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Perform at Your Very Best at a Group Interview or Assessment Centre
How to perform to your very best at a group interview or assessment centre. Tips and techniques for group discussions, group debates and skills testing within an assessment centre environment. Top hints on how to ensure you ace the group interview and shine above other candidates. Do's and Don'ts together with simple, practical group interview advice
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How to Wow at a Second Interview
So, you've made it through to the second interview! Here Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment details some straightforward hints and advice to perform at second interview
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How to Close a Sales Interview
In this short 4 minute video Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis gives an overview of how to close a sales interview in the same way that you would close a sales meeting to the next stage. An esay to understand a reminder to ensure that you perform at your best at every sales interview
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How to Wow at a Competency Based Interview
How to Wow at a Competency Based Interview: Rob Scott, MD of Aaron Wallis gives a simple to understand overview of competency interviews and what the interviewers will be looking for. Don't be daunted as the only research you need to do you should know about implicitly already as competency interviews are about YOU and YOUR CAREER. Hints, tips and advice on what interviewers will be looking for when they conduct their competency based interviews, or CBIs, and how you can gain high scores by being able to succinctly detail your career and your achievements.
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How to Resign Effectively
How to Resign effectively, and professionally, with grace, and with gratitude. A short four minute video from Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, containing hints, pointers and advice for resigning properly. Link to http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/how_to_resign_and_manage_a_counter_offer.aspx for more information on how to resign and to http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/counter_offer_management.aspx for specific advice on how to manage a counter offer. Hope it's useful. If so, please give this video the 'thumbs up' :)
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How to Devise a Sales Commission Scheme
Here Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment talks through the most popular types of sales commission schemes in the UK together with their 'pros and cons'. Different bonus schemes discussed and evaluated together with some 'golden rules' when devising sales incentive schemes
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How to Prepare a Second Interview Presentation
So you've been asked to prepare a second interview presentation. Here Rob Scott walks through the power of putting together a second interview presentation, even if you haven't been asked to prepare one, together with how to tackle common second interview themes including the dreaded obscure presentation
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How to Shortlist Candidates for Interview
How to shortlist candidates for your business. In this 3-minute video, Rob Scott details an effective way to shortlist candidates to ensure that you don't miss 'star potential'. Many employers sift and screen CVs with an almost 'gut feel'. This video details a quick way to add a proven method to your recruitment short listing process and enables you to meet the right candidates at interview.
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What are Ability Tests and Aptitude Tests - Top Tips
What are psychometric ability and aptitude tests? What does ability testing look for? Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis gives an overview of the most common ability and aptitude tests used within a recruitment process. In addition, he details some basic hints and tips to help you improve your chances of success with psychometric aptitude testing.
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How to Succeed at Assessment Centres
What do Assessment Centres look for, what should I expect and how should I behave. Simple advice to help you perform at Assessment Centres
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How To Wow At An Interview
http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/wow_at_first_interview.php - Rob Scott from Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment gives you Free Interview Preparation Advice - The easy way to prepare and 'WOW' at sales interviews. This guide will help you to prepare for every sales interview and ensure that you sell yourself and 'WOW' at interview.
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7 Ways To Conduct Brilliant Interviews
Effective interviewing is a skill. Unfortunately, many managers have never received formal recruitment and interview training and as a consequence, they can lose some of the best talent who interviews with them. Here are seven solid tips to ensure that you give a great interview and that every candidate that is interviewed by you leaves with a positive impression of both your yourself, and your business.
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How To Conduct A Competency Based Interview
Competency Based Interviewing is the most effective form of interviewing as it focuses on gathering evidence of required skills, experience and personal qualities, known collectively as competencies. The aim is to obtain information about a candidate's past behaviour and experience so that you can effectively 'score' and compare candidates against each other. Further information can be found at: http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/how_to_cbi.php which includes an example competency interview form to download In essence it's a long and rather grand term for what effectively is an interview with questions that are in essence "give me an example of...." rather than "what would you do if.....". For example, "give me an example of when you've.....?" and "when have you not completed a project in time, what happened?" To perform a Competency Based Interview will take around two to three hours of planning but hopefully you will notice that your interview are more worthwhile and have greater structure. Combining a competency interview technique with the Aaron Wallis psychometric profile and bespoke interview questions will help you make your hiring decisions based upon gathered evidence rather than 'gut feeling'.
