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Brunch with Bernie
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A Scandal
Senator Sanders' Top 10 Worst Corporate Income Tax Avoiders: http://1.usa.gov/ieadxt
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Immoral, Grotesque, Unfair
Senator Sanders explains why he will vote "No" on the deficit reduction deal and calls for shared sacrifice as he speaks before the Senate.
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Koch Brothers Exposed
Is Social Security going bankrupt? No. Should the retirement age be raised? No. Bernie refutes the lies about social security in a powerful new video.
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Senator Sanders on Social Security
"There has been too much discussion in this country -- not just from Republicans, but from Democrats alike -- that we should be making cuts in Social Security. That is wrong," Sen. Bernie Sanders said to a standing ovation from more than 3,000 labor leaders who attended the United Steelworkers convention in Las Vegas in August 2011.
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MSNBC: Bernie on Super Committee
Senator Sanders discusses the deficit deal and the deficit reduction super committee with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell.
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Senior Hunger: Sanders vs. Paul
Senator Sanders, along with Senator Franken (D-MN), explains how the Older Americans Act and its preventative senior health measures can actually save money to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).
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Occupy Wall Street
"I think they're really touching a nerve," Sen. Bernie Sanders said Tuesday of protests on Wall Street that have inspired demonstrations from Burlington, Vt., to Los Angeles. "The nerve is that the average American understands that as a result of the greed and the recklessness and the illegal behavior on Wall Street, these guys plunged us into the horrendous recession that we're in right now." Even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke allowed that there was "excessive risk taking" by Wall Street when Sanders questioned him on Tuesday about the root causes of the recession and the concerns voiced by protesters. "They blame, with some justification, the financial sector with getting us into this mess," Bernanke told another member of the Joint Economic Committee. "I can't blame them," he added.
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MSNBC: Wall Street Protests
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Sanders on the Super Committee
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The American People are Angry
Senator Sanders decries what will happen should Congress not reduce the deficit through shared sacrifice and instead do it on the backs of working people and the elderly.
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Health Care: Sanders vs Paul
Senator Sanders and Senator Paul debate whether health care is a human right and the implications of that right. When commenting on this video, please comply with these posting guidelines: - We do not allow graphic, obscene, explicit or racial comments or submissions nor do we allow comments that are abusive, hateful or intended to defame anyone or any organization. - We do not allow solicitations or advertisements. This includes promotions or endorsements of any kind. - We do not allow comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity. - You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your username and any information provided. - Because this is an official Senate YouTube page, comments related to political campaigns are prohibited and will be deleted. Posts that do not comply with the guidelines will be removed and users may be blocked from this page.
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Sanders on the Super Committee
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Back Off Social Security
Senator Sanders once again defends Social Security and explains how it hasn't contributed to the deficit. You can join Bernie's Social Security Caucus: http://1.usa.gov/eoa71f
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The Saving American Democracy Amendment
http://sanders.senate.gov/savingdemocracy/ Warning that "American democracy in endangered," Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday proposed a constitutional amendment to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that allowed unrestricted and secret campaign spending by corporations on U.S. elections. The first constitutional amendment ever proposed by Sanders during his two decades in Congress would reverse the narrow 5-to-4 ruling in Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission. Show your support - sign the petition at http://sanders.senate.gov/savingdemocracy
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Nuclear Safety Now
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today pressed the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to aggressively implement task force recommendations on reactor safety in the wake of Japan's nuclear crisis.
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Saving the Post Office
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Fighting to Defend Social Security
Sen. Sanders, along with other like-minded Senators and Representatives, defends Social Security in light of Republican attempts to incorporate cuts to the program into deficit reduction.
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Who's the Budget Hawk: Sanders vs Sessions
Senator Sanders responds to Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) after Sen. Sessions accuses Senator Sanders of suporting policies that have increased the deficit.
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Stop Speculation
June 15, 2011: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced legislation to make federal commodity regulators halt excessive oil speculation that has driven up gasoline prices.
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Sanders Convenes Social Security Caucus
Sen. Sanders defends Social Security and its strong legacy. Lately, there have been rumors circulating about Social Security's sustainability and Sanders emphasizes that it has a $2.6 trillion surplus. Other Senators, such as Barbara Boxer (D-California), champion Social Security's merits along with him.
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Sen. Sanders reflects back on where he was during that fateful day. Most salient in his memory of 9/11, Sanders' discusses, is the lesson that when this horrible tragedy struck the American people came together to help. This lesson is especially relevant today because it reminds us of the resilience of the American people and our ability to work well together when crisis occurs.
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CNN: Occupy Wall Street
Sen. Sanders talks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the Occupy Wall Street protests.
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The Cost of War (MSNBC 6/6/11)
Senator Sanders expresses his views on defense spending, oil speculation, and shared sacrifice in deficit reduction on MSNBC.
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"Oil Prices" WCAX News
WCAX News details Senator Sanders' efforts to curb oil specualtion in order to curb prices at the pump.
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Sen. Sanders Outlines Plan to Save Post Office
Plan will give $50 billion back to the Post Office for money it overpaid into the federal pension system since 1970
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"Are Corporations Really People?"
