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Whittaker vs Romero 2 - UFC 225 Pay-Per-View Event
Watch UFC 225 - go to https://www.verizon.com/home/MLP/PPV.html or Order With Your Fios Remote. Live at 10pm EST on Saturday, June 9, 2018 Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker will face off again against Yoel Romero aka “Soldier of God” at the United Center in Chicago, IL. Watch all your favorite Ultimate Fighting Championship® Fights and Events with Verizon FiosTV. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WHITTAKER: “My name is Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker. My next scheduled fight is June 9. It’s in Chicago, UFC 225. I am re-matching Yoel Romero. The first fight went five rounds; it was a bit of a war back and forth. I got the upper hand in the later rounds, and came away victorious. My fight style is, you know, I’d like to think unorthodox striking, I’m explosive, I have power, and I am fast. My favorite move is the wonderlands.” ROMERO: “My nickname is “Soldier of God.” My next opponent is Robert Whittaker; he is the champion right now. This fight is very important because it is the rematch. For the first time when I fought for the interim title, you know. You know it was a very close fight, I lost the fight with the last minute for the last round. And now, I come back. I am thinking, I am born for this. I’m born for the fight.” WHITTAKER: “The crowd is screaming. The lights are on me. The announcers are calling our names out. There is a lot of tension in the air. There is a lot of nerves, and we are just waiting, it’s just a waiting game. You know in two minutes you guys are going to be touching gloves, and the fight is going to be on.” ROMERO: “I work very hard for this fight, and I take the victory, believe me.” WHITTAKER: “Expect me to bring an exciting fight, if you’re a fan of mine, you already know what I am bringing to the table. I am an exciting fighter, I go in there and I am explosive, I try to keep it standing. I am a striker, and you know that’s my game, that’s what I am doing. I am going to go in there, and I am going to look for the finish for twenty five minutes. It was a hard first fight, it was tough, close, but I think I have his one, and put him away.”
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How to Pair Your Wear24
Tutorial on how to pair your Wear24 with your smartphone.
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Managing Duplicate Contacts Using Google
Duplicating contacts is really common and happens when you're syncing contacts from multiple sources. This video will show you how to merge and remove duplicate contacts using Google and your gmail account to help you clean up your phone!
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Verizon Up | Offstage with Rae Sremmurd: "This or that "
Verizon Up gets you closer to the artists you love with exclusive access, tickets & more. Only for members. All in the My Verizon app. Join today.
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How to transfer your content from your old phone to your new phone
With the Content Transfer app, it's easy to transfer your content from your old phone to your new phone. Follow these simple steps so you can start enjoying your new phone right away. Click here for more information on how to transfer your content: http://vz.to/2dw9QZw
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Learning How to Navigate Your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola
Are you new to the Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola? Watch this video to learn how to get around your phone including unlocking the phone, viewing the notifications panel, tips on apps and more. For more support information: http://vz.to/1RtTWfq or ask our VZW community for help here: http://vz.to/1S9w5Rq
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One Talk - Setting up Automated Receptionist: Verizon Tutorial Video
This video will show you how to set up the Automated Receptionist feature. *One Talk–capable desk phone must be purchased from Verizon to support some of these features. Features available on select phones. Activation of the One Talk feature and broadband connection is required.
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How Five Marys Farms stays connected on an 1,800 acre ranch
Three years ago, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary and Brian moved from Silicon Valley to an 1,800 acre ranch in Northern California. Learn how technology plays a key role in their lifestyle and, specifically, how it helps them in raising their four daughters. Read their full story: http://www.verizon.com/about/news/silicon-valley-1800-acre-family-farm
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Operation Convergent Response: When it really matters, we've got your back.
Verizon brought together more than 200 public safety officials and 40 technology partners to demonstrate how we support first responders during a crisis.
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Verizon Up | Offstage with Rae Sremmurd: "Performing"
Verizon Up gets you closer to the artists you love with exclusive access, tickets & more. Only for members. All in the My Verizon app. Join today.
