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Providing the Power
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/12011/Providing_the_Power Former Norwalk High School and minor league baseball player Pete Tucci didn't get a shot to make it to the major leagues as a player. But now he's in the majors in a different way: Tucci's baseball bat company currently produces bats for 43 major league players -- including some you can watch in the 2012 World Series.
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2013 Chevy Volt Test Drive
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/13832/2013-chevy-volt-test-drive Take a test drive in the new 2013 Chevrolet Volt. See the Volt in Stamford, New Canaan and driving on the Merritt Parkway in this guided video tour of the revolutionary extended-range electric vehicle. Leo Karl III talks specifics about the technology involved in the 2013 Volt. He demonstrates the ride quality, quiet interior, and describes key electronic features. He also shows us how the Volt can be charged at home and on the go to get the most out of gasoline-free driving. Video Sponsored by: Karl Chevrolet of New Canaan. For current Volt lease special please visit:http://www.karldirect.com/specials/karl-chevrolet-freedom-299mo-volt-lease-special-and-deals-connecticut-and-new-york Produced By: Jonathan Krackehl
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Cable TV & Satellite TV Alternative for Businesses | Top 10 Reasons to Switch
Compare the differences at: http://www.itsrelevant.com/compare Cable TV and Satellite TV costs are on the rise, while they continue to offer little benefit for your business. Business owners are finding a better way to utilize their TVs, to not only entertain their customers, but to make the business more money at the same time. Why only spend money on cable/satellite when you can be making money with It’s Relevant TV (http://www.itsrelevant.com)? 1. Cable TV COSTS Money, It’s Relevant TV MAKES you money. It’s Relevant TV is designed to make your business money by integrating your own promotions, videos and social media into the programming. These integrations lead to an increase in the average customer spend, social media followership and return visits/referrals. Traditional TV doesn’t give you any customization, while IRTV lets you customize every part of what’s being delivered to your customers. 2. Competitive Ad Block® Cable and Satellite TV have a ton of commercials, often 16-22 minutes an hour. And while everyone expects to see commercials on TV, the one thing you as a business owner shouldn’t tolerate is a competitor to advertising in your location. 3. No Repetitive Loop & Better Content If your TV is tuned to a news network you’re likely showing the same content over and over on repeat all day long. A repetitive loop just makes customers feel like they are waiting longer, and no one wants that! It’s Relevant TV is different. The programs never loop! Instead, we bring in fresh content all day long and switch between different content types to keep things interesting. TV has a lot of channels, and you may find your staff and visitors having to change between them during the day. It’s Relevant TV has just as many choices, but instead of picking one channel, you choose all of the categories of content your visitors will enjoy most. We change the channel for you throughout the day, switching up the programming types every few minutes, increasing the number of touch-points you have with your customers. 4. Display Your Own Ads Short of buying expensive advertising spots, Cable and Satellite offer no way to get your ads and messages across to customers. It’s Relevant TV makes it easy to feature your messaging next to the programming. You can create and upload images right from your computer or smartphone. IRTV handles the rest, rotating through your ads constantly throughout the day. You can even set specific days or hours of the day to show specific ads. So for instance, if you run a restaurant, you can have breakfast specials shown until 11am, lunch until 3pm, and dinner for the rest of the night. 5. National News & 5-Day Weather Forecasts Cable and Satellite TV offer a variety of weather and news channels. But you have to be tuned to one of the channels to get the information. As we all know, any extended viewing of news or weather leads to viewer boredom. It’s Relevant TV allows you to mix in news and weather information seamlessly throughout the day amidst other more entertaining programming. So you can have food shows, travel programs, celebrity interviews, and news/weather all together instead of being stuck on a single repetitive channel for hours. 6. Real-Time Social Media Display (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Is your business on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? How do you encourage people to follow your accounts? Are you getting real customers to follow you?It’s Relevant TV will display your posts in real-time, showing your most recent photo and text updates to your customers. 7. Display Your Own Videos Cable and Satellite TV offer no way for you to display your own videos. You’re just stuck with the channels they provide. It’s Relevant TV is different. If you have a TV commercial or two, you can run them on your TVs. 8. Sell/Barter Your Ad Space Are there businesses in your area that might want to advertise to your customers? It’s Relevant TV provides you with a platform to display the ads and make direct revenue from them. 9. All Family-Friendly Content Unlike Cable and Satellite TV, It’s Relevant TV only provides content that is prescreened and family friendly. It’s far too often that cable channels have a tame piece of programming one minute and something disgusting, offensive or inappropriate the next. It’s Relevant TV gives you as a business owner piece of mind. 10. Easy Installation Cable and Satellite TV require long installations, large windows of time for an installer to come, complex wiring, drilling holes and a lot of headaches. It’s Relevant TV comes as an easy self-install kit. It takes just 5 minutes to get going, and you can do it on your time, when it’s convenient for you. No holes to drill, no shady installers to have to deal with- Just the TV programming your business needs on your terms.
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Liver Transplant Survivor At 21 Years Old
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/11242/Liver_Transplant_Survivor_at_21_years_old
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Local Cartoonist Gains National Recognition
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/19171/local-cartoonist-gains-national-recognition "I love the sound of my pen of the paper." A local cartoonist is gaining national attention for her comics. "This is it, this is my full time job." Greenwich native Maria Scrivan discovered her love for cartooning 20 years ago. After working in animation and graphic design, she decided to take her own route, sketching comic panels for local publications, like the Greenwich Time and Stamford Advocate. "I have a daily panel," said Scrivan. "So it's a different joke and a different set of characters every day. There are some themes that keep coming up. I end up doing a lot about social media and animals, cats, dogs, but it's always different and I never really know where it's going to end up." Scrivan has been working from her personal home studio for seven years. Since September her daily comic "Half Full" has gained recognition on GoComics.com, the nation's largest comic site, which publishes hundreds of comics daily, including classics like Garfield, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbs. "I use a blue mechanical pencil and then I ink with a dip pen," said Scrivan. "And then I scan it into the computer and use a Cintiq, the tablets that you draw on, to finish the drawing and do the coloring. I know a lot of people who work directly on the Cintiq and I can't seem to let go of paper, I absolutely cherish the time I spend at my drawing table." Fairfield County has been a hub for many in the cartooning industry, including "Beetle Bailey" cartoonist Mort Walker, whose studio is also in Stamford. Scrivan is member of the National Cartoonist Society and her work has ended up on greeting cards, check books, postcards and even textbooks. "I definitely want to continue with the panel," Scrivan says, "and then additionally I have humorous books and children's books that I'm currently working on." This coming September, Scrivan says she expects to have 365 submissions on GoComics.com. For more information on Maria Scrivan and her comics visit: http://www.mariascrivan.com Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Test Drive: 2012 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 SEL (Tour, Features, Technology, Road Test)
It's Relevant takes a tour and test drive in a Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 SEL with Eric Goldstein, Sales Manager at Riverbank Volkswagen in Stamford. More Local Videos: http://www.itsrelevant.com Visit Riverbank Volkswagen: http://www.riverbankvw.com
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Norwalk Gym Owner One Strong Woman