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How to Plan a Successful Recruitment Campaign
Together with links to a recruitment planning template and recruitment checklist (http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/recruitment-planning-sales-recruitment-checklist.aspx) this video details the importance of working to a recruitment plan template. In this three-minute video, Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis explains how working with a recruitment plan can significantly increase your hiring success.
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So, You've Been Asked to Take a Psychometric Test. What does it mean?
Quick two minute guide to taking psychometric personality questionnaires, commonly known as 'psychometric tests'. What is a psychometric test, how will it be used, how do I complete a psychometric test.
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Company Car or Car Allowance - What do I Choose?
Company Car, Car Allowance or Mileage Allowance? What is best for the field sales employee and the field sales employer? Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis explains the three options on hand to employers of UK sales professionals together with the pros and cons between them. There isn't a 'one size fits all' it depends on circumstances such as i) the mileage you will be undertaking in the role ii) the CO2 emissions of the vehicle iii) the choice of the vehicle you'd like to drive iv) other options available other than the one given v) mileage rates offered. However, here Rob explains how each method is commonly deployed and potential pros and cons for you to evaluate.
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How to Conduct a Brilliant Interview in 60 Minutes or Less
In this short video Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis explains how to plan and conduct a great first interview in under 60 minutes. This video whould be watched in conjunction with How to Competency Interview: http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/how_to_cbi.aspx and the accomanying YouTube video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDmGI210OK4
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How to Give Candidate Feedback After an Interview
How to reject unsuccessful candidates and offer quick professional and constructive feedback. No one likes rejecting unsuitable applicants, but you've got your own reputation, and that of your business, to protect. Here, Rob Scott from Aaron Wallis, offers some very quick advice on how to relay positive constructive feedback to the unsuccessful applicants who apply to your vacancies.
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How to Create a Job Specification and How to Devise a Person Spec
The differences between a Job Specification, or Job Spec, and a Person Specification, commonly referred to as a Person Spec. Here, Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis explains how they are not one and the same and details some quick exercises to help devise and create both. In addition, Rob details a really neat exercise to ensure that you know what you are looking for when you are recruiting to ensure that you hire the very best talent for the vacancy.
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5 Questions You Should Ask at Every Interview
These are the top five questions that you should ask at every interview that you attend. Interview questions for candidates and applicants that they should ask potential employers to help them succeed at interviews
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UK Sales Industry Statistics
An overview of the largest survey of UK sales professionals commissioned by Aaron Wallis, a specialist UK based sales recruiter. Understand what motivates sales staff, why they join (and why they want to leave businesses), how to keep them and more.
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How to Plan and Prepare a New Job Search
A quick overview to how to plan and prepare a job search to make sure that you utilise your time effectively by not applying, and attending interviews, for roles that are not right for you. This video should be watched in conjunction with the Aaron Wallis Job Search Checklist which can be downloaded free from here: http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/job_search_checklist.aspx
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What is a Psychometric Personality Profile?
Guide on how to complete online personality psychometrics - commonly referred to as a 'psychometric test'. What do psychometrics look for, how should you answer psychometrics, what is a psychometric, what to do they do and how are they used
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How to Choose a Recruitment Agency for your Business
With around 10,000 recruitment agencies in the UK to choose from it can be daunting task to decide where to start selecting whom to use. Here are some quick tips to use as criteria for selecting a recruitment agency to recruit the right staff for your business. For ten reasons to choose Aaron Wallis visit: http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/ten_reasons_to_use_aaron_wallis_sales_recruitment.aspx
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Recruiting by Dummies (or, "How not to Recruit")
How Not to Recruit. Don't bother with any kind of recruitment process, don't have a plan, don't bother preparing interview questions and fairly benchmarking candidates against each other based upon actual evidence of skills, qualities and experience. Don't bother referencing, or checking up on the chosen candidates. If they look good, they sound good, and you've got loads of things in common they must be right. And, if they know someone that you know, perfect! Make sure that you offer them there and then. After all, you wouldn't want to upset an acquaintance of an acquaintance would you? Regrettably, on CIPD evidence around half of recruitment decisions are taken on 'gut feel' and only 11% of employers are fully satisfied with their recruitment decisions after 12 months (http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/Aaron-Wallis-The-Tools-for-Recruitment.pdf). Don't make the same mistakes and ensure that you have a robust recruitment process in place.