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How Do Device Payments Work?
Watch this video to get an overview of how device payments work. To learn more about device payments, visit our FAQs: http://vz.to/1OIYqsr
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Troubleshooting: How to Unfreeze Your Device
Is your phone freezing, and not responding to your touch? Yes, your phone still likes you! It probably just needs some TLC, like power cycling, or even a reset. This video shows how to unfreeze your device and get it up, running and in tip-top shape. For more support information visit: http://vz.to/1X7ADHk or ask our VZW community for help here: http://vz.to/1OCctD9
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National Engineers Week// Profiles on Verizon wireless & wireline engineers
Verizon engineers explain why they became an engineer.
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A Better Future for Everyone
Hear Lowell McAdam talk about how Verizon is positioning itself for future growth.
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Device Won't Charge: 5 Simple Tips if Your Device Won't Charge
Having trouble charging your device? You may be having charging problems because of a broken charging port or liquid damage! Try these 5 simple steps for when your device won’t charge. For more help, visit http://vz.to/1X7ADHk
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Working with a purpose: Alphur "Slim" Willock
A widowed father of six, Alphur "Slim" Willock is raising his six kids to be the best adults that they can be.
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Verizon extends its lead. Winning awards from RootMetrics & J.D. Power/ New York / Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless leader Tami Erwin shows why customers are switching carriers. They're getting the unlimited plan they want on the network they deserve.
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Densification | Verizon
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Bill Bratton / Public Safety Private Core / Verizon
Bill Bratton, former police commissioner of New York & Boston and former chief of LAPD, discusses Verizon's public safety private core designed to enhance Verizon's industry-leading 4G LTE network for public safety. Learn more at Verizon: http://www.verizonenterprise.com/industry/public_sector/public_safety/ Video Transcription: Hello, I’m Bill Bratton, former police commissioner of New York & Boston and former chief of the LAPD. When crisis strikes, first responders also have to be first communicators. You need reliable communications that work as hard as you do. In today’s world we need customized apps that deliver on a promise of instant data to keep people safe and keep yourselves safe too. Imagine real time information, like floorplans, or criminal records, or medical histories sent straight to you in the field. At the NYPD we had to build our own because years after 9/11 the promise of a dedicated private core still wasn’t being delivered. Now it is. Verizon introduced its public safety/private core with enhanced priority & preemption services for wireless to keep first responders like you connected when it counts. During an emergency networks can become congested but now Verizon has launched a public safety private core specifically for cops, firefighters & other first responders. And it’s on Verizon’s 2.5 million square mile network. I’m proud to work with Verizon to give first responders an option that provides reach, service choice & competitive pricing. As Verizon continues to push for interoperability & an open garden app development environment because that’s the best & broadest solution for public safety. It’s how we get a system you can rely on, so people can rely on you.
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Verizon Up | Offstage with Rae Sremmurd: "Starting Out"
Verizon Up gets you closer to the artists you love with exclusive access, tickets & more. Only for members. All in the My Verizon app. Join today.
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Verizon Messages-Basic Use
Verizon Messages is a text messaging app from Verizon Wireless. Use Verizon Messages on available smartphones to send and receive messages easily. You can also customize the color and font size of your messages. Use Integrated Messaging to keep up with your messages on your phone, tablet and computer, and make HD voice and video calls. Take picture messaging to the next level with the postcard, collage and sketch features. This how-to video explains the basic features of Verizon Messages and shows you how to get started. Watch the other videos listed below for more information on the advanced features. https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/how-to-use-verizon-messages/?intcmp=INT-VNT-NON-AW--11162016-1VNT1-ND
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Verizon Up | Offstage with Rae Sremmurd: "Stage fright"
Verizon Up gets you closer to the artists you love with exclusive access, tickets & more. Only for members. All in the My Verizon app. Join today.