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/15355/norwalk-gym-owner-one-strong-woman Originally published August 15, 2013. Stefanie Tropea was named America's Strongest Woman this past weekend after winning a competition in Denison, TX. Like a lot of people, Stefanie Tropea works out -- but most people don't work out with 90 pound stones. "It's a way to test myself," she says. "To see how strong I can be." Tropea is the owner of Norwalk's Punch Kettlebell Gym. When she's not running her business, you can find her competing in strongwoman competitions. "About four or five a year," she says. Tropea competed in her first strongwoman competition five years ago. She came in dead last. "But I had a blast doing it," she says. Last year she finished third nationally competing for the title of North America's Strongest Woman. This October, she wants the top spot. "I want to do better," she says. Tropea trains for competition by practicing a given event -- like raising Atlas stones -- three times to prepare for the single time she'll have to do it during competition. "Doing it three times makes the competition seem not so bad," she says. Also "not too bad," she says, is the effect weightlifting can have on women. "There is a misconception that if women lift heavy weights, they'll get bulky and lose their femininity," Tropea says. "That's just not true." She says she also lifts weights and does the competitions to be a role model to her gym's clients. "I try to give 100 percent with every workout, and that's what I want from them," she says. Tropea will compete at nationals this year Oct. 18 and 19 in Denison, TX. If she finishes in the top three, she'll advance to the world championships in 2014. Last year, she finished ninth worldwide in her weight class. Produced By: Mike Peal
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Barre Results | Stamford, CT Fitness Classes
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/20453/barre-results-|-stamford,-ct Barre Results evolved out of a desire to help provide revenue for the Ballet School of Stamford (BSS), a nonprofit ballet school which has served the Stamford community for over 16 years. The idea was to utilize the available ballet studios in a way that was synergistic with the mission of the school. I have been doing barre exercise classes for several years and have experienced the benefits of regularlypursuing this form of exercise. As a result, I partnered with Marti Etter, the Executive Director of the Ballet School of Stamford and together we came up with the idea of creating a barre exercise class that is truly derived from ballet, appealing to dancers, former dancers and those who, like me, have no ballet training at all. Barre-type exercises have long been used by professional dancers to develop and maintain strength and flexibility. We can all benefit from this regimen. The objective of the Barre Results class, developed by three members of the faculty of the Ballet School of Stamford, is to strengthen, lengthen and tone the core muscle groups. This is done through a no-impact series of exercises and stretches. The idea is that this method does not become easy or less effective over time because the results you experience will depend on the intensity that you put into the class. And as you get stronger and more flexible, you are able to intensify the Barre Results workout and therefore continue to see the benefits. Barre Results classes are offered in a ballet studio, conveniently located in a beautifully renovated historic building in the center of downtown Stamford, Connecticut. The studio has the benefit of plenty of natural sunlight. Each instructor brings her unique personality and experience to the class as well as to her music selection. Being trained dancers and ballet teachers, each instructor will assist you with refining the positions for each exercise to optimize the benefits gained. Video Produced By: It's Relevant, LLC
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Lacrosse Goalie Beats the Odds
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/14792/lacrosse-goalie-beats-the-odds "There's an atmosphere to it that you can't find anywhere else." For high school junior Devin Camlin, lacrosse is more than just a sport. "It helps you to grow as a person and the dedication that's required to practice, to be there on time, helps a lot in life," says Camlin. Although the lacrosse goalie only picked up the sport in seventh grade, he made Stamford High School's varsity team when he was just a freshman. "Goalie is usually a position that's looked upon as like seniority but coming in as a freshman among seniors, it was kind of difficult for them to look up to me," says Camlin. "But I think I held my own. I made some key saves when I needed to and they were able to look up to me. " Mike Nazzaro, head lacrosse coach at Stamford High, says "He's always looking to get better, he's always looking to help out his teammates, and sometimes he turns into like a coach on the field which is what you want in a goalie anyway. You want your goalie to be like the backbone of the defense. He has those qualities of being a leader and a good player at the same time." Camlin's athletic accomplishments don't end there. Just last week, Camlin became the first Stamford High boys lacrosse player ever to be chosen to play in the Super Juniors Showcase. "You get nominated by your team and then there are two tryouts to see if you can make the junior game and it's supposed to be a culmination of the best juniors in the state," says Camlin. "Our program is less than a decade old so it's a big accomplishment to go out there and play with teams like Darien who have been around for thirty or more years." Instead of relaxing during his summers off, Camlin spends his time at lacrosse camps and plays on a travel team for the CT Chargers. "Trying to get better is my biggest goal," says Camlin. "He's more than willing to stand in front of whoever is shooting the ball just to get that extra rep in, and at halftime in games he's like 'coach let's go take some shots'," Nazzaro says. "So it's never-ending with him which is a good thing." Camlin's success doesn't end on the field. The athlete is also an honors student taking Advanced Placement classes. "He was nominated for FCIAC academic player," says Nazzaro. Camlin will be a co-captain for the Stamford High Black Knights next year. After high school, he hopes to bring his lacrosse skills to the Naval academy in Annapolis, Maryland; a path taken by many of his relatives. Camlin says, "I'd like to carry on that tradition and also serve in the Navy." Produced By: Samantha Mckelvie
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Couple Makes Pottery A Business
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/7809/Couple_Makes_Pottery_A_Business This married couple run a pottery studio and are rarely more than 10 feet apart.
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Stamford high school principal arrested
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/20546/stamford-high-principal,-asst.-principal-arrested Stamford High School's Principal and Assistant Principal were arrested today for failing to report what they knew about an inappropriate relationship involving an English teacher and student. Thirty-two-year-old Danielle Watkins was arrested in July for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her 18-year-old student and supplying marijuana to him and at least one other student. During the course of the investigation, Stamford Police discovered that the school's administration was allegedly aware of the incident as early as December 2013. Police say the school conducted an independent investigation without notifying DCF. On Thursday, Principal Donna Valentine and Assistant Principal Roth Nordin turned themselves in and were charged with a Class A Misdemeanor. One student says she's shocked. Superintendent of Stamford Public Schools, Dr. Winnie Hamilton, said Valentine and Nordin will be placed on administrative leave until all of the facts are know. Hamilton said in a statement, "Once all the facts are known, we will take the opportunity to look closely at our practices and training to determine whether we should make changes in our processes going forward." For now, Rodney Bass will serve as Interim principal at Stamford High. Valentine and Nordin were processed and released on a Written Promise to Appear. Police say the investigation is ongoing. Produced By: Samantha Mckelvie
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"Hard Knock Life" at Norwalk High School
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/23028/"hard-knock-life"-at-norwalk-high-school A young audience met spunky characters and well-known songs Thursday morning during a performance of 'Annie' at Norwalk High School. "It is kind of surreal. It's weird, I never thought this could happen, especially my freshman year," said Holly Rybnick, who portrays Little Orphan Annie. "It was a great surprise and it has been a lot of fun." Junior Kyle Brenn portrays "Rooster" Hannigan. "This is the first show that I think a lot of kids really know," said Brenn. "I mean of the shows I've dont here, there was Hairspray and then Barnum; no one really knew Barnum so this is the first show where it is really familiar to people coming to see it." "In this show I thought, 'what would I want to do if I was rich and famous but secretly had this emptiness inside of me that I wanted to fill and then I find out that is a child', how would I convey that to the people and try to get that across," said junior Sam Patterson, who portraysOliver "Daddy"Warbucks The cast of 55 students and one dog brought the well known musical to life for the audience of elementary and middle schoolers ahead of the show's final weekend performances which begin Friday, May 1st Senior Shay LaRusso, is one of the choreographers for the show. She also portrays Lily St. Regis. "I think they look up to us a lot. I remember coming to see shows when I was younger and saying 'ooh I want to be up there," said LaRusso. "I think that is really important that the come and look up to us and want to be us on stage one day." "I think that the little kids can get something completely different out of it than the adults. I remember when I was little, I would sweep around the house singing 'Hard Knock Life' all the time so I think that they have that sort of magical aspect to it where they want to be up there sweeping too. I think it's more fun for them," said Margo Libre, a senior choreographer who portrays Pepper. You can reserve your tickets now for the final performances May 1st, 2nd and 3rd by visitinghttp://www.norwalkhighmusicdept.com/ Produced By: Kwegyirba Croffie
