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Sanders Defends Gay Soldiers, 1995
Sixteen years before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ended, then-Rep. Bernie Sanders took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to defend the "thousands of men and women who have put their lives on the line" to defend our country.
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Health Care: U.S. vs. Canada
Sen. Bernie Sanders asked a panel of experts to contrast the United States health care system with single-payer models throughout the world.
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The Path to Authoritarianism: Historian Timothy Snyder
Historian Timothy Snyder explains how Trump's world of fiction is undermining our democracy and how we can fight back.
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Bernie Sanders and Timothy Geithner
Senator Bernie Sanders talks with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner about accountability at Wall Street companies that have received federal assistance. This took place at a hearing of the Senate Budget Committee
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Flashback: Republicans Block VA Benefits
Republicans in February blocked important legislation from Sen. Bernie Sanders to improve veterans' access to health care among other things. Only two Republicans, Sens. Dean Heller and Jerry Moran, voted for the veterans benefits bill, which was endorsed by every major veterans organization. Read more about the bill: http://www.sanders.senate.gov/veterans/
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Sen. Bernie Sanders on The O'Reilly Factor
Sen. Bernie Sanders talks with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.
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Sanders to Yellen: Is the U.S. an Oligarchy?
Sen. Bernie Sanders questions Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen at a Joint Economic Committee hearing.
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Welfare for Walmart
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The Cost of War
As a member of Congress, Bernie Sanders has supported the use of force only when it was a last resort and America’s vital interests were at stake. And when we go to war, Bernie has always believed that we must take care of the brave men and women who risk their lives defending our country. Music by The OO-Ray.
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Amazon Is Paying Employees to Tweet Positive Stories
Amazon is paying some of its employees to tweet positive stories about the company. Hmm, why is that?
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The Fight to Save Net Neutrality is Not Over
The end of net neutrality would be a disaster for our country and the free flow of ideas. But this fight is not over. Here's what's at stake and how we can save net neutrality.
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Get Amazon Off of Corporate Welfare
Thousands of Amazon workers are on food stamps while their boss, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world.
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Filibuster: Jeffrey Immelt's Five Chinas
[ Transcript ] GE is, of course, one of our major corporations. The manufacturer's recent disclosure pointed out, the taxpayers of this country, through the Fed, provided $16 billion in bailout to General Electric during the recent crisis. This is what the head, the CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt, said in 2002, December 6: When I am talking to GE managers, I talk China, China, China, China, China. You need to be there. You need to change the way people talk about it and how they get there. I am a nut on China. Outsourcing from China is going to grow to 5 billion. We are building a tech center in China. Every discussion today has to center on China. The cost basis is extremely attractive. You can take an 18-cubic-foot refrigerator, make it in China, land it in the United States, and land it for less than we can make an 18-cubic-foot refrigerator today ourselves. Gee. A couple of years ago when GE had some difficult economic times, and they needed $16 billion to bail them out, I did not hear Mr. Immelt going to China, China, China, China, China. I did not hear that. I heard Mr. Immelt going to the taxpayers of the United States for his welfare check. So I say to Mr. Immelt, and I say to all of those CEOs who have been so quick to run to China, that maybe it is time to start reinvesting in the United States of America.
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Too Big to Jail?
http://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=2394f29d-8a62-4d90-8314-971f8eb9753b Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about the nation's financial system, addressing the concept of "too big to fail."
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The Sanders Agenda for America
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Thank You, Koch Brothers!
Let me thank the Koch brothers for sponsoring a study that shows that Medicare for all would save the American people $2 trillion dollars over a ten year period. I suspect that that is not what you intended to do, but that is what is in the study of the Mercatus Center - an organization that you significantly fund.
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Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist
No single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure could send the world economy into crisis. If a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.
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Bernie's Response to Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg testified today about Facebook’s role in our democracy. Here are the most important questions we should ask concerning his testimony:
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Budget Amendment on Citizens United
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Faces of Greed: Walton Family of Walmart
The Walton family of Walmart is worth over $160 billion, but low-wage Walmart workers are struggling to get by. Do you think the Waltons have enough money to pay their workers a living wage?
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How Change Happens
Whether it was the gay rights movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement or the fight for $15, change always happens when millions of people demand it. When the American people stand up and fight, they win.
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Fox News Can't Handle the Truth on Medicare for All
Fox News is at it again. They can't accept what a right-wing think tank found: that Medicare for All will actually save our country trillions of dollars.
