Vintage Pontiac Trans Am idling for 17 minutes BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN CAR
Boring?! only in the eyes (and ears) of the disbelievers! Use this audio to sleep by. It's not your gas being wasted lol There is an interstate highway a half a mile away too.
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Minnesota State Fair - Mascot  2012
His name is probably Chip?
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Just in case you would like to know what the weather was like on a day in 1988 over the USA courtesy of the agency responsible for disseminating the weather information (before the internet one needed a tv or a ham radio or a phone number to know the weather forecast) for pilots planning a flight itinerary.
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Thunderstorm and sunrise time lapse over Mississippi river
I left the camera on the window sill for a half hour to catch a storm arriving at daybreak. I get up early on weekends. INCREDIBLY! At the very end of the video in the last few minutes, just before the camera shut off automatically, and at the very very left edge of the video frame, you can actually see the Sun itself barely peering through the mayhem of clouds and tree branches at it appears above the horizon at x8 speed. The Sun appears at 1:09 If you need a closer look I repeated it tacked onto the end here with added color and zoomed way in and only at x2 speed. It doesn't help much lol, but hey what the heck, i'm not taking a test am I. three days later I bought a better camera anyway. Nature never repeats itself so you never know what to expect. This was a normal semi boring storm to watch but with a little well-timed burst of sunshine as I had hoped....
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Black Hills SD ~ Mountain Goats
Right after visiting Mt Rushmore South Dakota, about a mile back up the road, I came across this Mother and kid mountain Goat going for a stoll. You will notice the mother is molting. Her winter coat is shedding. All the large animals that do this are doing it because it's mid May and the snow has just melted away mostly. This is a perfect weather day, 70 and sunny.
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Longfellow Gardens near Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Mn
a park crammed with different outdoor plants.
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Como Zoo in St Paul, Mn
Went to Como Zoo in St Paul, Mn Sept 8th 2017, a free zoo. It has a Arboretum open all year long too. The ferris wheel is the oldest in the USA still in regular service! Animals are; Sloth, little yellow Parakeets, Siberian Tiger, Lion, Snow Leopard, Giraffe, Bison, Mtn Goat, ducks, Pink Flamingo, Amazonian turtles, Zebra, and a whacked-out crazy Ostrich. DSCN2270 2289 Nikon L-840 (with full time auto focus on unfortunately lol)
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Firebird Pontiac showing off
While cruising around beautiful Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, MN, a Fire-Chicken decided to show off after seeing that I was filming him. They don't make Pontiacs anymore. They had the fastest coolest muscle cars on Earth.
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life as we used to see it through the tube
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Turkish Van Cat FUN Walking my Van
Thorough sidewalk sniffing is a cats' pre FUR red fun time activity. Trained my Van to go for walks like a dog without a leash. The control of a cat is a bit trickier tho'. L 430 nikon L445 457
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Black Hills SD Custer State Park ~ Prairie dog town
As i was driving I was thinking about doing another panoramic movie when I saw the pull off to park the car in a nice spot. But when I got out of the car I immediately heard the alarm bells going off. Prairie dogs don't like cars parking in their town much I guess. Technically they bark, but it sounds more like a loud chirp.. This was my last opportunity to video cool nature on my trip to Yellowstone and back. After these hills, it's all flat highway for 617.0 m or 9 h 46 min of driving to Minneapolis, MN
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Grizzly bears wrestling
I caught 2 Bears having a wrestling match for 8 straight minutes. beautiful backdrop at the brand new Grizzly exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo too. At the end the gold bear attacks a another bear!
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Kitty Cat Steals Wallet
Man this kitty is not only feisty and swift, he's smart too! I had a hundred bucks in that wallet darn it. Btw the name given to him a few weeks earlier, "Monster", is cool bc it's so true. Bc at the end he prepares to viciously attack Dave. See my other video where Monster is so not intimidated by Echo the dog. At the end of that one Monster pushes Echo n Dave off the couch.
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Turkish Van Cat Time - Chasing down a plastic wire
Buddy cannot resist a string/ Could be attached to a fleeing mouse!
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Turkish Van Cat Time - Spring Fever - squirrel hunting
first sunny morning in weeks, Buddy wants to see if there is anything moving around outside at all.
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Vhs History News - Phoenix Mission To Mars  first pictures May 2008
nbc news Phoenix approaches Mars's N pole and sends back the first pictures from it.
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Minnesota State Fair Skyride 2012
Fun ride saves walking about 5 blocks from the west side to the east side
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Nerstrand Big Woods St Park, Mn   Pt 1   Walk into & Hidden Falls 3353 to 3363
This park is only a 45 min drive due south of Minneapolis/St Paul, Mn, A young forest completely surrounded by corn & soybean fields. The colors are spectacular this year because of ample rain, no wind storms and mild days n cool nights so far. Minnesota's winters have been starting more gradually or later lately. When I paid the entry fee ($7 for the car only) I heard the ranger tell someone he had NEVER seen it this busy before in his 10 years at the park!. I was there bc I follow the weather and a sunny Sunday is rare for the most part in Minnesota usually at certain times of year. Ya got to have max fall colors & a sunny weekend together to get out on a warm leaf-chasing adventure such as this, and we all sensed this was going to be our best opportunity. Also at this particular time the Dept of Natural Resources "Fall Color" Mn map (http://dnr.state.mn.us/fall_colors/index.html) was showing the most color way up north still AND just south of the Twin Cities, exactly where this park is. That is why the park was so busy. Enjoy part one!