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Westhill Senior Revives Old Electric Car
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/14778/westhill-senior-revives-old-electric-car It doesn't run on oil or gas, and for 8 years, it didn't run on electric either until Jacob Maller fixed it up. "I noticed the car just sitting over there under a cover, and I was always curious about it," said Maller. The Westhill High School senior decided to revive the 1979 Lectric Leopard as a year long independent study project. "I saw something that wasn't working, but could be working, and wanted to get it working again," said Maller. "I told him in the beginning, you're going to have to understand how electricity works," said Bob Jordan, who teaches auto technology and wood shop courses at Westhill. The car's fuel source is batteries. And getting them, wasn't an easy task. "Since it's an electric car, you couldn't just get regular car batteries. It has to be a deep-cycle battery which is designed to be drained and recharged, where a car battery isn't," said Maller. "Jacob spent a lot of time just researching and I had him sending out emails, calling places," said Jordan. Finally, a local golf cart company donated old batteries, making the car almost as good as new. "This definitely showed me that if you wanted to do something, you can do it," said Maller. "Jacob is not afraid to get his hands dirty, which is a good thing," said Jordan. "Cleaning connectors that were corroded. There was a bunch of wires that didn't need to be there, so we pulled all those out," said Maller. "He understands a great deal of the automobile and how it works," said Jordan. Maller started restoring old cars at home in 9th grade. But his passion began even earlier. "My first word was car," said Maller. Maller received an award for his work at Westhill's senior awards night. He says he'd like to study automotive technology or mechanical engineering in college. Produced By: Christina Chiarelli
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It's Wood-Fired Pizza on Wheels
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/21544/it's-wood-fired-pizza-on-wheels The next time you're craving the smokey taste of wood fired pizza, you may not have to look any further than a full sized wood fired oven on wheels. "A pie probably takes about two minutes to cook," said Carl Jackson. "You get that unique flavor from the heat of the oven and the smokiness from the wood." Since April Norwalk resident Carl Jackson, founder of One Bro Pizza Co., has catered neapolitan style wood fired pizzas from his custom made trailer to hundreds of residents throughout Fairfield County and Westchester county. "I like making pizza and I'm very picky when it comes to pizza, so that's why I wanted to do this and just show people the different styles of pizza that we put out," said Jackson. Jackson says there's something for everyone, with options ranging from his most popular maple bacon pizza, to pulled pork, broccoli rabe, and other choices using ingredients imported from Italy, mozzarella di bufala and San Marzano tomatoes. "We do a neapolitan style pizza," said Jackson. "What that is, you use a double zero flour, you use mozzarella di bufala, you use San Marzano tomatoes and those are imported from Italy," said Jackson. Jackson says he began refining his cooking techniques for wood fired pizza about seven years ago, using the Italian style wood fired oven in his backyard to cook for his friends and family. In April of this year, Jackson decided to branch out in a way that would allow him to serve his favorite food while also interacting with those who enjoy it. "I kind of wanted to open up a restaurant, but it's a lot of money in upfront costs, so I ended up buying a wood fired pizza oven." Jackson recently set up at the Norwalk Education Foundation's Taste For Education Benefit at Aitoro, offering local officials and residents a sample of his numerous options. "We did a kick-off party at Cranbury Park in August and that was the beginning and we've been pretty busy ever since," said Jackson. You can find Jackson serving up the dough at upcoming public events listed on his website: www.onebropizzaco.com. Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Apple TV App | It's Relevant TV | Business TV, Digital Signage & Social Media
It's Relevant TV for Apple TV. Now available in the Apple TV Store. http://www.itsrelevant.com/appletv It's Relevant TV combines the attractiveness and appeal of up-to-date family-friendly television programming with easy to control digital messaging solutions that both entertain and educate your visitors. PREMIUM VIDEO CONTENT It's Relevant pays TV producers from around the world to provide your building with meaningful programming for your customers. Custom branded, we deliver licensed television programs that match your visitors' interests. YOUR DIGITAL SIGNAGE Reach, educate and inform your visitors about your services, specials, events, community engagement and more. With a dedicated space on your screen it's easy to get the message across. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA Display your most recent social media posts to encourage your customers to stay connected with you outside your walls. YOU'RE IN CONTROL Control your TV network 24/7 no matter where you are. Desktop, tablet & phone compatible. ADD YOUR OWN VIDEOS Add your own videos to the mix. Share your commercials, spotlight staff and more. COMPETITIVE AD BLOCK™ With It's Relevant TV you can block television ads for competing businesses from ever appearing on your TV. Questions? Call us toll-free: 855-ITS-RELE or email: support {at} itsrelevant.com
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Japanese Students at GHS
Watch more and discuss: http://greenwich.itsrelevant.com/content/22566/students-from-japan-visit-ghs-business-department A group of students from Japan got the opportunity to travel to America, and one of their stops was Greenwich High School. The five students go to senior high school in Japan, and worked together to win the 2015 Neik-A Stock League competition. Their grand prize was this trip. "The winners of the 2008 competition asked if they could visit. Then we had another visit in 2013 format he same school that these students attend in Tokyo. We are thrilled to host them," said Jan Reid of the GHS Business Department. "Our company needs to educate the you people on the significance of the stock market," said Shinichi Tsuda of Nikkei Inc. The five students toured the student and media center before sitting down in a classroom with GHS students. "It's such a great opportunity for our students to get this multi-cultural experience," said Reid. "There is a language among teenagers that transcends the cultural divide and what actual language you speak, and I think you saw that today," said Headmaster Christ Winters. The competition winners also got to visit the New York Stock Exchange to see trades in real life. Produced By: Taylor Knight
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Payless Gives Shoes to children in need from the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford, CT
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/18236/kids-in-need-pick-out-new-shoes-at-no-cost Even though it's a warm, beautiful Spring day, to these kids, it feels more like Christmas. "It's like the middle of Spring Christmas," said Ernesto, a 5th grader at Davenport Ridge Elementary School. Because each child in need of a pair of shoes or socks got them today at no cost. Youth from the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford shopped at Payless on Bedford St. Monday. It's all part of the shoe store's "Payless Gives Shoes for Kids" program which gives $1.5 million worth of free shoes to kids around the world. "To see the kids that need a new pair of shoes and to see them coming here and the smiles on their face when they get to pick out their own shoes," said Jeff Pytlak, unit director of the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford. "They get to walk up to the register and it's rewarding." For some, it's the first time they've had new footwear in a while. Fifth-grader Isabella says it's been a year and since then, her feet have grown. "It's nice because a lot of people don't have a lot of shoes and when you get an opportunity to get free shoes, or any kind of shoes, is good to have," said Isabella Colucci, a 5th grader at Davenport Ridge Elementary School. Pytlak says about 150 kids will bring home a new pair of shoes. "The ability to get shoes at no cost is huge to some families," said Pytlak. Whether picking out sandals or sneakers their shopping trip was priceless. "I feel happy because I didn't know they did this," said Eymani, a 3rd grader. Produced By: Christina Chiarelli
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Pez Collectors Gather For Convention
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/2865/Pez_Collectors_Gather_for_Convention Annual convention held in Stamford this weekend.