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Aaron Wallis Toubkal Challenge, Morocco,  May 2012
Some of the Aaron Wallis team tackle Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa at 4,167 metres (or 13,671 ft). Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is typically a 2 day climb to the summit. The Aaron Wallis team set off from the refuge at 3207m at 4AM to be the first to the peak on Friday 18th May 2012. For mid-May the weather was kind although it was bleak and blustery at the top. For a blog of the event see - http://www.celebratehf.co.uk/team-challenge-with-aaron-wallis-to-toubkal-morocco
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Sales Jobs in Milton Keynes
Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment are a specialist sales recruitment agency with an office in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. As a national and well respected national agency within specialist sales recruitment they offer a range of sales jobs from telesales to sales director levels. Call 01908 764280 or visit www.aaronwallis.co.uk to find out more
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8 Top Tips For Sales Managers
Here are our 8 top tips for things all sales managers should know! Rob Scott from Aaron Wallis is here to help you, and so is the whole team at Aaron Wallis so please call for a free consultation - info on our website: www.aaronwallis.co.uk Follow us! Instagram: www.instagram.com/aaronwallissr Twitter: www.twitter.com/aaronwallissr
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How to Manage Interview Nerves
Quick 45 second video on how to manage nerves in an interview. If you normally get nervous before an interview here's a couple of quick tips and tactics to help you maintain your composure
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Employers: The Importance of Selling to Candidates at Interview
The importance of selling your business to candidates, particularly sales candidates, during the interview. Top sales people have many options and choices and if you do not set the environment, take the time to read their CV and sell the opportunity of your business and role then they will simply join elsewhere. Practical tips to help you plan and prepare before a sales interview to ensure that the top sales talent wants to join your business.
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Tailored Assessment Centres to Recruit Sales Staff from Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment
Are www.aaronwallis.co.uk able to tailor their assessment centre proposition to my company. Answered by Rob Scott, Managing Director of Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, a leading UK sales recruiter with a bespoke assessment centre solution
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How Many Candidates Are Provided in a Typical Shortlist?
Rob Hayward of www.aaronwallis.co.uk explains how many candidates are provided to employer clients in a typical shortlist
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Tough Interview Question #2: What Are Your Weaknesses?
How to answer the Tough interview question - "What are Your Weaknesses" commonly referred to as The Weakness Question. Short one minute video to help you perform your very best at interview
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How to Keep Composed During An Interview
Quick video with a handful of tips on how to regain composure if it is momentarily lost at interview. How to keep calm and composed during an interview
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How to Make a Terrific First Impression at Interviews
Here, Rob Scott of www.aaronwallis.co.uk, details a handful of simple tips to help you make the very best impression at an interview
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The 3 Toughest Interview Questions
Here are the Three Toughest Interview Questions with links to How to Handle Them
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Why is There a Minimum of a Two Week Exclusivity Period?
Here Rob Hayward of www.aaronwallis.co.uk explains why there is a two week minimum exclusivity period when benefitting from the reduced rates offered by Aaron Wallis for sole agency
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Preparing for Interview - The Most Important Interview Research You Should Undertake - Yourself!
Preparing for interview? This is the most important advice on what you should research prior to any interview
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Tough Interview Question # 1: How Much Money?
How to answer one of the three toughest interview questions - "How Much do you think a position such as this should be paying?" - commonly known as 'The Money Question'. 30 second video to help you handle this tough interview question
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What Will Happen Once I Send My CV to Aaron Wallis?
Here Liam Oakes, Candidate Manager at www.aaronwallis.co.uk, explains what will happen once you send your CV to Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment
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How Long is the Exclusivity Period?
