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Lane Frost Challenge 2nd angle
The angle isn't much different but my mom has the camera centered more than my dad. When I go down, I'm sure every bull riders mom has that reaction. My Grandpa's laugh at the end is kinda funny. Like laughing at a kid in a wheelchair. Lol. My Grandpa knew I was alright though.
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Riding in the Spanish Fork Bulloween
The bull I rode is one of Ty and Rex's bulls. This is my first ride since my surgery this summer. Also my first ride switching to left hand.
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Tooele bull riding unlocked rowels
More Tooele buckouts. I unlocked my rowels to get my feet moving. You can see my right spur just slide right over the bulls fur. I notice I had a C in my back as the bull took a jump which I should try to fix.
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Tooele buckouts March 12th
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Tremonton, Utah buckouts
Jumping on some practice bulls in Tremonton. Contractor is Elle. First bull is named Bugz. Second is named Toys. Third is Elle's best bull Colt 45.
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Lane Frost Challenge in Tooele
Me trying to ride a bull named Powerstroke in my first Lane Frost Challenge event. The bull is one of Ty and Rex's bulls. The bull fighters saved my ASS and the crowd started cheering for them. I thought they were cheering for me like a goofy ass. A little embarrassing.
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Bull riding practice in Tooele, Utah
Just another day at Monday buckouts. Guys there were saying my rope was a few inches too far forward which made it so I had nowhere to go but forward and my feet kept blowing out on me. Another mistake I need to fix.
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Me Bull Riding in Bluffdale Rodeo
Me riding the bull Lights Out on the Bluffdale rodeo. The bull belongs to Mascaro bulls.
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Rematch with 45 in Tremonton, Utah
Another buckout in Tremonton. Trying to show Colt 45 who daddy is. Daddy wasn't me this time. Posture and legs were my problem on this ride.
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More Tooele bull riding practice
Another practice buckout in Tooele, Utah.
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Me riding in Tooele, Utah Buckouts
Me practicing on a bull. Didn't get a good enough hold with my feet. Also I had bad posture. Wes Clegg is the contractor.
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Buckouts in Ogden, Utah
Jumping on one of Ben German's bulls at the Golden Spike Arena. After reviewing I know what I did wrong on this ride. My toes were turned out at the beginning but by the end of the ride they weren't turned out. Also I need more bend in my knee's. Getting me bucked off 1 second early.
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Me on 45, March 18th
Well this is the first time I've been on Colt 45 where he didn't spin. But he still got me off. I didn't reset my left leg 5 seconds into the ride and went overboard.
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buck and duck
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4th try on Hellstorm
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First time I ever drank
1 week after I turned 21, this is 2 shots of vodka.
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First time on this bull also.
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My first bull ride
My first bull ride.
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First time on him
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Third ride on Hell Yeah
Last time I rode at Mike Youngs until I go back to Texas.
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