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Stamford Hospital is a Planetree Designated® Patient-Centered Hospital
Stamford Hospital is a Planetree Designated® Patient-Centered Hospital. Hear from hospital staff about this distinction and what it means for you as a patient. Patient-centered care is the core of a high quality health care system and a necessary foundation for safe, effective, efficient, timely, and equitable care. Stamford Hospital believes: • We are all caregivers. • We are all human beings, caring for other human beings. • Caregiving is best achieved through kindness and compassion. • Safe, accessible, high-quality care is fundamental to patient-centered care. • In a holistic approach to meeting your needs of mind, body, and spirit. • Families, friends, and loved ones are vital to the healing process. • In access to your health information in a way that’s easy to understand. • In the opportunity for you to make personal choices when it comes to your care. • Physical environments can enhance healing, health, and well-being. Illness can be a transformational experience for you, your loved ones, and your caregivers. What does this mean for you as a patient? • You’re an individual to be cared for, not just a medical condition to be treated. • You’re a unique person with diverse needs. • You and your loved ones are our partners, sharing knowledge and expertise that’s essential to your care. • Access to easily understandable health information is essential in empowering you to participate in your care. The hospital takes full responsibility for providing you access to that information. • The opportunity for you to make decisions is also essential to your well-being. The hospital gives you these opportunities and respects your choices. • Each staff member is a caregiver, whose role it is to meet your needs. For more information please visit: https://www.stamfordhealth.org/about/planetree/ Video produced by: It's Relevant, LLC
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The Healing Magic of Kombucha
Watch more and discuss: http://westport.itsrelevant.com/content/21270/the-healing-magic-of-kombucha Every week James Hibler bottles 56 gallons of a drink some are a calling the "cure". "We're finding ourselves running out of Kombucha after a busy weekend," he said. His drink, called Champagne Tea, is made from the very popular Kombucha. Kombucha is a favorite in today's health scene. The fermented tea is a simple combination, just a mix of bacteria and yeast with sugar and tea. But some say, the result is life changing. "I had been having back spasms that previous year and I started drinking Kombucha the same time - I had these kidney stone episode and the back spasms stopped," he said. That lead him to start botting and brewing his own line of Kombucha flavored drinks. "And my friends actually suggested, you should do this at farmers markets," he described. Before long customers began noting some truth to the praises behind this drink, like one buyer who suffers from acid reflux. His doctor gave him some medication to take, but here's what he did with that medication once tasting a little Kombucha. "He just gave the samples back to his doctor and said he cured himself. And, I asked him if he's drinking anyone else's Kombucha and he said no - I'm just drinking Champagne Tea," he said. Today Champagne Tea is a sell out at famers markets all across the tri-state area. And now, James and his team are experimenting with new flavors, already adding five brews to its label. And if you're interested in learning more you can go to www.champagnetea.com. Produced By: Diana Blass
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Colony Pizza Among Nation's Best
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/8637/Colony_Pizza_Among_Nation's_Best_ Colony Pizza was ranked among the 20 best pizza spots in a Huffington Post article.
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More Kids Are Swallowing Magnets
Watch more and discuss: http://greenwich.itsrelevant.com/content/15487/more-kids-are-swallowing-magnets Doctors are cautioning parents to be aware of what their children and teens put into their mouths these days. Recent studies published by the Journal of Pediatrics show that incidents of magnet swallowing have nearly quadrupled since 2002. As part of a team of five gastroenterologists, Dr. Anthony Porto, Director of Pediatric gastroenterology at Greenwich Hospital says the department deals with about one case every 5 to 6 weeks. "Over the last year to two years, I think we've seen the incidents go up, part of it is because I think is because we have a better protocol for how to handle these cases. I think initially when patients would come to the emergency room, we didn't really have an awareness of how dangerous these magnets were, so they might have been discharged home from the emergency room or have gone to surgeries or pediatric gastroenterologists might not have seen them." The main culprit: high-powered ball bearing neodymium magnets, otherwise known as "BuckyBalls". Although these rare magnets were banned from children's toys in 2006, they're still being manufactured as part of adult desk toys. Though children and early toddlers account for 50 percent of magnet ingestion, incidents in teens are also on the rise. "What's interesting about these small magnets is that they're silver so we're seeing some kids, some adolescents use them as fake tongue piercings, as fake earrings, nose piercings and then they can inhale them and then accidentally swallow them." With 10 times the strength of the typical refrigerator magnet, ingestion of these magnets can be fatal if not treated quickly, especially if multiple magnets are swallowed. "Usually what we're thinking about is simple erosions and ulcers that can usually heal on their own, but what we're more concerned about is when there's one or two magnets, because the magnets together have a very high strength that can cause irritation but the concern is if they separate in the intestines, then they can cause more damage in the intestines." Porto says pay close attention to the warning signs. "If your child is having belly pain or vomiting, ask, did you eat something by accident because the sooner we can find out what the cause is, the sooner we can prevent long-term complications." Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Get your videos on TV and get paid! Visit: http://www.itsrelevant.com/distribution for more info! Do you produce great videos? Would you like to see them on Television and get PAID? We can make that happen! We know how tough it can be to follow your passion and get PAID for doing what you love to do. Our network is set up with this in mind. Your great work gets seen on TV by everyone, not just people searching it out. The agreements are non-exclusive and you keep full rights and ownership to your content. This means that you can continue to share your videos on YouTube and anywhere else while working with us. We're looking for anything that is entertaining or informative: Cooking DIY Fashion Entertainment, Comedy, Music Sports, Education Non-Profit videos Mini-Docs, etc. Content that is between 1 and 3 minutes in length is best. So if you have some content, or are in the midst of an active web series, TV show or anything else please reach out by using the form on the official website: http://www.itsrelevant.com/distribution THIS IS NOT AN MCN! Our service has nothing to do with your YouTube account, or channel. We do not take control of your channel or AdSense. This is a separate, non-exclusive deal that monetizes your videos while putting them on TV in public and retail locations.
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Glenville school kindergarten class promotes positive friendships in school
Watch more and discuss: http://greenwich.itsrelevant.com/content/17976/kindergarten-class-promotes-positive-friendships "Today we are celebrating friendship at Glenville School," said Joanne Riley, Kindergarten Teacher. We all know it's feels good to have a friend, but sometimes we forget just how important it really is. In honor of "Be A Friend" day, each grade at Glenville School planned fun, engaging activities to promote a safe and nurturing learning environment. "Kindergarten through Fifth grade at Glenville, Math, Reading, Writing, all of our subjects are very important, but one of the essential things in which all of the teachers teach at Glenville is getting along with your friends, being a community, cooperating with each other, and in order to do well in all of the subjects you need the essential ingredient of being good friends, and respecting others, and following the Glenville School norms," said Riley. After reading a book about friendship, Kindergarten students shared how they would fill a bucket with compliments to foster friendship. According to students in Ms. Riley's class, you could fill a bucket by "caring for self and others," once could "cheer up somebody when they are hurt," "share toys," or even give "someone a piece of art." The students then worked in partners to conduct friendship interviews and were surprised but excited to share how much they learned about one another. Henry expressed that he knew his partner Sal's favorite color was green but he was surprised to learn that his favorite food was pizza! The "Be Here, Be A Friend" event was coordinated by a group of GPS mental health professionals to promote positive relationships across schools. Produced By: Sarah Michler
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New Principal Sets Goals for Cranbury Elementary School
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/21698/new-principal-sets-goals-for-cranbury-elementary-school Kristin Goldstein, former assistant principal at Ox Ridge Elementary School in Darien, will continue the new year as Cranbury Elementary School's new principal, replacing former Cranbury principal Robin Ives. "Because there is so much change here, I'm new, we have a new site director this year, even our office staff has changed," said Goldstein. "So it's really about us building a community." Goldstein was appointed by the Norwalk Board of Education in October and took her position as principal in November. She says she plans to build a closer-knit community within the school by bringing together both students and faculty. "I went into a classroom the other day and I was going to read a book to them and the look was, why are you here? Well, I want to read to you today. It was nice to be able to just connect with them in another way because I want to make sure no matter what that they realize that all adults in this building are here to help them and to help them grow and to not have it be a situation of, oh, it's the principal. I want them to be excited that we're involved in what they're doing every day." Goldstien has lived in Norwalk for over a decade her children attend the Norwalk Public School system. She holds a master's degree in elementary education and a sixth-year certificate of advanced study in educational leadership, supervision and evaluation. "Long-term, is to continue the excellence that is already happening her at Cranbury," said Goldstein. "There is so much changing every day in education and in our world. We have no idea what we're preparing these students for. We don't know what jobs are going to exist by the time they get to college and beyond and it's the idea that we can keep them excited about learning and wanting to continue to grow and explore and build that love within them so that they're excited to do whatever it is that comes their way." Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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It's Recipes: Chicken Tagine
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/10226/It's_Recipes:_Chicken_Tagine OmNomCT food bloggers Dan and Kristen rave about the food at The Fez. Chef Shelby prepared a traditional Moroccan Dish for It's Relevant.
