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Shrooming - dosing, picking & tripping
drugs meter talks to psychedelic researcher and overall nice bloke Dr Robin Carhart-Harris to get some common sense advice for those thinking of trawling through cow pats or sheep poo this autumn. WARNING magic mushrooms are illegal in the UK (Class A drug) -- drugs meter is categorically not promoting the use of these powerful hallucinogenics.
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How to tell exactly what's in a pill - GCMS testing
Big questions need a big machine If you really want to know what's in an Ecstasy pill you need to ask a man in a white coat with a machine than goes ping! drugs meter learns about GCMS (and what it stands for!)
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What's in my cocaine?
The purity of cocaine has fallen steadily in the UK over the last decade. Voted the worst value for money drug in the world in this years Global Drug Survey this drugs meter minutes asks an analytical toxicologist what's in cocaine?
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Methadone & bup: Getting your dose right
You've got to work it out for yourselves People differ in how they respond to treatment. It's easy to get confused. But there is no magic number of mg or mls that will sort you out. Here's one doctor's thoughts to help you decide what's right for you
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GHB/GBL - every drop counts
Every drop counts. Whether it's GHB or GBL there are no other drugs where dosing is so important and where tolerance does not protect you against overdose. We talk to a forensic toxicologist on G dosing and risks
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Ecstasy pill testing - the basics
In the first of an exclusive series on ecstasy pill testing drugs meter minutes, learn the basics of colormetric pill testing with the Marquis and her friends, 'eenee meenee minee mo let's give these mdma pill testing kits a go'.
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How do psychedelics affect the brain?
How do psychedelics make you feel trippy? Drugs meter catches up with the uber cool Dr Robin Carhart-Harris at the Secret Garden Party and asks for an idiots guide to how psychedelics work. Next he'll tell us about dosing with magic mushrooms
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MDMA pills & powders - all that glistens is not gold
As MDMA crystal becomes the favoured and most common form of E, drugs meter minutes look into what's in pills and powders in 2012/13. We visit a toxicology lab and see the biggest pill, the littlest pill and the Olympic pills.
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1st time with a new pill or powder
First time with a new pill or powder? Try our drugs meter minute beforehand. New Drug Virgins - use protection - common sense, its no guarantee but it can help . Mystery white powders, random pills and alphabetamines all carry unknown risks. Abstinence is the only way to avoid getting screwed. But abstinence is not for everyone. drugs meter and the global drugs survey thought we'd share some tips we picked up from people on our travels.
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A 'cabinet of curiosities'.
Original Sandoz LSD 25, Spanish fly, cannabis corn remover, are a few of the unusual historical items in the Tictac collection.
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Synthetic cannabis
Synthetic cannabis - 93% of tokers don't prefer it! The spray on stone - like fake tans are bad for your health. If it doesn't look like weed, smell like weed or taste like weed then don't smoke it. GDS and Dr John Ramsay discuss synthetic cannabis products and wonder why?
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Home pill testing doesn't show up PMA in a pill
Putting home pill testing to the test. Just how much can they tell you? Can they spot something you don't want in a pill? Not always...
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I'm not coming up!
Sometimes when you take a pill Time ticks by & you get no thrill we suggest some simple advice Don't just take another, 'cos it may not be nice.
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Cannabis: Highlights from Global Drug Survey 2014
Dr Adam Winstock presents key findings and global comparisons from the 2014 Global Drug Survey, which had over 78,000 participants from around the world. In this brief presentation, Dr Winstock talks about "the Perfect Stone" - what cannabis users would like, and discusses how less THC and more CBD can result in a drug high with more pleasurable effects, and less negative effects.
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GHB Golden Rules
drugs meter talks to David Stuart for tips on how to stop the odd drop of G turning into a tidal wave of Oh F!
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"Legal Highs", Research chemicals, novel psychoactive substances and drugs and the internet
"Legal Highs" are making media headlines - but why? And what exactly are they (and 'research chemicals/ plant foods/ bath salts etc)? Dr Adam Winstock presents key findings and global comparisons from the 2014 Global Drug Survey, which had over 78,000 participants from around the world. Find out about which countries are buying drugs online - and which drugs should we be concerned about. Dr Winstock also reveals the alarming statistics about people taking "mystery white powders" while intoxicated and discusses some of the risks and ways to minimise these.
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GHB Early Warning Signs
When the G drops stop dripping, drugs meter chats to David Stuart to find out how stopping the drip drip drip of G drops can lead to dangerous withdrawal.
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Ketamine bladder
Ketamine, pain, peeing and other problems: global drugs survey talks to a consultant urologist to find out the truth behind ketamine bladder and how to reduce your risks
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Taking the piss
Talking workplace drug testing in a toilet... Workplace drug testing is a contentious area. Global Drug Survey went to find out what work place drug testers do to try and make sure that people don't take the piss when they are meant to give one.
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Global Drug Survey on Sky News
Dr Adam Winstock, founder of Global Drug Survey gets across some simple & effective harm reduction strategies on a national news programme.
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Alcohol: Highlights from Global Drug Survey 2014
In late 2013 over 78,000 people around their world shared their experiences about their alcohol and other drug use. Dr Adam Winstock presents key findings and global comparisons about alcohol use and reveals the high prevalence of alcohol dependence in our communities. Please share this video with your friends and colleagues, and leave comments below.
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GDS highlights 2017
Here are some of the highlights from Global Drug Survey 2017 introduced by GDS founder and CEO Dr Adam Winstock.