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About Wear24
Get the most our of your Wear24 with these great features.
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Verizon network team priorities for 2017/ Orlando / Verizon Wireless
Chief Network Officer Nicki Palmer highlights the Verizon network team priorities for 2017. Customers will see a lot of new technology this year.
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#SmallBizBusy | Tribe Bicycle Co.
When you’re a designer but you’ve also got a business to run, you’re #SmallBizBusy. One Talk by Verizon keeps you connected, so you’re free to follow your passion.
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J.D. Power recognizes Verizon for the 18th consecutive time in the Wireless Network Quality Study
Verizon Wireless leaders Ronan Dunne and Nicki Palmer explain why maintaining the best network is a top priority for our customers.
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How to transfer your content from your old phone to your new phone
With the Content Transfer app, it's easy to transfer your content from your old phone to your new phone. Follow these simple steps so you can start enjoying your new phone right away
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How to Set Up Autopay
When you sign up for Auto Pay through My Verizon, you can ensure your payment is on time each month. Watch this video to see how to set up Auto Pay. Sign in to My Verizon today to get started: http://vz.to/1NAPFmH
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Hurricane Harvey survival story: connected through thick and thicker
Robin Farris never experienced a storm like Hurricane Harvey before. But with the right network, she was prepared.
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Verizon 5G Game Jam Explores the Future of Gaming | Technology Demonstration | Verizon
Verizon hosted a 5G game jam at Alley, site of its 5G incubator in New York City, giving game developers an opportunity to design games for tomorrow's next-gen networks This weekend we are in Alley Chelsea doing a Verizon 5G game jam. 20 Developers from New York City spend the whole weekend with us making experiences for our 5G node. When you’re developing for mobile, you’re used to really optimizing for bandwidth and rendering capabilities. You really have to think about the capabilities that you’re programming for. It’s not a very strong processor, doesn’t have a lot of memory, doesn’t have a lot of screen space, so you have to compress everything. So now with 5G, developers and content creators are completely free to explore the possibilities. 5G is the next generation technology with higher speeds, higher bandwidth, lower latency applications. That means that we can offload our processing power to a much more powerful machine and just stream the footage back to the handheld device. LiquidSky is handling the processing and then rendering you the feed for a gamer to see on their mobile phone. They gave us a challenge to basically make the most heavy process-intensive game we could imagine and play it through the 5G network on a mobile phone. We were sort of like “Well jeez, we can kind of do anything.” There’s electric with developers freed from their shackles. We just decided to go crazy. Post processing effects everywhere and lights everywhere, dynamic models, high quality textures, motion blur and ambient inclusion.. and try to break it basically and I don’t think any of us are going to succeed. So our game is Two Knights on A Rocket. It’s a multiplayer experience, one person playing on a computer, one person playing on a mobile phone, they’re both connected to the same server offering input remotely. Our game is called Katamarble Lunacy. It’s just a glorious simulation celebrating the freedom that we’re getting with this new workflow. If I play the game in the Unity editor, it just stutters the entire time. On 5G, it runs buttery smooth which is ridiculous. In our game, Bullet Hell, we’re trying to maximize the power of 5G by getting the player to shoot so many bullets and have so many things on screen. You have characters, you have environments, and I was worried the entire time “is this going to work?” “Oh man, did I make it too high poly?” And then I finally got to sit down and play with the guys and it worked great. A lot of the developers here were skeptical, were talking about “oh, how are we even going to do this? Isn’t wifi better? Blah blah blah.” But once we actually put it on the network, we saw that seeing is believing. What excites me about the future is not having to design an experience through a hardware interface that the user uses. It’s about designing experiences for the user, wherever they are for whatever screen they’re looking at. That’s a designer’s dream, basically. Especially after messing with it for a few days, I think that 5G is going to be cool and I’m excited to use it in the future. We want these developers to push the limits because what our network can offer is going to change the future.