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Stew's Easter Bread Tsoureki an Easter Tradition
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/18297/traditional-easter-bread-made-with-a-kick-of-flavor An Easter baked staple is just around the corner. "It used to be that you couldn't eat eggs after lent for forty days, so when Easter came around, everybody wanted to eat eggs again and you were allowed to eat eggs." Bakers at Stew Leonard's in Norwalk have been baking and braiding easter bread for over 20 years. "The braiding part is done by hand." Easter bread is a European sweet bread dessert that can be made from a variety of different fruits and spices. Rafael Hernando and Beth Leonard say the dairy store produces several pounds of dough daily leading up to Easter Day. This year's greek style easter bread called Tsoureki, is made with ingredients that give it a kick of flavor. "We actually have a bit of unique spices that give it a nice flavor, we have orange zest in here, we have our fresh flour, we have cardamon, mahlepi, water, yeast, all the good things you expect in a good bread." "When you try a little piece like this and you taste it, you can't quite pin-point it, but you know you like it and you know it's something that should be there and it's just traditional in the recipe, so we like to use it," said Leonard. "Customers actually love to re-heat the bread at home, because then it actually fills their whole home with that festive smell." And what would easter bread be without a colorful hard boiled egg? The Easter bread will be available at Stew Leonard's until Sunday. Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Jay Leno Exclusive Interview - Connecticut (May, 2015)
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/23084/it's-relevant-feature:-jay-leno Jay Leno performed standup at Stamford's Palace Theatre on Saturday, May. It's Relevant Reporter Samantha Mckelvie sat down with the former Tonight Show Host before the show to talk about his career and life. Leno discussed his time on "The Tonight Show", his experiences as a stand-up comedian, his extensive car collection and online web series "Jay Leno's Garage", and more. Leno's performance in Stamford was part of the Palace Theatre's annual Gala to raise funds for its Arts Education Programs. This year's event honored Lynn and John DiMenna. To find out more about the Palace Theatre, visit PalaceStamford.org. Produced By: It's Relevant / Samantha Mckelvie
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Pop Music Academy Hosts Third Annual Showcase to benefit Bennett Cancer Center
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/21898/pop-music-academy-hosts-third-annual-showcase Forty-five students from The Pop Music academy took the stage at Rippowam Middle School Saturday night for its third annual showcase to raise money for the Bennett Cancer Center in Stamford. "The teachers, the atmosphere, this showcase is where it all comes together. It's really the highlight of the year for this great organization for all the kids," said Pop Music Academy student Andy Putterman. "I really love singing and I'm really interested in the business side of music as well," said Pop Music Academy student Lizzie Pettee. The Pop Music Academy's founder and Artistic Director Christine Occhino says she hopes the event will raise $1,000 with a portion of proceeds donated to the Music Therapy Department at Stamford Hospital. "We have for the first time a lot of general admission and people that have no connection personally with the show but are here just to have a good night so $1,000 would be wonderful but I hope for the most for everybody. It's such a good cause and it makes all the kids feel really connected to what they do because they know it's not about them anymore. They're doing this for a bigger cause and I think it makes it really special." The Pop Music Academy was established in Stamford in 2012 and has since expanded to a larger facility on 980 Hope Street in Stamford. Occhino says each year she has seen more students join and grow in their music careers. "I've been in the Pop Music Academy since 2012, since the beginning," said Pop Music Academy student Gil Daniels. "I'd say the pop music academy has taught me to really push and preserve and be confident in my own shoes, proud of myself and really enjoy what I do and I love singing." "At this point in time now, they've grown to have their own EP's, they're on iTunes, they've done music videos, photo shoots," said Occhino. "I really got to see them grow as artists and be ready for the real music business. That's another facet of the company besides regular lessons that we do and really help them get jump-started in a career." Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Northeast Elementary Welcomes New Principal Hubert Gordon
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/20127/northeast-elementary-welcomes-new-principal It's back to school for Northeast Elementary in Stamford, and it's not only students parents who are enthusiastic about the first day. "I'm probably as excited as the children are," said Hubert Gordon, who is the new principal of the school. Gordon comes to Northeast after former principal Connie Stevenson retired. "I've had a lot of different experiences," said Gordon. "I'm really excited to bring those experiences to Northeast." Gordon worked in NYC public schools. Then, most recently before Northeast, he was an elementary principal in Ethiopia. There, he worked with American students and other children from around the globe. This morning, Gordon greeted parents and students who are ready for a new year at Northeast. Produced By: Christina Chiarelli
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Special Olympics CT Announces National Team
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/15952/special-olympics-ct-announces-national-team Special Olympics Connecticut is gearing up for the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games. "Let's hear it for Team Connecticut," said Tom Joyce, Special Olympics board of directors member. An enthusiastic crowd cheered on 76 athletes and 22 coaches at Chelsea Piers CT Tuesday. The athletes will compete in New Jersey in June. Two-time olympic soccer gold medalist Kristine Lilly was named the team's honorary head coach. WWE is also a big supporter. "You're passion, you're dedication, you're hard work motivate WWE Superstars and Divas and people all around the world," said Stephanie McMahon, Executive Vice President, Creative at WWE. WWE is the Team Connecticut sponsor. McMahon was named an honorary team chairperson. "This is my home state, I was born here," said McMahon, "and I'm so proud to go to the USA Games and support my team." The athletes will train locally in traditional sports, for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and Unified Sports, for athletes with and without disabilities. "Whether it's the Olympics, whether it's Paralympics, or whether it's Special Olympics, you are athletes," said Loretta Claiborne, a world-class runner, motivational speaker and Special Olympics athlete. "I want you to go out there and be your best for Connecticut." The competition will take place June 14 through 21. Produced By: Christina Chiarelli
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Former Stamford Cop Talks About City's Corrupt Past
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/13401/former-stamford-cop-talks-about-city's-corrupt-past Former Stamford police officer, Vito Colucci, says 1970s Stamford was nothing like the city it is today. He says the Stamford he worked in was consumed by organized crime and corruption. In his new book Rogue Town, Colucci tells the story of how he went undercover to expose these wrongdoings. On Wednesday night, Colucci spoke about Rogue Town to an audience of more than 200 people at the Ferguson library. Colucci says his own bosses were among the corrupted city officials he exposed. When a new police chief took over the department and asked Colucci to go undercover, he says he accepted without hesitation. Although it was dangerous, Colucci says going undercover was worth the justice it brought. At the end of it, more than a dozen officials resigned or were fired; police officers, city officials, and organized crime figures were convicted' and Anthony Dolan, a Stamford Advocate reporter at the time, won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the City's corruption. After nine and a half years as a police officer, Colucci eventually went on to become a private detective. Produced By: Samantha Mckelvie
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Watch more and discuss: http://greenwich.itsrelevant.com/content/21789/greenwich-ballet-academy-to-hold-open-auditions Tucked away inside the old Nestle Waters building on the Byram/Port Chester line is a new ballet company. The Greenwich Ballet Academy uses Russian inspired dance to train their dancers to be some of the best. "One of our 12 year old students competed in a ballet competion in Paris and came in second place in her age group," said Tina Volkwein, a member of the Board of Directors. And the dancers learn from some of the best. "Our artistic director is Yuri. He is form Ukraine. He was born there, educated there at the academy, he danced in their company," said Volkwein. Greenwich Ballet Academy will be holding open auditions for their summer program in the upcoming days. "Anyone wanting to be in our summer program from the age of 7 to on up, would have an audition for placement. It starts on June 15 and goes through August," said Volkwein. Visit www.greenwichballetacademy.org for more information on auditions and programs. Produced By: Taylor Knight
