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Boosted B18B1 EK Civic Coupe
B18B1 with ARP rod studs, ACL Race bearings, NPR piston rings, ARP head studs, Cometic MLS head gasket, 63 trim T04e turbo, Greddy Type RS BOV, eBay 38mm external wastegate, big FMIC, DSM 450cc injectors, Skunk 2 intake manifold, 3" turbo-back exhaust without cat, Integra GSR transmission, Competition Stage 3 six-puck clutch with HD lightweight flywheel, stock internals and cams (hence the reason for the low boost), AEM UEGO wideband, Neuspeed short shifter, and some other things that I'm forgetting. Currently runs on 8 lbs but I have a set of Bosch 650cc injectors, an Omni-Power 3 bar MAP sensor, and a choice of 12 or 15 psi springs. I also have an HKS BOV that will be installed here shortly. Tuner says I can run 15 lbs on a conservative tune but 12 sounds better to me while I'm still on stock internals with no LSD.
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LSVTEC First Start Forged Internals ITR Head Swap
This is the first start of my LSV turbo build. B18B1 bottom end with Eagle rods and 9.5-9.8:1 Wiseco pistons with a JDM B18C Type-R head and a Turbonetics 60-1 turbo. I had it tuned when it was LS with a LS head and BC stage 2 turbo cams with an eBay .63 turbo on 12 psi and it pulled hard. I can't wait to see how hard it pulls on 15 psi with VTEC.
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97 Civic B18B1 Swap with 63 trim Turbonetics 8 lbs
This is a small pull video of my 97 EJ8 turbo Civic. It's running on a basemap but it pulls pretty hard. 63 trim Turbonetics T04e, DSM 450CC injectors, Blitz BOV, Tial 38mm external waste gate with 8 lb spring, 3" stainless turbo back exhaust, 93 Integra GSR transmission, Comp Stage 3 clutch, ARP head, main, and rod studs, Cometic MLS head gasket, AEM UEGO wideband, chipped P28 on Crome Pro, Hasport solid mounts, Neuspeed short shifter, Skunk2 adjustable cam gears, and some other fun stuff. My biggest concern...TRACTION! I need a LSD and some sticky tires...BAD!
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1992 Cadillac Eldorado 4.9L with Thrush Welded muffler
This is my 92 Cadillac Eldorado with the 4.9L (300 c.i.) V8 engine. It has the same firing order as the small block Chevy engine so it sounds fantastic for only having a muffler on it.
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Next Installment of the Boosted B18B1 EK Civic
This is my 1997 Honda Civic EX coupe. A while back I bought this car for $1000 with an OBD-2A JDM D15B VTEC block with a D16Y7 head (yeah, I know) and I immediately swapped a D16Z6 head onto it with plans to boost it. So I bought a cheap eBay kit and on 6 psi, running on a socketed and chipped P28 ecu with a Xenocron Crome free basemap it made 173 whp on an eBay 50 trim with a 63 trim exhaust wheel with supporting mods. After a while I got sick of having no torque and swapped a B18B1 that I bought for $200 and swapped the turbo kit over and on 8 psi it made 227 whp. Since then I've ditched all eBay parts and it's got ARP head studs, ARP rod studs, ACL Race Bearings, NPR piston rings, Cometic MLS head gasket, Gates Racing timing belt, BC stage 2 turbo cams, BC dual valve springs with titanium retainers, ported and polished head, 660cc Siemens Deka injectors, PLM top mount turbo manifold and downpipe, Turbonetics 60-1 turbo, Mishimoto FMIC, Mishimoto half radiator, Tial F38 wastegate, Tial Q 50mm BOV, Skunk 2 intake manifold, Skunk 2 70mm throttle body, Omni Pro 3 bar MAP sensor, Walbro 345 lph fuel pump, 3" stainless turbo-back with blast pipe, and a few other odds and ends. On 12 psi it made 358 whp on stock rods and pistons. I am currently building another B18B1 with Eagle H-Beam rods and Wiseco pistons with new everything in search of 450-500 whp. A friend of mine just made 570 whp yesterday with an almost identical setup, but a Borg Warner turbo on 26 psi. It's been alot of work and I have a very patient wife and kids. Thanks to everyone who always had my back and encouraged me to push ahead. I am an admin of a huge car group around here in Pittsburgh, so visit our group page on Facebook @CruelObsession. Thanks everyone!
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B18B1 EJ8 Civic 15 psi
Just out on a beautiful day screwing around with my boosted Civic. I built this car from the ground up. There isn't a bolt that I haven't turned, and there aren't too many OEM parts left besides the shell. I just installed a new Turbonetics 60-1 Hifi, Tial F38 external wastegate, Tial Q50 BOV, and a few other parts. It was tuned last summer on an eBay 50/63 57 trim turbo with the Tial wastegate on 12 psi and it made 308 whp with BC stage 2 turbo cams, BC dual valve springs with titanium retainers, ported and polished head, Cometic MLS head gasket, Gates Racing timing belt, ARP head studs, ACL Race Bearings, ARP main studs, ARP rod studs, NPR piston rings, all with stock internals and it made that much power to the wheels on an eBay turbo...I bought this engine from a salvage yard and watched the guy take it out of an auto Integra with 86,000 miles on it. I refreshed the block by replacing the main and rod bearings, the piston rings, a fresh hone, new head gasket, and all of the other general maintenance items before I threw some boost at it. I've owned many cars in my lifetime (51 to be exact) and I've owned some good ones like a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD turbo that I modified to make 586 awhp, multiple Cadillacs, I even built a 92 Dodge Colt hatch with a 4g63t swap that ran 11s, but this Civic has been my favorite because it's reliable, easy to build and work on, and nobody expects it to be as fast as it is. Right now it needs a tune and that's why I'm not revving it out to rev cut (8600 rpm because it was balanced) and I lost traction in 2nd, but you get the idea of how quick it is. Let me know what you think. It's been 2 years since I bought this car and everyone loves it now. Thanks in advance to all of you.
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98 Buick Century Limited 60-93mph
This was just me screwing around on the highway on my way home from work. 60-93mph in my 98 Buick Century 3100 with 180,000 miles and stock plugs and wires with a Magnaflow muffler. The music playing in the background is "My Box Chevy" by Yelawolf. This car now has new AC Delco plugs and wires and a custom K&N intake. Waiting for a 3800 SC swap.
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