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Aven Colony Xbox 1 - Tips to start your base (No commentary)
This is a very quick tutorial of all the most important buildings you'll need to watch out for to get your base successfully started.
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Prey 2017 - Xbox 1- How to escape the reactor room after rebooting it (No commentary)
So, rebooting the reactor messes up the stairs, and everything we used to come down here. Problem is: we now need to go back up....
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Ark evolve Xbox 1 - T-rex Vs Giga size and roar comparison - No commentary
Finally got my first giganotosaurus.... and I thought T-rex was a giant :(
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Resident Evil Revelation 2 - How to power-up the crane after the forest (English)
After exiting the forest, it took me a while to figure out how to power-up the crane to crash the chained gate.....
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Assassin's creed unity Multiplayer Xbox 1 - Royals, Guns and Money - No commentary
My first try at AC unity online.
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Aven Colony Xbox 1 - How to get infinite nanites without iron or even a mine (No commentary)
Early tip for begginers: if you do this little set-up early in the game, you shouldn't have to worry about nanites anymore.
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The Witcher 3 Xbox 1 - Mission "throught time and space" - No commentary
Geralt and Avalac'h needs to cross parallel dimensions to reach their ultimate goal.....
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"Astroneer" Xbox 1 - Easiest and fastest way to get Lithium and Titanium ? (no commentary)
Ever tied to manually collect these ressources ?? It's hard and takes forever, BUT there is an easier way....
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Subnautica Xbox 1 - How to find the floating island  - No commentary
Easy way to know how to find the floating island in Subnautica
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Eye of the Tiger, Survivor Mariachi remix -Xbox 1 - Rayman Legends
Nice version of "the Eye of the tiger", Rayman way...
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Prey 2017 - Engaging the self-destruct console in the reactor (No commentary)
We finally have the 2 keys to engage the self-destruct mechanism of Talos 1. The console is deep within the station, in the reactor room.
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Dragon age Inquisition Xbox 1 - Coracavus dungeon and giant glitch - No commentary
Was Kelil Prod Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUgtcuuZwOpshbXlopQuyAA Music Used on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw2FrS8idWw
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Prey 2017 - Xbox 1 -  Escaping the freezer in the cafeteria (No commentary)
In this video, Will Mitchell just locked us inside an industrial freezer and left us to die.
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Prey 2017 - Fixing the main lift (Technopath bossfight) - No commentary
The main lift of the station doesn't work. Turns out some new kind of typhon is controlling it. But what kind exactly ?
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Planet base Xbox 1 - Best way to start a base (tips Frozen planet) - No commentary
I show in this quick video the base lay-out that best worked for me on the frozen planet so far. I have 101 colonists so far and growing stronger.... I know this planet can be a little tough to start.
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Ark Survival Evolve Xbox1 - Taming my first carno - No commentary
And this is the very first "big" carnivore I ever tamed in the game.
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Red Dead Redemption Xbox 1 - Treasure hunt #2: Rio del lobo (No commentary)
Second treasure hunt of the game: located in Riodel Lobo.
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Planetbase Xbox 1 - tips and tricks for beginners (No commentary)
This is by far the best base I made in Planetbase, and still a work in progress....
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Ark Survival Xbox1 - Comment faire apparaitre un T-rex ??? (Français)
Dans cet épisode, on va faire apparaître des T-rex dans le ciel.
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Ark Evolve Xbox 1 - Hatching a baby Trike on high food consumption - No commentary
How long does it really take to hatch a trike egg in Ark in high food consumption ?
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Prey 2017 - Xbox 1- How to exit deep storage (No commentary)
Took me absolutely forever to figure this out....
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Outlast Xbox 1 - Alternate way to the showers (No commentary)
Miles needs to find a way through the abandoned showers with Chris Walker and the twins on his tail. More bad news ???
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Shadow of the Tomb raider - All animals and wildlife in the game - Xbox 1
Shadow of the Tomb Raider is full of wildlife and fauna, and teaming with life. I think ALL living things from the game are somehow represented in this video, and if I did forget one, let me know.
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Ark survival evolved - Xbox 1 - My underwater base (and cave location) - No commentary
Just started an underwater base, and I have all the basic stuff so far. Next step: bringing in dinos and start farming.