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It's Recipes: Plan B Burger Bar
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/13545/it's-recipes:-plan-b-burger-bar This week's Burger of the Week at Plan B Burger Bar in Stamford is "The Duet of Beef." We spoke with head chef Masekela to see how this burger is made. Produced By: Christina Chiarelli
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The Perks of Studying Abroad in High School
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/20860/perks-of-studying-abroad-in-high-school Hundreds of thousands of students study abroad each year and a growing number are in high school. "You get to learn a different language, you can make friends, you can just experience something you wouldn't do here because you're taking a risk," said one student. Nineteen-year-old Anthony Garcia studied abroad not once but twice. Most recently he studied for an entire year in South Korea. He's just one of many here in Connecticut taking advantage of these opportunities. "The way that we live is not the way other people live," said Roz McCarthy. Roz McCarthy leads the Center for Global Studies, an international magnet school based out of Norwalk's Brian McMahon High School. Last night, the school hosted an international fair, bringing to light the international camps, study tours and exchange programs available today. "It's really hard to find out. You want to do a program, but you don't know where to start," she said. One program on display is a two week trip to Japan, known as JET-MIP. Students in the program travel to the Tohuku region, an area devastated by the Tsunami. Gwyneth Nicolo is one of thirty-two students who recently returned, and here's why she's telling others to apply. "You meet new people, get new experiences, see the world - not as you heard about them. See if for your own eyes," she said. You can learn more about the Center for Global Studies by going to center global studies dot org. Produced By: Diana Blass
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Les Miserables Premieres at Brien McMahon on Friday March 28
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/17946/les-miserables-premieres-at-brien-mcmahon-on-friday Two days more until Brien McMahon High School will perform its spring production of Les Miserables. "Even though there's so much sadness throughout the whole entire play, you still see little glimpses of light and power and passion," said student producer Celia Pardo. "There's a lot of passion in this play from coming from all different characters." Voices rang out in song in the high schools auditorium Tuesday night as 60 student cast members took the stage rehearse alongside a student orchestra. "Les Miserables is a straight musical, so making sure people learned their music was very important in the first couple months," said student director Millie Cunningham. "It's all music," said Andrea Barros. "So it has been very difficult. Finally we've been rehearsing this week with the orchestra and staging everything and it is finally coming together." The beloved play follows the story line of characters throughout redemption, oppression and revolution in 19th-century France. The three hour play is directed by Frank Arcari. "In the book the characters are much older than 18 and 20 so you're watching these kids acting on stage," said assistant student producer Elle Buellesbach. "And these kids actually died in 1830's France trying to fight for something better." Students say they've been rehearsing since December "It's very emotional," said senior Andrea Barros, who plays Fantine. "I have to channel myself and get into a certain place where I can become her and kind of face everything that she faced when she was in this situation." "The way Jean Valjean takes Cosette under his wing, my technically step mom did the same thing for me and she passed away a year ago," said student actor Claire Govoni. "And it's definitely really emotional." The play will be performed on March 28 and 29 and April 4 and 5 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available online at bmhsmusical.brownpapertickets.com. Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Stamford Cheerleaders
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/8925/Stamford_Cheerleaders_
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Rogers Graduates First 8th Grade Class
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/10842/Rogers_Graduates_First_8th_Grade_Class Rogers International School graduated its first eighth grade class today.
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Little Mermaid Jr. Swims in New Canaan
Watch more and discuss: http://new canaan.itsrelevant.com/content/14929/little-mermaid-jr.-swims-in-new-canaan Theater goers were transported under the sea to a world where mermaids swam free in the Summer Theatre of New Canaan's production of the Little Mermaid Jr. Summer Theatre of New Canaan's Artisitc Director Melody Libonati said "To give them that creativity and imagination. Allow them to see a stage show as opposed to something on television or in the movies. These young people really believe in these characters and that's our job. To let them believe in this beautiful story and make it come alive for them." The production incorporated puppets in addition to singing and dancing to bring the characters to life. Sarah Mae Banning who portrays Princess Ariel said "It's a dream come true just to be their role model. It's so important to make her come across as this strong independent woman who know what she wants. When little girls come up to me and think that I'm actually her it melts my heart and makes me so proud to be in this business." The young audience sang along to hit songs such as "Under the Sea", "Kiss the Girl" and "Part of Your World" 8-year-old Christian Camporin plays Flounder. He said "Performing is a lot more singing and dancing and it's more fun. I like singing but I really like dancning more." Bobby Godas, who portrays Prince Eric said "It's a way to give back as an actor. Especially doing acting as a kid and in middle school and high school you want to inspire people like you were inspired seeing older people do theater. To watch their reactions, they are so genuine and honest and it's really something." The Little Mermaid Jr. will be running in rotation with two other children's shows The Cat in the Hat and Pinkalicious the Musicaluntil August 11that Waveny Park in New Canaan.For more information, visit www.stonc.org. Produced By: Kwegyirba Croffie
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Dangerous Rail Crossing Gets Safety Improvements
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/23248/rail-crossing-gets-safety-improvements Stamford's River Bend Railroad crossing has been the site of several accidents over the years, involving the collision of trains and vehicles. Since 2005, there have been four separate accidents. The crossing, part of the the New Canaan Branch of the New Haven commuter rail line, leads to the River Bend Business Center. According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, about 40 trains use the crossing each day. To prevent further collisions, the City, DOT, and River Bend Center joined forces to fund improvements that would make the crossing safer. The $1.2 million improvement project began in April and was completed the first week of May. Enhancements include the installation of new flashing lights, and much needed safety gates. Officials celebrated the project's completion Thursday. Produced By: Samantha Mckelvie
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Columbus Magnet School Celebrates Black History
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/22370/columbus-magnet-school-celebrates-black-history "I like singing Bob Marley," said a student. "He's a nice singer." Sharing a love for diversity and equality through Black History was the message that resonated throughout Columbus Magnet School Friday morning. "It really is a way that we celebrate the diversity of our school community," said principal Emily Lopez. Students and staff joined parents to celebrate Black History Month at an all-school assembly, where students from grades K to 5 sang, danced and shared a bit about what Black History means to them. "I think it's kind of important because it shows what different religions and different things other people do besides us," said one student. Columbus Magnet principal Emily Lopez says every year students share something new. "Shares are created by students and teachers so they kind of look at one aspect of Black History month or African American life in general and history and figure out what it is they want to share," said Lopez. "There's nothing that was shared today that hasn't been done before, they come up with their own ideas, they look at what message they want to send and think about how best to send that message." "Even though you're different, you're still the same in a way because you still feel the same and you have the same emotions," said another student. "You may not look the same but you're still the same in a way." Lopez says this year she's seen the largest number of parents attend the celebration. "Because our Black History Month share is one of our shares that is vertical K through 5, every grade level is sharing, we always get a great response and representation from our parent community," said Lopez. "But I think this one in particular because of its importance and message, it draws a large crowd." Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Guarding Lincoln's Conspirators