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Coyote sighting in Minneapolis suburb Hopkins Mn
Romeo talks to neighborhood Coyote in Hopkins Mn. Listen to my brothers dog Romeo, vocalize excitedly at this solitary Coyote that frequents this beautiful hilly forest called Sherwood forest. edits from original smartphone -zoom crop -added contrast and color, -reduced brightness.
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Turkish Van Cat Time -  Double Rainbow at Sunrise edition
Buddy likes to rub his chin on the aluminium ridge for some reason :-) And I like the double rainbow. MOV01401
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VAST INCREDIBLEC Nerstrand Big Woods St Park WILDERNESS in, Mn   Pt 2   Walking Panning
part 2 - Walking upstream along the Prairie River. Then along a gully that leads to the river. Some 360 degree pans & a birch stand. used camera files 3364 to 3385
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The Viva & Jerry's Country Music Videos tv show & Mayor of Minneapolis RT Rybak
on cable access ch 6 in 2007
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Incredible Snow Zombie shower  must watch all!
a nice mid April blizzard-like snowfall
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China trip 1992 part 1 of 3
Li River Canton airport, Hong Kong Cable car-Victoria Peak Aberdeen street market-night scenes
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On Turkish Van Cat Time HD1080 38 minutes LIVE ACTION
Well if you have a half hour and would love to have a kitty cat yourself, just watch my Bumpkin do what cats do.. sit around a lot and nap all day on an early April setting sun sunny evening. Then across the street the local cat party is just getting started! At the beginning there is quite a bit of bird chatter too.
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MOUTH GUITAR CONTEST With Al Hendrix as judge  1992
Al Hendrix and Edgar Winter on Jonathan Brandmeier's tv show judging a MOUTH GUITAR CONTEST in 1992-ish for a Washburn guitar
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Chocolate Birman Siamese Time - Loud birdies & Leaping at Aphids with Uncle Cooper
Dusty is a very expressive feline. He is always looking around and playing constantly. Here he is about a year and a half. A really interesting companion.
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OCT 20 1989 TV ADS CH9 01
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Fall Colors River Birch Tree looking Up at tree HD 1920x1080 30 MIN REAL NO REPEAT
Looking south, high light overcast. light wind. no audio, no repeat, 30min, HD-1920x1080 ---go FULLSCREEN! get that feeling of looking out of an open window on a perfect 70 degree day on an almost mostly sunny sunny afternoon! at a beautiful River Birch tree SET IT TO REPEAT at FULLSCREEN & FORGET IT. enjoy
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Minnesota forest trailhead - Tettegouche State Park ''Northshore''
This is about a mile up the path getting near the top of the 100' waterfall. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/tettegouche/t365.html
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woodbury apple valley prior lk minneapolis drive pt 1
Driving around out in the far flung suburbs of central eastern Minnesota. Lots of this area seems to be recent development where farmland and forest is transformed into spread out areas of big houses n condos. They line these boulevards with a wide variety of trees n bushes. The later part of this video goes through a large undeveloped area on a dirt road called Murphy Henerhan Park Reserve.
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Shuttle Endeavour satellite capture STS 49 pt3
1992 STS 49, the maiden flight of Shuttle Endeavour. A primary goal of that mission was to capture and repair the non-functional Intelsat VI-F3 satellite. The first two attempts failed; Akers joined the third attempt which was successful. This marks the first three-person EVA in human history and was also the longest EVA (8 hours, 29 minutes) ever conducted to that time. As of January, 2004, it is now the second longest EVA, and is still the only instance of a three-person EVA. Richard J. Hieb, Thomas D. Akers, Pierre J. Thuot EVA 3 Start: 13 May 1992 -- 21:17 UTC EVA 3 End: 14 May 1992 -- 05:46 UTC
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after a few birds visit my feeder, the local squirrel found it preventing the birds from having any.
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Your Inside a River Birch Tree Fall Colors HD 1920x1080 60 MIN REAL NO REPEAT
Looking southwest, high light overcast. light wind. no audio, no repeat, 60min, HD-1920x1080 ---go FULLSCREEN! get that feeling of looking out of an open window on a perfect 70 degree day on an almost mostly sunny sunny afternoon! at a beautiful River Birch tree SET IT TO REPEAT at FULLSCREEN & FORGET IT. enjoy
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Capri Mar 23 2003 Gondala ride up and down, city tour, donkey ride, Athena temple Lindos
high school teachers and their students on a very nice "field-trip" vacation to Capri and Lindos..
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before electronic conveniences took over. before commercials went pharmaceutical.
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VHS History News   MSNBC Sat Sept 15 2001   1 hour
5 days after Enough time has passed for new reports, videos, investigations, and interviews to come out. Lots of rare information, as this News day has never been rebroadcast as far as I can tell. For those who were lost and all who suffered, you are forever in our hearts. God Bless America
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The Pet Shop tv show - History of Domestication ASPCA top dog Roger Caras 500 PERCENT CUTENESS
about 2 dozen animal guests .I believe this is from 1988 about. This weekly show was on for awhile, I saw several episodes. It is the most amazing thing, to watch these different animals accept and watch each other so peacefully. KMWB 23 Minnesota c.1988 Host is Marc Marrone Guest is Roger Caras ASPCA v.i.p.
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Yellowstone - Yellowstone Lake Steamboat Point
A few steam vents sound cool. Clouds obscured the opposite shore audio track; Lost In Space audio by https://soundcloud.com/billyblacklight https://soundcloud.com/profresher http://www.billyblacklight.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/ProfresherBlacklight
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One Graffiti tag on Nine Rail Cars!
made from MOV04839
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Shuttle Endeavour satellite capture STS 49 pt4
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