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Gorilla thug life
.........Watch the fucking video, that's it. Song name: Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says
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My longest headshot and something else
Just watch 'cause i know you won't read this.
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Epic shot
So, i was trying to get a long headshot across the map when a sneaky support player stabbed me in the back. :( i did not like that so, i spawned in the AC 130 then i bail out, i saw the support player running with the Dorito chip on top of his head so, i started shooting at him 'til i killed the guy. BTW it wasn't a "lucky shot" or something, i know how snipers work in bf4. :)
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How to kill a sniper HD
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How to kill a sniper
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Get T-bagged
Battlefield 4 funny moment
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Bf4 Funny moments
Lol They're all mine :]
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Epic fail #2
Just watch it's hilarious.
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WarThunder killstreak
I'm a noob at WarThunder.
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