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/13483/guarding-lincoln's-conspirators Ed Isaacs is a former Norwalk firefighter who retired in 2009. Luckily for him, he found something to keep busy almost right away. "When you can put a face on somebody, it makes it more interesting," he says. Put a face to his great great grandfather, George Dixon. Dixon was a soldier during the Civil War who stood guard over the Abraham Lincoln assassination conspirators while they were being tried. "[It tells how] he was guarding the conspirators, and how he saw the bullet that killed the president," he says. "The pistol, two carbines, a photograph of John Wilkes Booth" Dixon's daughter was Isaacs' great grandmother. In 2009, through a Dixon family member in Maine, Isaacs got his hands on Dixon's diary, which he kept during the conspirator trials in 1865. "The names on [the page 27 of the diary] are the guards that were watching the conspirators, the numbers of the cells they were watching," Isaacs says. "And Dixon says the last four names were the executioners." Isaacs also says the diary shows that when Mary Suratt, Lewis Powell, David Herold and George Atzerodt were hanged, they each had 2 guards, not just 1. It is a rare artifact that tells part of what happened during the trials. Isaacs says the diary is a "small thing, but big to historians." So much so that Dixon's diary has been featured by National Geographic, the History Channel and books about Lincoln's assassination. "For me it's another way to promote Dixon," Isaacs says. "The more people I meet, the more people I interact with, the more people invite me places." And that's what it comes down to for Isaacs: showcasing the bit of history his family tree has a part in. That's a mantle he hopes his two children can also take up some day. "Someday hopefully they'll pick this up, too, and realize how important family history is," he says. "Everyone , anyone should look up their family history. They're something important in everyone's life. You just have to find it." Produced By: Mike Peal
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Jefferson Science Magnet School Nationally Recognized
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/20543/jefferson-science-magnet-school-nationally-recognized The state of Connecticut has one of the largest achievement gaps in the country, but one Norwalk school has proved there are ways to close it. This Tuesday the U.S. Secretary of Education awarded Jefferson Science Magnet School with a blue ribbon for high achievement. It's one of about 200 American schools honored with the 2014 National Blue Ribbon Program Award. "We have a wonderful opportunity here for everyone to learn from some of the things we've been doing and it also re-invigorates the staff," said Jefferson Science Magnet School principal John Reynolds. Currently over 600 students attend Jefferson Science Magnet School and this year it's the only elementary school in Connecticut to be selected. "We have the most diverse school in Norwalk, we're the largest school in Norwalk and we have the highest rate of free or reduced lunch kids," said Reynolds. "I think we've embraced the fact that many of those things that are traditionally seen as obstacles or challenges are really opportunities for us and we've capitalized on those characteristics and really focused it back on student learning and academics." The Blue Ribbon given to a school representing the top 15 percent in it's state in reading and mathematics and its progress in closing the achievement gap between the school's subgroups and the state's all-students group over the past five years. "We've transitioned a lot of our instructional practices around experiential learning and science and really worked on student's making sense of their world and related it back in a purposeful way to science experiences and process skills and trying to teach kids how to be problem solvers and I think that change has really allowed us to achieve at higher levels." Every year since 1982 the U. S. Department of Education seeks out American schools that demonstrate students achieving at high levels and so far has awarded the blue ribbon to more than 7,500 schools across the country. Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Brookside Gym Program a True "Adventure"
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/14027/brookside-gym-program-a-true-"adventure" "It's a three-ring circus out there," says David Hay, principal at Brookside Elementary School. In the spring, Brookside's gym program is a real adventure, dubbed the "climbing adventure." It's four stations: rope swinging, monkey bars, tunnel crawling, and rock climbing. Physical education teacher Tim Downey says it's all based on cave diving. And that's a heck of an alternative to traditional gym class. "The theory behind it is, for kids who don't do well in basketball, football, other team sports -- climbing, more risk adventure activities build confidence in them," Downey says. "It's challenging, it's risk taking," Hay says. "You always learn through failure, you don't always learn through success." Principal David Hay says two other Norwalk schools have a climbing wall, but not the full program Downey has created in the last 7 years. "A lot of kids don't have the muscle strength [you need for the program]," he says. "It's a needed piece to what our children need to be healthy." "This program gives kids confidence," Downey adds. Downey says he hopes to add more elements in the future, like a cargo net the students can climb up. "It's great," Hay says. "Because it challenges children." "This [is supposed to] give kids something else to strive for in gym class," Downey says. "And it really does." Produced By: Mike Peal
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Tamron Hall shares intense personal story with Voices of Courage Luncheon Crowd
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/18481/tamron-hall-speaks-out-against-domestic-violence Tamron Hall, a co-host on NBC's Today Show, has reported on countless stories during her 20 plus years as a journalist. But on Thursday, Hall attended the Domestic Violence Crisis Center's Annual Voices of Courage Luncheon to share a very personal story of her own. "The detective calls me up and he says, 'Miss Hall, this isn't right. Your sister has a blunt force trauma impact to the back of her head, her nails had been torn off.'" Her sister had been murdered. Hall says it's believed that her death was the result of domestic violence. "Now we are several years later, and this person has never been charged," Hall says. "I knew that there was domestic violence, but I felt like, how many times can you tell someone and they don't listen. I wasn't smart enough, brave enough, I don't know what I was; but what I know is I failed her, because I should have kept calling everyday." Now a strong advocate to raise awareness about domestic violence, Hall says her sister's tragic death has fueled her to help others. "Over the last couple of years I've learned that my story, our pain, our mistakes can and will help someone else," says Hall. "It will save a life." Hall applauded the hundreds in attendance at Thursday's event and the work of organizations like the DVCC. "I have so much to learn from this organization, from all of you who have been tireless when I have been tired, who've been vocal when I stood silent, who've been brave when I was a coward," says Hall. "As individuals we can be strong, be as a group, of 500, we're unstoppable." The Voices of Courage Luncheon is a major fundraising event for the DVCC, the only domestic violence agency serving Stamford and surrounding towns. To find out more about the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, visit www.dvccct.org Produced By: Samantha Mckelvie
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Young Go-Kart Driver Races to the Top
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/16424/young-go-kart-driver-races-to-the-top Tazio Torregiani has driven his go-kart around the world. And he's not putting the brakes on anytime soon. The Stamford High School Student's talent for competitive go-kart racing was discovered when he was just 6 years old. "My parents brought me to Portugal for a vacation and they brought me to a go-kart track one-day," Tazio says. "When I came off, the owner [of the track] told my dad that I was fast, faster than usually people who it wasn't their first time, it was my first time racing. So when we went back to the United States we bought a kart and we started driving at a local track in New York and after that it just took off." Eight years later and Tazio is racing on a national and international level. The 14-year-old says he has raced in five different countries and all over the U.S. He says one of his most memorable races was last year's CIK FIA Academy Trophy, where he was the only competitor from the U.S. "It was three rounds the first year, and the second year, all over the world. We went to Portugal, Italy, Bahrain, and France.," Tazio says. "It was a great experience. When Racing, Tazio says he forgets everything but the track. "You're moving around, the g-forces are throwing you around and it's really quite a thrill, and then when you're passing someone you feel a feel of accomplishment." Tazio now has over 100 racing trophies. "A little bit more than 30 are wins," he says. The kart racer says he wouldn't be where he today is without the support of his family. He says everyone plays a role, including his brother Dario who works on the karts. "He gets to drive, I get to work on his Kart and if we do good in a race, if we do great in a race, it's a team effort," 13-year-old Dario says. "I love the feeling when me and my dad and my brother we're setting up the kart and we're getting ready for a race and then we go out and we do good. It makes me feel really good about what I've done," says Tazio. Tazio will hit the track for his next big race next Sunday, to compete for a third time in the Supernationals in Las Vegas, the largest kart race in North America. "In the race that I'm going to be in there are already 64 drivers, which is like triple of what usually it at a race, and it attracts the best drivers from all over the country and all over the world actually," Tazio says. "It's an amazing experience and a lot of fun too, I love that." Tazio says his ultimate goal is to become a Formula 1 race car driver. To learn more about this young driver, visit www.tazioracing.com Produced By: Samantha Mckelvie