In this short video Giles Phillips of www,aaronwallis.co.uk explains how long the Aaron Wallis exclusivity period is typically for. Aaron Wallsi reduce their fees from 20% of the candidate's basic remuneration to 15% on the basis of a short period of exclusivity
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How to Find Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, Milton Keynes, MK9 2AH
A quick video to show how to find Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, Milton Keynes. We are located on the crossroads of Saxon Gate and Silbury Boulevard but many clients and candidates struggle to find us. This short video visualises where we are from where your 'Sat Nav' will take you, the Church and M&S in Centre MK, the major shopping centre in Central Milton Keynes. Aaron Wallis Recruitment and Training Limited, 499 Silbury Boulevard Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK9 2AH
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The Five Main Reasons to Choose Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment
A short two minute video detailing the main five reasons why an employer should use Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment
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Aaron Wallis Coast to Coast C2C Charity Cycle Challenge 2011
Overview of the Aaron Wallis C2C Charity Cycle Challenge in June 2011 where 30 recruitment consultants, suppliers, clients and friends cycled from Whitehaven in Cumbria to Tynemouth in the North East of England raising £3K for MK SET in the process
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Career Advice Available on www.aaronwallis.co.uk
In this short video, Rob Scott, the MD of Aaron Wallis, a leading sales recruiter, details what career advice is available to both candidate jobseekers and employer clients. www.aaronwallis.co.uk countains over 500 pages and PDFs of career advice uniquely written by Aaron Wallis staff or specific industry experts
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In What Industries do Aaron Wallis Specialise?
What industries do Aaron Wallis specialise in? This short video from Rob Scott, Managing Director at Aaron Wallis explains the industry expertise at www.aaronwallis.co.uk
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7 Ways To Hire the Best Staff for Your Business
Rob Scott from Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment details 7 ways to help employers make better hires by increasing the recruitment process. http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk
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The Future of Premier League Transfers
We did some research into transfer fees, and the results are staggering! full article: https://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/transfer-fees-of-the-future.aspx short article: http://blog.aaronwallis.co.uk/2017/07/revealed-what-premier-league-transfers.html facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AaronWallisSalesRecruitment twitter: https://twitter.com/aaronwallissr Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronwallissr/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aaronwallissr for more sales news: http://blog.aaronwallis.co.uk/ for sales & recruitment services: https://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/ thanks for watching" please like and subscribe!
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Jersey Challenge 2012
On 22nd September 2012 Aaron Wallis staff and friends completed the 48.1 mile circumnavigation of Jersey in aid of SportTraider. Sounds easy but it is a 48.1 mile trek with an ascent the equivalent of one and a half Snowdons. 5 of the team completed the challenge in under 12 hours with the remaining finishing within 14.5 hours (still over an hour within our target time!). Here's our story. SportsTraider are a Bedfordshire based charity enabling the disadvantaged to get into sport. Our aim is to raise over £1000 for SportsTraider a brilliant small charity that do an awesome job enabling everyone to get into sport. What they do is collect unused sports equipment from schools/clubs, etc and resell it to disadvantaged kids for what they can afford. They also run a handful of shops in Bedford, Leicester, Luton (and soon to be Hemel and MK). These are staffed by people that aren't able to gain employment easily such as those with disabilities, disadvantaged kids, the long term largely unskilled unemployed and ex-offenders. In addition they give valuable work experience for unskilled or disadvantaged kids to springboard forward into their careers. The profits from the shops then go into disability sports, disability coaching, access for the disadvantaged to facilities such as sports clubs and gyms - and even the transport required to get talented but disadvantaged aspiring athletes to training. As mentioned they are a small charity and they'll really wisely spend every penny that you're able to donate. The challenge is completely funded by the participants so every penny will be going to SportsTraider. Details of our previous challenges can be found here: http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/aaron-wallis-charity-challenges.aspx
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How Does the Aaron Wallis Rebate Scheme Work?
Aaron Wallis offers one of the most generous rebate schemes in the UK recruitment industry. Here Rob Scott explains how the rebate scheme works and what you have to do to qualify for the 12 month rebate scheme
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