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One Talk - Setting up a Hunt Group: Verizon Tutorial Video
This video will show you to how set up the Hunt Group feature, which allows you to direct incoming calls to a group of lines. *One Talk–capable desk phone must be purchased from Verizon to support some of these features. Features available on select phones. Activation of the One Talk feature and broadband connection is required.
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Verizon Wireless Case Study: Oklahoma City and Verizon Private Network
How do you connect a city that’s spread out across hundreds of miles? Centrally and securely managing public resources is critical to make sure that everything runs smoothly. That’s why the city of Oklahoma City turned to Verizon to tackle the difficult task of connecting people, devices, data and systems.
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Email Set Up on Your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola
Set up your personal and corporate email quickly and efficiently on your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola. Watch this video to learn how. For more support information: http://vz.to/1RtTWfq or ask our VZW community for help here: http://vz.to/1S9w5Rq
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Hans Vestberg
Hans Vestberg, executive vice president and president of Global Networks and chief technology officer for Verizon, provides an easy-to-understand explanation of 5G. If you think of the evolution of our mobile network, 1G was Voice, 2G – Texting, 3G – Data & Apps, 4G – Mobile Video. These were incremental advancements. 5G is transformational. We talk about 5G as the fourth industrial revolution. 5G offers a huge leap forward in latency and bandwidth. Its low latency means super-fast speeds and reaction times. Its high bandwidth means massive amounts of data. It will make all sorts of things possible like remote robotic surgery, autonomous cars, super connected cities, smart manufacturing, cool AR and VR experiences, stuff people haven’t even dreamt up yet. Now it’s important to know, 5G is not going to replace 4G. In fact, we are constantly coming up with new ways to make our 4G LTE network better and we won’t stop doing that. When it comes to 5G, you’ll continue seeing noise about what everybody else is doing but you’ll see their idea of 5G is different than ours.They talk about much more improvements, theirs is incremental. What we are building is transformational. Here at Verizon we not only have the best network for today, but also for tomorrow. It’s why we always say, "we don’t wait for the future, we build it."
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StreetChange | Great Things Happen When People Connect for Good | Verizon
Our newfound connectedness has an incredible impact on our lives and our communities. We are sharing the stories of innovators who are using technology to build community, invite action and bring people together around solutions for a better world. These optimists and their stories of good will and common purpose remind us that great things happen when people connect for good. Go to http://www.streetchangephilly.org to get involved.
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Battery Tips and Tricks for Your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola
Do you want your battery to last longer between charging? This video shows you how to change power settings to extend the battery life on your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola. For more support information: http://vz.to/1RtTWfq or ask our VZW community for help here: http://vz.to/1S9w5Rq
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Verizon Innovative Learning
Millions of kids from underserved communities, who want a better future for themselves, lack access to technology and educational resources in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. With about 9 million available STEM jobs – and over 4 million available jobs in science and technology alone – our youth need access to education and resources that will prepare them for success in tomorrow’s high-tech world. Verizon is addressing this issue through an initiative called Verizon Innovative Learning that provides free technology, free access and immersive, hands-on learning to students and teachers in underserved communities across America. Verizon Innovative Learning develops STEM education programs from the ground up. We not only fund these programs, but we also create and administer them in partnership with leading nonprofits. We diligently measure the impact of our efforts in this area and refine our programs to ensure we’re making a difference.