Last year, the Supreme Court made a disastrous ruling which upended our democracy by unleashing a tsunami of corporate spending in our elections. The Citizens United ruling has radically changed our democracy -- further tilting the balance of power toward corporate America. Under the guise of the First Amendment, which protects free speech, the Citizens United decision allows billionaires, powerful companies and their executives to put unlimited sums of money into campaigns without even having to be identified. What it essentially says is corporations and billionaires can sit in a room and decide who is going to become the president of the United States, a U.S. senator, a congressperson, or governor. That is not what this country is supposed to be about. Five hundred people packed into a high school auditorium in central Vermont on March 5 to hear from an expert panel, including: nationally-syndicated radio host Thom Hartmann, Ben & Jerry's ice cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Vermont State Sen. Ginny Lyons, Vermont Law School's constitutional law expert, Prof. Cheryl Hanna, and Rob Weissman, the president of Public Citizen. The overwhelming attendance indicates that interest in this issue is extremely high. It demonstrates that there are thousands of Vermonters and millions of Americans who are worried about the virtually limitless amounts of corporate cash that is flooding our political system and are determined to do they can to take on big money and preserve our democracy.
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Stop Oil Speculation Now
Senator Sanders explains how oil speculation is driving up gas prices and hurting Vermonters, as well as his efforts to have the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) enforce the speculation limits required under last year's Dodd-Frank financial reform act.
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Saving American Democracy Amendment
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Sen. Sanders Holds Town Meeting On the Future of the Post Office
More than 300 people jammed Sen. Bernie Sanders' town meeting at Montpelier High School Nov. 6 focused on how to save the U.S. Postal Service. Sanders (I-Vt.) said he will introduce legislation this week to address the Postal Service's financial woes without resorting to drastic cutbacks in service and massive layoffs. He blamed the Postal Service's money troubles largely on accounting issues, including a law requiring it to set aside retiree health and retirement benefits far in advance. Sanders criticized Postal Service management for not focusing on smarter ways to solve their financial problems. "Our goal must be to make the post office smarter and more competitive. We should not be engaged in a series of actions which could eventually lead to the destruction of the Postal Service," he said. Read more: http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=0b892751-a11b-4280-8ae2-744752f31350
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CNBC: Oil Speculation
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Made in America
Senator Sanders provides an update on his efforts to have Smithsonian gift shops sell Made in America products.
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Sanders Supports Teachers
Sanders discusses education, budget priorities, and attacks on collective bargaining in Wisconsin with Education Secretary Arne Duncan
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Strengthen Social Security
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MSNBC: Federal Reserve
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MSNBC: Poverty on the rise
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Vermont Yankee
Sen. Bernie Sanders blasts the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during an appearance before a Senate panel for asking the Department of Justice to intervene in an Entergy Corp. lawsuit against the state of Vermont over the future of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.
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Fighting for Home Heating Support (NECN)
New England Cable News reported on the Vt. congressional delegation's efforts to fight to preserve home heating assistance for the most needy people in Vermont - and across the country. In the Green Mountain state, heating your home is not a luxury, it's a matter of life and death for many families.
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'A Death Spiral' for the US Postal Service?
More than 300 people jammed Sen. Bernie Sanders' town meeting at Montpelier High School on November 6th, to discuss how to save the U.S. Postal Service. Read more about the meeting - http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=9cf1ae68-de5b-4137-8c43-19dae7aeda62
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Congratulations Coburn
Senator Sanders speaking about the disaster that would ensue if the American economy were to default, how to address the crisis that we now face with long-term deficit reduction, and the "Gang of Six's" proposal which include major cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Education.
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MSNBC: Free Trade Agreements
Sen. Sanders discusses the Columbia, Korea and Panama free trade agreements.
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Is Poverty a Death Sentence?
Sen. Sanders makes his opening statement arguing that poverty is often a death sentence in the United States.
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Oil Speculation
Bernie Sanders explains the implications of oil speculation on MSNBC in light of data that was made public which lists the companies that had direct linkage to the high oil prices in 2008. What must be done in response to this excessive speculation, which hurts the average American and the American economy, is also discussed by Sanders.
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Saturday Afternoon Live
A surprise guest showed up in Vermont on March 19th and attended a town meeting in Barre. The focus of the meeting was the economy and federal budget priorities. Franken gives a comical impression of Bernie. Two more upcoming town meetings are scheduled for 3/23 in Bennington and 3/24 in S. Burlington. More information at http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/events
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Elections Have Consequences
The clock is ticking on a deadline for Congress to raise the debt ceiling, but no breakthrough was in sight after a week of daily meetings at the White House. Sizing up what he called "the craziness and chaos," Sen. Bernie Sanders assessed the options. His No. 1 choice is a 50-50 deficit- reduction package that would match spending cuts with more revenue from the wealthy. As a practical matter, he allowed, "it ain't gonna happen." Another option favored by some hard-line House Republicans would be to do nothing and let the United States, for the first time in history, default on its debts. That "very bad" choice would result in untold economic consequences including widespread job losses and higher interest rates on homes and cars. "It is a bad deal. We must not default," Sanders said. Where's that leave us?
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