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King Tut, My Egyptian Uromastyx, Eating Tortoise Pellets
King Tut loves his tortoise pellets.
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King Tut is Like a Small Dog - Egyptian Uromastyx loves to be petted
King Tut comes running whenever I come near his cage, for food or to be petted.
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Egyptian Uromastyx Mating Attempt 030714 3rd Attempt
The female hissed at the male even before I put him in her cage. She drove him off by biting his lip.
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King Tut - Egyptian Uromastyx Eating Cactus
King Tut Eating Cactus.
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King Tut, my Egyptian Uromastyx, Eating Dried Beans
Uromastyx Aegyptius Microlepis eating dried beans. King Tut is 9 years old, 19" long and loves his beans.
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Egyptian Uromastyx 5th Mating Attempt 032614
I put the female in King Tut's cage this time, but the results were the same. Queen Nefertit gave King a fat lip and he retreated. No more attempts at breeding them till next year.
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My Egyptian Uromastyx King Tut Eating Dandelions
Every Uro loves dandelions and King Tut is no exception.
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King Tut My Egyptian Uromastyx Eating His Greens
Next Video. King Tut eating a small child.
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Egyptian Uromastyx Mating Attempt 030314
Second attempt at breeding my Egyptian Uromastyx. The female was not receptive at all. I might try brumating them next year, hoping that she will be more submissive and allow the male to mate.
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Corydoras Sterbai 11 Weeks Old
Corydoras Sterbai doing well. There's about 30 in this tank. This is the second successful spawn of my breeding colony.
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Egyptian Uromastyx 4th Mating Attempt 031014
Poor King Tut. Queen Nefertiti is just not into him. I'll try again next year, but I'll brumate them during the winter - that should take some of the fight out of her.
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Corydoras Sterbai Fry - 8 Weeks Old Swimming Against the Current
Fry love their new tank are love to swim against the current created by the outlet of the filter system.
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Angelfish Spawn 080111 2 Weeks Free Swimming
Eating BBB. Man, how they have grown in a short 2 weeks, beginning to look like their parents.
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guppyvideo 001
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000_AF Spawn Day 1.mov
Angelfish laying eggs May 24, 2011
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Sterbai 031612 001
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Sterbai Cories FreeSwimming3 days 001
Corydoras Sterbai 3 Days Free Swimming. B 111511
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16 Week Old Angelfish
Ready to breed in a couple of months. Always hungry.
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angelfish first spawn 71611 002
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Corydoras Sterbai Cory Catfish Swimming Against The Current
Sterbai Coryoras Cory Catfish Swimming Against The Current. These are about 2 months old. Great scavengers for your community tank. Great in discus tanks because they tolerate higher temperatures.
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Angelfish Spawn 072411 8 Days Free Swimming 001.MOV
The picture is pretty blurry. These have grown about 10 times their original size in just 8 days.
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pygmy 102312 001
Pygmy Corydoras Catfish spawning 10/31/12
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Love Bird
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Sterbai 010112 001
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Corydoras Sterbai 110111 42 Days Old
13 Survived from my first spawn. They look like corys now.
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Sterbai Cory Catfish (corydoras sterbai) - 6 weeks old
About 6 week old Sterbai Cory Catfish (corydoras sterbai) doing very well. More to come! Great addition to anybodies community aquarium.
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Angelfish 4 weeks Free Swimming 001
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Corydoras Sterbai B110111 24 Days Old 001.MOV
Corydoras Sterbai First Spawn Born 110111, 25 Days Old
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Angelfish 5 Weeks Free Swimming
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