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How to Return a Device or Accessory
You can return or exchange a device or accessory you purchased from verizonwireless.com for up to 14 days. Watch this video to see how. https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/?intcmp=INT-VNT-NON-AC--11112016-1VNT1-ND
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AR Designer from Envrmnt | Technology Demonstration | Verizon
Envrmnt -- Verizon's extended reality organization -- has created a simple-to-use, web-based tool to build powerful AR experiences
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Making an App or Content Purchase Using your Verizon Wireless Account
Watch this video to learn how you can buy apps and content on your phone and bill them directly to your Verizon Wireless account, so you don't have to enter sensitive information, like your credit card, when making a purchase. For more information, visit the FAQs http://vz.to/1PiDR9g
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Understanding the Device Payments on Your First Bill- The Verizon Plan
If you're on the Verizon Plan and have upgraded your device, or purchased a new device with a device payment agreement, watch this video to get an overview of the device payment charges on your first bill. To learn more about device payments, visit our FAQs: http://vz.to/1OIYqsr or watch the video: http://vz.to/1NJL5jZ
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Managing Contacts Using My Verizon
Managing your contacts can be a huge and time consuming task. Watch this video to learn how to efficiently manage your contacts on Verizon Cloud using your My Verizon account!
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Verizon's 5G Incubator: Building the 5G ecosystem | Technology Demonstration | Verizon
Verizon's 5G incubator at Alley in New York City is bringing universities and startups together to test their 5G concepts on Verizon's pre-commercial 5G network Communications is at the heart of many of the changes we’ve seen in the last decade or two. The evolution of that communication’s fabric is front and center to how the future will unfold. Many of the fundamental technologies that are behind this require 5G and its bandwidth. My students are really excited about the collaboration with Verizon and the fact that there’s a 5G node right here at the Alley. That delay that’s less than 1/100th of a second, that gives you the real responsiveness that allows people to communicate visually. These students are literally figuring out how people will interact with each other in the coming decade. Collaboration is really at the heart of what we do at Arvizio. Mixed reality is an important new technology that allows you to bring in the real word and then overlay the real world with holographic images. The Arvizio platform in conjunction with Verizon’s 5G technology. We’re now able to do things that were just not possible. The ability to work as a team, independently of distance, is an essential ingredient. Edge computing is essentially cloud computing. We enable you to use any app or game on any device. You don’t buy a game console, you don’t buy a PC, you just essentially stream it. Two things are important for what we do: you need to have incredibly high bandwidth and low latency. Verizon has helped us accelerate both of those things dramatically since we started working with them. My lab is very interested in how augmented reality and virtual reality can help people work together. The problem that we’re interested in this case is making it possible for two people who are in different places to be able to collaborate in a very fine grain, doing tasks in which together they are controlling the same physical stuff and they’re connected by 5G. The response that a person can have can be much more rapid. In general, it’s really important for people to connect together because we’re human beings, we’re social animals. We like to do things with other people. I think human life is about solving problems. People- they either use the tools they have or they develop new tools and right now, the best innovators are the ones who are doing both at the same time. 5G is the differential in being able to do things like that.
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The Story of Tre Da Kid: Verizon's #Freestyle50 Contest Winner
In 2016, Verizon joined forces with 300 Entertainment to find the nation’s best freestyle lyricist through the launch of the #Freestyle50 challenge. The contest kicks off again in July 2017. Tre Da Kid shares his story about his life experience as a passionate rap artist and what it was like to enter and win the contest competing against thousands of other aspiring rap artists.
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Super Kids Super Sharing Event - Super Bowl LI
Super Kids Event with NFL and Verizon
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Using Global Settings and the SIM Card on Your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola
Learn how to use Global settings and your SIM card on your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola. For more support information: http://vz.to/1RtTWfq or ask our VZW community for help here: http://vz.to/1S9w5Rq
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5G technology: Changing the game | Technology Demonstration | Verizon
Verizon and Ericsson demonstrate the high speed and low latency of 5G technology using 5G-powered first-person goggles and helmet cams
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Verizon Unexpected | Verizon
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Verizon Business Customer Fios Testimonial: Precision Tuning Motorsports
Precision Tuning Motorsports, located in Spotswood, NJ is a Subaru and import car performance shop and Verizon business customer. Watch this video testimonial to see how the ultra-fast and reliable Verizon Fios Internet, TV, and phone service help owner Richard Ellis and his team save "time and money.
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Adding Apps to Your Wear24
How to download and add apps to your Wear24 right from your wrist.
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