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Don't Walk By ♂ ♂
How put a mate who's passed out in the recovery position 1 in 5 users of GHB report passing out in the last year. Keeping an eye on them sometimes is not enough. If someone has passed out knowing how to put someone in the recovery position until help arrives can save their life. Watch this 4 minute video and share it with your mates
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Drug Prices and Value for Money: Highlights for Global Drug Survey 2014
The first and largest survey of its kind, Global Drug Survey ranks countries around the world by drug prices and whether participants considered whether these drugs were actually 'good value for money'. Based on the responses of 78,000 people around the world, this controversial presentation reveals which countries are the most expensive to buy alcohol, cannabis, MDMA pills & powder and cocaine. Presented by Dr Adam Winstock, Founder of Global Drug Survey and Consultant Psychiatrist and Addictions Medicine Specialist this brief video helps understand why new drugs are attracting so much attention in places such as New Zealand.
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What is drugs meter?
Dr Adam Winstock explains what drugs meter is, how it works and how you can use it.
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GDS2015 Findings: Top line What You Should Know about Drug Use Around the World
Global Drug Survey hosts the world's largest annual drug-use survey. In this brief video we showcases the most popular legal and illicit drugs of 2015 - and the ones that are most likely to land you in A&E in hospital. We aim to share our findings publicly, so that those 100,000+ people who completed the survey, can benefit from the results. Please share this video with people who may find it of interest.
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GDS2015 Findings: Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide is commonly used for childbirth, dentistry and paediatric anaesthesia. It is safe, has a short half-life (meaning that the effects wear off very quickly) and is a "dissociative" drug - people disconnect with what is going on. For this reason, it is also popular at festivals, house parties and night clubs. However, in these environments, and when used in larger amounts and more frequently (with up to 100 "hits" in one session) it is much more risky. In this brief video we reveal the shocking findings from Global Drug Survey 2015 - especially the alarming amount of people who reported peripheral neuropathy (problems with their nerve sensations) after heavy use.
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What is a PMA death?
Death, drugs and PMA? All these press reports of people dying on PMA in 2013 in the UK got drugs meter got very confused. Cos it is not a straightforward thing to find out whether someone has died of drugs. So drugs meter went to find out some stuff - to be honest we are still a bit confused but better informed!
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GHB Overdose
drip drip drip n drop, drugs meter chats to David Stuart to find out how to spot an imminent drop (OD) in yourself or a mate on G.
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GDS2015 Findings: Synthetic Cannabinoid Products
'Synthetic Cannabinoids Products' is the name given to the manufactured chemicals that are designed to have the same effect as cannabis. Though available legally and not detected in urine drug screening, they are associated with alarming rates of accident and emergency presentations - and our findings from over 100,000 people surveyed in our GDS2015 annual drug-use survey - is that these drugs are really not nice. This video explains why.
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GDS 2016 - There's More to G Than Cock
GDS2016 - The Biggest Drug Survey Ever Twitter: @globaldrugsurvy Facebook: Global Drug Survey
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Don't Walk By ♀ ♂
Save a mate - know the recovery position and 'don't walk on by ' GDS knows people want to look out for their mates and keep them safe. If someone has passed out knowing how to put someone in the recovery position until help arrives can dave their life. Watch this 4 minute video and share it with your mates
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Emergency Treatment and Exposure to Violence: Highlights from Global Drug Survey 2014
Buying and using alcohol and other drugs can put people at risk of harm. In this presentation, Dr Adam Winstock, Founder of the Global Drug Survey shares findings based on over 78,000 people's responses to an online drug and alcohol use survey, about their admissions to emergency departments following drug and or alcohol use. In addition, because many drugs are illegal, they place people at risk of violence and other harms when purchasing them. GDS2014 exposes the alarming rates, by country.
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Buying illegal drugs on the 'Silk Road' - as featured on Channel 4 News
How illegal drugs are bought and sold on the dark web "It is possible to buy hard drugs online and have them delivered to your door, a Channel 4 News investigation can reveal. So how can the police combat this illegal trade on the dark web?" Interview with Global Drug Survey founder Dr Adam Winstock, Friday 27th September 2013
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Straightforward drug information films from Global Drug Survey
If you like what you see and would like to purchase our complete set of drug education videos please e mail us at info@globaldrugsurvey.com or check out our website globaldrugsurvey.com/products-services for further details information
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Welcome to Global Drug Survey
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Drinks meter
One in 4 dependent drinkers think their drinking is average or less than average and half of those drinking at risk levels think their drinking is fine. You're probably not one of them, but just in case try the drinks meter at the app stores or at www.drinksmeter.com
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Don't Be Daft
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Global Drug Survey 2017
In a post fact world, the biggest drug survey in the world needs your experiences to turn into facts.
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Robin Carhart-Harris GDS2018 Promo
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Drinks meter
Dr Adam Winstock explains what drinks meter is, how it works and how you can use it.
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GDS 2015 Findings: Alcohol
Global Drug Survey conducts annual drug-use surveys and this year we had over 100,000 respondents from over 50 countries and in 10 languages, making it our biggest ever - to date. We aim to share our findings with those who participate and this brief video is an overview of our findings about global alcohol use. Please share widely.
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Anne-Marie Cockburn GDS 2018 Promo
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GDS   Results 2016
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Chris Ford GDS 2018 Promo
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One too many...
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GDS 2017
En un mundo depost hechos...
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