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This is Princess doing nothing. That's what cats do best! She loves the perch there :D Bye bye! My 2 second vid and more will come.not sure what to do though... Mittens was in the background. I hope this works. My editing skills are no were to be seen...
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Mittens And princess
Ok i know. No fancy intro or Outro (What?) ----- Ok so they are my kittys.and a thing you should know about them is that Princess (The Siamese) Is a mommy. She's had 4 litters of kittens that have helped feed us when we need the money. We did get her fixed. The thing is she still thought she had kits around the house. She would drag a toy around mewling. Nothing we could do really... A few weeks ago in a spur of the moment M My mom and I went on a search for cute fuzzy kitty's to make us happy as we needed it... Well there's this sad and very odd pet shop. I would not go there on any other day but that day was a good day as that was were we got mittens. A then 2-3 month old Polydactyl Kitten. We bought her on the spot. Now when Mittens met Princess it was not very smooth sailing as Mittens is full of Kitten energy. But as she got slightly out of it. She has random moments and often sleeps. Now when and only when the two are in my room on my bed they will do what they are doing in the vid. And since we got mittens Princess has stopped dragging toys and my slippers around... Damn that was long...
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