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Monster Hunter World Xbox 1 - Legiana: Awesome In-air kill (No commentary)
Bear with us until the end of the video: I guarantee you have never seen such an awesome killing blow in MHW. In air slasher !!!
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Alien Isolation Xbox 1 - Killed by a facehugger aboard the Inisadora - No commentary
I messed up and didn't see that dude coming.
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The Witcher 3 - Quest: Family matters - The Botchling (No commentary)
The Red Baron's wife had a miscarriage after he beat her up while drunk. They buried the child without a proper ceremony or even naming her...It looks like the baron might have to respond to his mistakes after all.
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Titanfall 2 en mode solo - Trial by fire - Mon avis sur le jeu (Français)
Le jeu est sorti il y a un petit moment, est-ce que le mode solo vaut la peine ?????
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Prey 2017 Xbox 1 - Finding Anders Kline keycard - Last door before arboretum (no commentary)
We need to get Anders Kline keycard before being able to reach the arboretum., and find the magnetosphere controls room...
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Ark Evolve Xbox 1 - Safest compound/ base ever on the cliff - No commentary
Check out my last base built all on a cliff. Took me forever to do that, even if it might not look like much...Compound ended-up being pretty safe as no big carnivores spawn around.
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Prey 2017 - Xbox 1 - 1 way to access the catwalk in cargo Bay (No commentary)
I personally found at least 2 different ways to get up there. This is only 1 of them.
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The witcher 3 Xbox 1 - Scavenger hunt - Griffin school gear in the light house - No commentary
Looking for some new witcher's gear in a lighthouse guarded by some kind of dragon.
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Subnautica Xbox 1 - First encounter with Reaper leviathan and escaping - No commentary
Very first time I meet that big guy after the Xbox update.
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Red Dead redemption: El señor VS War Horse (No commentary)
Burro Vs war horse...pick your favorite...
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Shadow of Mordor Xbox 1 - Killing the warchief Mogg The other twin - No commentary
Let's hunt and kill another warchief...
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Forza Horizon 3 Xbox 1 - Extreme Yarra offroad championship (No commentary)
this is the Yarra-Yarra brige cross country race, from the extreme crossroad championship.
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Far Cry 4 - A key to the north mission complete - No commentary
Finally gaining access to North Kyrat.....
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Red Dead redemption - Treasure map location #1: Hanging rock (No commentary)
This is the first (and therefore the easiest) treasure hunt of the game. Location: hanging rock.
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Ghost of a tale Xbox 1 - Finding the jail master key (No commentary)
Finding that key will open us most of the jail doors without having to steal from guards.
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Far Cry 4 Xbox 1 - Map editor -  My map: "abandonned village"  - No commentary
This is my last creation on the map editor. Let me try to beat it...
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Shadow of the Tomb raider - All Yaaxil scenes (underworld people)
Lara is being stalked all across her journey, but by who ? or what ?
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Unravel Xbox 1 - Level The letter (No commentary)
Yarni risks it across frozen fields and river to get on the other side of a farm, but local magpie have a different plan.
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Ori and the blind forest Xbox 1 - Where to unlock light burst ability (No commentary)
We keep unlocking abilities as we explore the magical world of Nibel...this time: light burst.
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Subnautica Xbox 1 - Where to easily get Lithium (No commentary)
Getting Lithium at the beginning of the game might be challenging. There is a place not too deep and hard to reach to look for it...
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Monster Hunter World - Jyuratodus w/ Anjanath great sword (No commentary)
Jyuratodus is a mid-sized Piscine Wyvern that greatly resembles Lavasioth. Jyuratodus has light brown scales covering it, though these colors are usually hidden due to the mud on its body.
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Assassin's creed Unity dead King Xbox 1  - Marie de Medicis tomb (No commentary)
Descovering this Queen's tomb, deep inside the Paris catacombs.
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Assassin's creed Unity Xbox 1 - Inside the palace of Versailles - No commentary
This is the King's palace, and we get to enter it during the French revolution.
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Titanfall 1 - Xbox 1 - Zone 18 frontier defense (No commentary)
Frontier defense is actually my favorite gamemode in Titanfall.
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Ark Survival Evolve Xbox 1 -Epic compound on a cliff  - No commentary
This is my main base and is still a work in progress...
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Far Cry 4 - Shangri-La - Ringing the 2nd bell of enlightenment - Part 1 - No commentary
This is the second quest in Shangri-la to ring a bell,
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