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Explaining Medicare for All with Donuts
Fox News wants you to believe that Medicare for All will limit your intake of donuts. Here's why they're wrong.
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What Are Republicans Hiding about Brett Kavanaugh?
The public still doesn’t have 96% of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s documents. What are Republicans hiding?
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How Can the Same Drug Cost 10 Times More in the U.S. than in Canada?
In a floor speech May 2, 2007, Sen. Bernie Sanders reflected on his trip to Canada with Vermont women diagnosed with breast cancer to buy affordable medication at one-tenth the price.
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Stop Spying on Americans
A report that the National Security Agency has been collecting phone records from millions of innocent Verizon customers sparked outrage Thursday. Senator Bernie Sanders told CNN's Piers Morgan, "I voted against the Patriot Act time and time again, because I worried about giving the government incredible powers. I'm afraid that all of the fears that I had turned out to be justified."
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Stop  the TPP
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Pope Francis Has Issued Us a Challenge
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What if There Were 83 Women Senators?
Senator Bernie Sanders discusses his opposition to the Blunt Amendment.
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Republican Deficit Hawk Hypocrites
Senator Sanders lays out a brief history of Republic hypocrisy concerning the deficit. Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan - leader of the deficit hawks - voted for two wars, the Medicare Part D program, and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans during the Bush administration. Now he, and the other deficit hawks, want to reduce the deficit on the backs of children, the elderly and the poor while protecting the interests of millionaires and billionaires.
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We Need Leadership Willing to Stand Up to Big Pharma
At a Senate confirmation hearing today, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said he opposes the nomination of Dr. Robert Califf to be commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration because of doubts that he would act to lower skyrocketing drug prices.
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Dr. Martin Luther King's Courage
To truly honor Dr. Martin Luther King we must fight to carry out his radical and bold vision for America. Dr. King saw not only the need to end racism and segregation but to create an economy that works for all Americans. That was his courage.
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What the U.S. Can Learn About Health Care from Other Countries
Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a Senate hearing on health care systems around the world.
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CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses a veterans bill from Sen. Bernie Sanders.
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Jim Carrey Explains Universal Health Care
Jim Carrey grew up in Canada and wants to set the record straight about Canadian health care.
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Koch Brothers Exposed
Is Social Security going bankrupt? No. Should the retirement age be raised? No. Bernie refutes the lies about social security in a powerful new video.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders Meets with Unionized JetBlue Flight Staff
Sen. Sanders met with JetBlue flight attendants at LaGuardia airport, who last week voted overwhelmingly to join the Transport Workers Union.
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Student Debt in the 1980s vs. Now
The cost of college has increased astronomically in just one generation. This isn't sustainable.
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Sen. Sanders' consistency
Rachel Maddow traced the political history of Bernie Sanders, from small city mayor of Burlington to congressman and senator, all while staying consistent on a core set of issues.
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Sanders Slams Vulture Funds Ripping Off Puerto Rico
Sen. Bernie Sanders said today Puerto Rico should be allowed to restructure its debt in a way that protects residents, ordinary investors and pension funds in the United States.
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Labor Day Update: What Are Trump's Tax Cuts Doing?
This Labor Day it's clear that Trump's tax cuts are only working for the billionaire class and wealthy CEOs. Our job is to create an economy based on the needs of working people, not the greed of the billionaire class.
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Sen. Sanders and Rep. Khanna Introduce Bill to End Corporate Welfare
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) are announcing legislation to give large, profitable corporations such as Amazon and Walmart a choice: pay workers a living wage or pay for the public assistance programs like Medicaid, food stamps and public housing its low-wage workers are forced to rely on.
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Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Prices
On September 10, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Elijah Cummings announced legislation to lower soaring drug costs.
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NAFTA: 2 Decades and Over 900,000 U.S. Jobs Lost
We've lost 900,000 jobs in two decades thanks to NAFTA. The status quo must change.
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Trump's World of Fiction is Undermining Our Democracy
Here's how Trump's world of fiction is undermining our democracy and how we can fight back:
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AT&T is Laying Off Thousands of Workers Despite Trump's Tax Cut
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson promised to create "7,000 good jobs for the middle class" after Trump's tax cut was passed, yet the company has been laying off thousands of workers and shipping those jobs overseas to India, China and other countries where workers can be paid less than $2 an hour. This is what a rigged economy is all about.
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