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Students to Empower Youth to live Drug-Free
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/22449/students-to-empower-youth-to-live-drug-free "I see kids that are becoming more open about talking about things and that's the key I believe, the courage to create and the courage to speak is to get kids more open," said West Rocks Health Education teacher York Mario. Students at West Rocks Middle School will join parents and local leaders on Monday, March 16th for an evening to empower youth to live drug free. The 11th annual Courage to Speak Family Night allows students from several of Norwalk's middle and elementary schools to speak out on drug prevention alongside Mayor Harry Rilling, interim superintendent James Connelly, Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik and other community leaders. This year Senator Bob Duff will serve as the Mater of Ceremonies. "Many people die a year doing drugs and as a community we want to stop that so the school are starting to get together and show people that it's not good," said Victoria, West Rocks 6th grader. Local author and the founder and CEO of the Courage to Speak Foundation Ginger Katz, who lost her son to a drug overdose will also deliver a presentation. Students who read Katz's book, Sunny's Story, say it inspired them to speak out. "The book is about this kid named Ian, he grew up in Norwalk, he get's addicted to drugs in the 8th grade and it progresses throughout the years of his life and it's told in his dog's point of view, which really shows that it's not just the humans that are being affected," a student said. "If you do drugs, you'll lose somebody you love and if you do drugs, the person that loves you will lose you," said another student. As part of the Courage to Speak Drug Prevention Program, a collection of posters and collages created by students will be displayed throughout the event. West Rocks Health Education teacher York Mario says it's an opportunity for students to express their views on the dangers of drugs through art and speech. "Right now we're doing posters, sending their own message about drug use and drug abuse and how they feel about it," said West Rocks Health Education teacher York Mario. "We also write letters to Mrs. Katz, we also do role play activities, a bunch of different things to give them the courage to speak out if something were to happen to them in their life." "My phrase was, do a good deed, kill the weed," said Chris, a West Rocks 7th grader. "I think that's great what she does, goes around and talks to people to really spread the news about not to do drugs because they are very dangerous and just some people don't know that," said Julia, a West Rocks 7th grader. "A lot of it is peer pressure," said West Rocks 7th grader Cecilia. "So before you trust someone, get to know them and their background." The program begins at 6:30 p.m. and light refreshments will be served at 5:45 p.m. All proceeds from the event benefit Courage to Speak foundation programs, which educate children and their parents on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. West Rocks Middle school is located on 81 West Rocks Road. If it snows, the event will be rescheduled for March 19th. For more information on the foundation visitwww.couragetospeak.org Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Young Astronauts Celebrate 19th Mission at Columbus Magnet School
Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/18585/young-astronauts-celebrate-19th-mission The astronauts have landed back in Norwalk. "I, Harry Riling, mayor of the city of Norwalk do hereby recognize, Friday, May 9th 2014, this will be forever by the way, it will be forever logged in the city books, as Young Astronauts Day in Norwalk and in doing so congratulate all involved for the dedication for learning and a successful mission." Fourteen fifth graders from Columbus Magnet School's Young Astronauts program completed their 19th annual 24-hour simulated mission Friday morning in front of a crowd of parents, teachers, alumni and local dignitaries. "I think I want to be an astronaut," said one student. Columbus Magnet School has offered the young astronauts program to its student for 30 years. This year's the mission "Terra Nova" was its first robotic mission. "Every year I look forward to this," said Young Astronauts' teacher and Commander in Chief Andrew Pearce. "It's such a sensational program. These kids learn a lot about science, technology and engineering and math, and they're just good kids and I'm just so proud of them." Students say they've been applying their passion for space, teamwork and science, since first grade, but it was no easy task. "The power went out a couple times," said one student. "We had to work together because two heads is always better the one." "We weren't able to talk in English over walkie talkies or Skype, so we had to use morse code and that was really challenging because people didn't space the letters out so it looked like one big blob of dots and dashes," said another student. "The shuttle started to flood, and we had to work together to see what materials we had in the shuttle and we had to think of other ways to solve the problem," a student said. For four years each young astronaut has spent every Friday after school working out, studying, and preparing for their final mission. "We had to train for 8 months and every single Friday we would come together and either do experiments and talk about different parts of STEM, which is science, technology, engineering and math," said another student. "Kids that I had seven years ago are now off to colleges all across the country," said Pearce. "I couldn't be prouder." To view the program's website, visit: http://youngastronauts2014.wordpress.com/ Produced By: Priscilla Lombardi
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Spring Salad Recipe with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/17954/healthy-"spring-super-foods"-salad Jamie Lee McIntyre, Registered Dietitian at Grade A Shoprite, shares a healthy spinach strawberry salad recipe filled with spring super foods. Add 5 oz. pack of greens: half spring mix (baby lettuce, arugula, endive), half baby spinach. Cut up a pint of strawberries and add to salad Clean and add package of sprouts Add cup of sliced almonds Add to cup of your dressing of choice. The dressing used in the video is a red wine light vinaigrette Mix Produced By: Samantha Mckelvie
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Becoming a Triple Threat Performer Through the Palace Theater Summer Camp in Stamford
Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/19558/becoming-a-triple-threat-performer If you're a triple threat performer, you dance, sing and act. "My favorite part is singing. It's just basically letting people know, this is my voice and this is who I am," said Daniel Robinson. It's what the Palace Theatre's Triple Threat intensive is offering this week to young aspiring performers from the area. "It really empowers them. They learn to become comfortable speaking in public, and doing improvisation and it's just so freeing for them. They find their own creative voices," said Carol Bryan, director of education at the Palace. Stamford middle schooler Daniel Robinson says this is his fourth year participating. "It's really fun and it's a place where you get to express yourself and be whoever you want to be," said Robinson. And it's a first year for Greenwich High School student Willa Doss. "I've done dancing, I love to dance, and I've also done a little bit of singing and acting, but the fact that it brings all of that together is kind of cool and I really like it," said Doss. The week-long theatre arts program is led by broadway professionals and teaching artists, working with the group of students between ages 10 and 16. "They're really terrific and they just know how to nurture these kids but really get them to work hard," said Bryan. "Everyone is so talented here to begin with and in the beginning it kind of made me feel overwhelmed, because I was like, Oh my gosh, everyone's so good at all this stuff. But they taught me everything they know, or a lot of it, and that's helped me," said Doss. Performing what they've learned, the students will put on a show for family and friends at the end of the week. The program will return next summer and to find out more about it, visit: http://palacestamford.org/arts-education/upcoming-programs Produced By: Christina Chiarelli
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